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Get Multiple Benefits By Paying Fraction Of Money

Kolaxo CCS is the most trusted Answering Service by small business to opt a business extension of professionals at reasonable price. We have years of experience handing confused, angry and regular customer from different industries.


Personalized Pricing Plan

Get what you want and pay according to it. Make your own pay plan by putting in add-ons and features of your demand.

No Setup or Processing Fee

Enjoy free setup installation. We are charging no initial money to setup your dedicated virtual staff or processing fee before starting.

Instant Activation & Cancelation

Force of more than 500 trained virtual receptions are ready to talk to your customers right away with instant service activation facility. Similarly abandon services whenever you want.

No Long Term Contract Required

Enjoy freedom to start Answering Service with no restriction of long term contracts. Get power in your hands to start, pause, or stop service whenever required.

Save Money & Get Result Oriented Service

Reduce total bill with our most affordable increments plans according to your calls type and volume.

Pay only for the time our agent spent on phone. An idle sitting agent is not a burden on your pocket.

Opt lowest per minute rate. We are offing most scalable answering service for your business.

Do you want to imprint a professional image of your company?

Kolaxo CCS has purposefully trained agent to imprint a good impression at your customers and competitively satisfy their grievance over the phone.

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Get Our Business Answering Service to Meet Your Customer’s Helpline Service Expectation

The bridge of communication with customers and business is the strongest path to make the customers feel the warmth and value. Once a good impression is engraved and satisfaction is ensured the customers become more loyal and stays connected with business for long time. The most effective and quick medium of communication is through telephone. These calls are very much important for business and wise entrepreneurs consider every call a business opportunity hence can’t afford to miss a ringing call or drop it into voicemail. An energetic and responsible live receptionist is required to take calls in polite and friendly manner so that customer’s queries are addressed in run time. Kolaxo CCS is empowering the businesses to outsource their answering service to us and enjoy professionals to take responsibility of receive telephone calls. We are an award winning, registered, certified and trust worthy answering service to fill the communication gap between the business and customers. Our fully trained agents greet your customers in a warm friendly manner that it give a striking first impression. We have developed an uninterrupted telephone answering system that during your business hours we are on our toes to take every call with in 3 bells and supply 100% call attending ratio.

Hire Virtual Receptionist to Supply Professional Business Answering Service at Fraction of Cost

Businesses trust their in-house staff sitting right in front of their eyes. However, developing an appropriate work place, hiring professional receptionists, train them, managing their holidays and handling their leaves become problematic and expensive for businesses. Therefore, the most practicable option they get is to outsource their customer contact help line to an Answering Service and enjoy exceptional services at economical prices. Among all the leading Answering Services Kolaxo CCS has engraved a remarkable name in the industry. Our business answering service is especially designed for small businesses to enjoy live person phone answering service for 24/7 at a fraction of the cost compared to hiring internally. We analyze the intent of our customers behind outsourcing this service and customize the whole system to accommodate them. We are very flexible in charging for our services, the businesses are paying us according to per minute call answering, per virtual receptionist or happy to pay flat rate depending upon their call volume. Our simple, quick and easiest on-boarding process facilitate small business in United States to keep the remote control of our services in their hands and start and stop this service according to their requirements. This service allow businesses to have a toll free phone number and empower their customers to call anytime they want without any charges. We have hired the best telephone reps and trained them, take the responsibility to manage their holidays and leaves, and ensure the non-stop customer service is supplied through your official phone number.

Kolaxo CCS is an extension of your business therefore, we keep in keen consideration that a very good professional image is developed in the mind of your customers. We work in the coordination of your representatives to customize the greeting and script of receptionist and make our business answering service more fecund. We solve the problems of your customers in a way that they become satisfied and become loyal customers of your business. We work in your coordination to decide future plans and targets to make sure both of us are working in the same direction to achieve the targets. We have developed a flawless communication system that connects your in-house staff with your virtual receptionists and eliminate every chances of miscommunication with-in departments. The taxonomy of the communication system is very carefully designed by our experienced staff members to make sure the orthodox practices are left and latest innovation is integrated in this service.

