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How Automotive Call Centers Escalate Your Competition

The automotive industry is more than dealing with new and used cars. Cars buyers are potentially looking to collect all the data like special features, peer reviews, recommendations, deals, etc. before purchasing. They spend a lot of their time on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. to get an idea of the dealership they are looking for.

To get ahead in the competition of the automotive industry, you need to be very active on all social media platforms. So, if the customers are trying to reach out you should be already present there to solve their queries. Let’s explore how automotive call centers escalate your competition.

Hot Services in Automotive Call Center

Online customers are a source of huge pressure for the automotive industry. Fancy words and scripted lines aren’t working on the customers, as the main focus of the customers is to collect detailed research and information on the products they are going to purchase. You should always present at the other end of the line to satisfy them by resolving their issues. Outsourcing call centers for automotive is the best choice because they offer great automotive services to escalate your competition.

Here are some services handled by call centers for the automotive industry.

Live Chat Support

  • Almost 23% of automotive call centers have Live Chat support.
  • This support works great if consumers avoid voice calls to talk to the representative.
  • Customers also research the details of the website online while chatting with the representatives.


  • 13% of automotive call centers manage Facebook Messenger to deal with customers.
  • Many people are spending so much time on Facebook, so this is a golden chance for you to reach out the potential customers and encourage them to purchase.
  • Customers also contact you on Facebook messengers for their issues.
  • Automotive call centers are always active on Facebook and handle queries efficiently.


  • Almost 8% of automotive call centers are handling the Twitter channel.
  • Call centers also check and manage Twitter feeds to get automotive leads.


  • Approximately 97% of automotive call centers handle inbound telephone calls.
  • Customers hate to wait on the phone call and always wanted a quick response from front-line customer service agents.
  • If customers are calling, it means they wanted to talk to a live representative.


  • More than 24% of automotive call centers respond to email inquiries.
  • General queries about the vehicles are asked by the customers through emails.
  • Those customers who contacted your automotive brand through email are not in a hurry and wait for the answers, but you should always respond quickly.

Text Message

  • Automotive call centers manage 37% of the automotive brands’ text messages.
  • You should advertise your phone numbers for easy access to your automotive brand.
  • With no internet service customers often contact you through text messaging on your number for getting information about the vehicles.

Common Automotive Queries of the Customers

The most common questions asked by customers about automotive to call center representatives on any communication platform are:

  • Do you have a specific model available at your location or online?
  • Are the parts of automotive available online?
  • When is your holiday sales end?
  • Are you available for a service appointment?
  • Can you send me detailed information about the test drive?
  • I accidentally drop juice on my car seat, do you clean it under my maintenance deal?
  • Are you available anytime?
  • My lease is going to end; can you tell me other options?


Now you can understand the importance of outsourcing call center services for your automotive industry. Automotive call centers offer many great services to customers on different social media platforms that will help you to compete with your competitors.

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