The office hours of any business are very much pivotal. During these hours every call from existing customers, potentials buyers, vendors or any business associate are very much important. These calls need to be received by a professional receptionist who has the skill to handle multiple calls at a time and leave no customer to wait in queue listening irritating music. Kolaxo CCS is helping businesses to shift the responsibility of taking calls to us during their business hours with the help of our outstanding Business Hour Answering Service. This service is especially designed to receive calls, make calls, and dole out information on behalf of a company. We have formulated this service keeping in consideration the small and medium-sized businesses who don’t have the financial resources to hire an in-house team to handle their fluctuating volume of telephone calls. We strictly follow your prescribed timings with no breaks in between with a guarantee that despite of sudden increase in call no call will be missed or ignored. Our expert receptionist very peacefully take your calls and analyze the scope of business opportunity. Such services enable you to capture every opportunity and perfect screening to filter the unnecessary calls. When only the fertile calls are transferred to the dedicated person, this service increases the productivity during your office hours. Give your customers a remarkable first company impression with the help of our business hour answering service.

Every customer comes up with different needs and different mindset. It is paramount for businesses to bend according to situation and handle it accordingly. The chatbots or Interactive Voice Response (IVRs) further aggravate the irritating situation and the unhappy customer is lost for life. A live and competent real human receptionist is required to take your business calls and using his or her personal skills to satisfy every caller. Kolaxo CCS has hired the best receptionist to work virtually and provide live person business answering service. We have some defined parameters and checkpoint to hire a competent and professional answering service agent. We strictly follow this defined system to appoint the most appropriate and industry relevant virtual receptionist for this service. Our live persons are skillful and trained to handle any surprise situation and take the most beneficial decision right away. This service allows your customers to get the answer of their query just in few seconds and cut the call instead of hardly understanding the voice prompts and waiting to get right answer. We have designed this service in a way that trained live agents receive the calls with personal affection and empathy to make your customers feel valued. These trained professionals are guided to give attention to details, be flexible, stay calm under pressure and find out creative solutions to solve problems that no AI based robot can do. Our service ensures that positive and optimistic agents are appointed to receive your business calls and clear communication is conducted with your customers over the telephone. Reduce the call abandonment rate and improve customer satisfaction with the help of our live person business answering service.

Kolaxo CCS is a professional Answering Service operating since many years to facilitate small and medium size businesses in receiving their official calls. We have more than 500 fully trained virtual telephone receptionist ready to serve you at your demand. We are available 24/7 to accommodate you according to the nature of your business or flow of your customer’s call. Our staff works in different shifts with assurance that the energy and productivity is sustained during their office hours and full prove communication system ensures that no flaw is created with change in shift. We have the capacity to provide live business answering service during office hours and ever after your official hours. In case of any promotional activity or emergency, our urgent answering service can be availed at just one call because our staff is always available to handle such situations. We give regular training and supervision of experienced telephone reps elevate the quality of our employee’s services. Enjoy a very professional image of your business engraved in the mind of your customers with help of our marvelous business answering service.

Key Features That Our Every Customer Get Along With Exceptional Services

Kolaxo CCS is a customer oriented agency to facilitate our each client from either small scale business or medium scale company. We have set these basics as the minimum features that every customer will get. Enjoy exceptional services with a confidence that your customers are in good hand.


As a professional agency, we strictly follow the compliance regulation to secure your details, customer’s information or any data from leakage.


Every coordination conducted through any channel with your customers is recorded in our database. It is available on demand only for you.


We share profiles of our available agents to provide you freedom to select any employee that synchronize with your demand and mind set.


Every customer has individual needs and different financial constraints to fulfill all such issue we offer personalized price plan best fitted for you.


Get one stop solution to the entire communication channel. Coordinate with customer through telephone, live chat, email or social media.


We keep record of your business profile, call log and customer information so that you don’t have to start from scratch every time you opt our services.

About Kolaxo CCS

We are US-based contact center backed by cloud technology, professional experts, and trained staff to bring a noticeable change in your customer support.

Kolaxo CCS is precisely observing the customer service standards, the pain points of customers, and the profound solution to resolve these points. The satisfaction of our clients along with their customers is our highest priority.

While we cannot reconstruct your business procedures, we can handle your angry customers to make them satisfied with the current standards and procedures. We are acting with prudence in our day-to-day training sessions to highlight the week areas of every agent and provide practical and nifty advices by the industry experts. The training highlights of our daily standup meeting includes:

  • The best practices for greeting customers and setting a positive tone
  • Provide suggestions for active listening and effective questioning callers
  • Give practical advice for dealing with difficult call and callers
  • Recommend techniques for wrapping up calls and measuring customer satisfaction

We encourage our customers to let us know in advance of starting an answering service support the sensitive areas of their business, the pain points of their customers, or the areas where you want us to take special precautions. We closely monitor every call and industry specifications to act accordingly and satisfy your customers.

For over 10 years, satisfying your customers and imprinting a good brand image has been and remains a top priority. While some answering service experience high employee turnover rate, we’re equipped with the most loyal employees working with the company since 15 years and this family is continuously increasing. We all serve our clients not because we are paid for this but it is our passion to facilitate businesses to grow. We’ll work according to your provided guideline, approved script, preferences in addition to your recommendations to ensure your needs are prioritized accordingly, and we provide a consistent, top-quality answering service every time.

When a phone rings, our telephone operator picks up the phone before the third bell rings, greet customer in friendly manner, politely ask who is calling, listen carefully their concern, speak in a pleasant tone of voice, and provide valid information right away.

We answer your calls though the most competent and fully trained agents holding required educational degree, profile decorated with specified experience and have basic essentials, such as customer handling skill, which shows more 80% angry customers turned satisfied and made loyal to your brand.

We are training our team members to note down customers message during the call and repeat the message when it is complete so that no chances of confusions, misunderstandings, and doubts are left.

We give our agents the instructions to keep reporting in the run time about call summery that includes the asked query, provided solution, information furnished, message noted and valuable comments about customer and it is all done before the next call rings.

We are closely monitoring your local and international competitors for the most recent development in their business and put it in your notice so that we mutually develop a strategy to handle your customers hence we strictly follow your guidance.

Our telephone operators are provided with highest speed internet and modern handsets for use while answering your calls.

When we work together, we can keep your customers satisfied.

Follow the valuable suggestions from our capable answering service agent because they are in direct contact with your customers to engrave a positive image of your brand and satisfy their concerns.

If you have any doubts, questions, or concerns, please contact your locally appointed dedicated answering service agent right away.

Going above and beyond to provide the best answering service possible Business reputation plays a very important role in satisfying your customers, but many small businesses simply don’t have the time and resources to invest in their customer service and form a spiffing image of their company. At Kolaxo CCS, we recognize that a happy caller is a loyal customer, which is why we are proud to offer effective and economical customer answering service.

Kolaxo CCS is the most well-known, trusted name in telephone answering service. Since 2007 we’ve perform answering services according to the wishes of our clients and assisting them in growing their business.

Customized Answering Service Plans with No Contract Restrictions We realize that every business has their own requirements, preferences and motives so we accommodate all your specific requests into your answering service plan keeping our basic rule of thumb in consideration to provide exceptional service at economical rate. Best of all, you will have a remote controlled service with which you can start or stop the campaign anytime you want with any restriction to sign a contract. Whenever you want to update your service plan, simply reach out to your project manager to increase the number of seats for urgent call handling or set up specific agents for after hour answering service.

Reasons Why Kolaxo CCS Is The Top Priority Of Every Business

Call Acceptance Rate with no chances to miss any call during prescribed time.

Customer Satisfaction Rate by not giving up until customer is satisfied and happy.

Increase in average sales and customer retention by Cross-selling and up-selling.

Less charges than others do Answering Services in United States.

How 30,000+ Served Businesses Review Our Services

“Your consultants are very helpful and accommodating. They helped a lot in formulating the call plan and integrating set-up and Good service after then. I am satisfied.”


“I am impressed the way they handled my customers. When an issue arises, they resolve them immediately. Their “we can do anything” motive is impressive.”


“Your customer service has been excellent. Your data presentation is good. Your charges are normal not that economical. You helped my business to increase the sales. Thanks.”


“They ran my campaign really well and produced exceptional results. Their operators attended the phone calls received because of my Christmas campaign and collected a good amount of donation. Thanks to you and your team. Cheers.”


“Kolaxo has very friendly and professional virtual receptionist. They operate 24/7 and kept handling my business during day time and at nighttime as well. Their live human attend 100% the calls with no phone tree in-between the business and customer.”


“Your communication skills are very impressive. I love the way you are handling my angry customers. You are delivering the information the way I always wanted. You are ready to provide any information I requested that is impressive. You are doing good job guys.”

Frequently Asked Question

An Answering Service is a business to communicate with your callers on the business’s behalf. The staff at Answering Service is trained and motivated professionals to receive each call with full energy and bridge a meaningful personal relation with business and customers.

The cloud based technology divert your official calls to a specific number and live agent sitting somewhere outside your office takes these calls on your behalf. The Answering Service is an extension of your business to provide information to callers and handle their pain points.

It has many benefits from exceptional cost saving to result oriented services. The Answering Service have trained professionals are skilled to handle multiple callers at a time that reduce queue time. Its controlled environment ensure non-stop and persistent services for 24 hours a day.

The Answering Service is cost-efficient solution as compared to developing in-house staff. There different price plans for different volumes of calls. Either you can pay according to talk time that could be as low as $1 per minute or you can pay per hour flat rate.

No. The agents greet your caller with your business name and there is no point where customer feels as if they are talking to a third party. The trained and professional telephone operators develop personal connection with your customers and develop a positive impression of your business.

When choosing an Answering Service, the most important thing to look out for is trust. The company who is transparent, considerate, and honest is the most trust worthy. Moreover, the company must have relevant industry experience, and they have enough number of employee to handle burden.

Answering Services work by using the call forwarding technology. Following simple setting, all the calls received at certain number are transferred to your outsourced agency. The operator picks up the call and communicate with caller on your behalf.

Yes, we regularly send you your itemized billing for each month. This bill includes the initial deposit or setup fee if applicable for first month along with that, your selected package fee is mention. This bill illustrates the extra cost if charged for any additional service in the specific month.

Kolaxo CCS opts full transparency when signing a contract with customers. Depending upon the campaign, you can opt month-to-month subscription with no minimums or you can opt per call billing contract with small amount of base fee. We are transparent and flexible according to your ease.

We use 6-second increments billing method which is the industry standard. With this billing method for a call of one minute and one second, you will be charged for one minute and 6 second. Hence, it appears 1.1 minutes in your itemized billing.

We charge for complete one month either this month is of 30 days or 31 that means you will be charged 12 bills in a year. If you want to reduce your billing cycle, you can customize it according to your demand like 28-day cycle or per week cycle.

Yes your reports related to number of calls attended, duration of each call, and the concern highlighted in the call is mentioned in the report. This reports can be asked any time you demand. For additional data and reports, you can get access after approval from authorities.

Kolaxo CCS is a one stop Contact Center Solution. We receive your phone calls, reply your emails, conduct live chat with your customers, handle your social media, and virtually assist you in managing your tasks. We handle all the sources through which customer can approach your business.

We are a team of professional and experienced agents. Moreover, the project manager supervises each call and the quality assurance team analyze the recordings of these calls. Our full proof system leaves no chances for any kind of misconduct with your customers.

Kolaxo CCS is in the industry since 10 year. We have served all type of businesses. We are specialized in dealing with e-commerce businesses. Moreover, we provide exclusive answering service to legal consultants, real estate businesses, property management companies, funeral homes and doctors.

It depends upon your ease because we are completely flexible to transfer your messages over the phone, through test messages or via email. We provide an online portal to access your message and appointment in the run time. We deliver your message as per your instructions on daily bases.

We don’t encage our customers in yearlong contracts. We require our customers to sign month-to-month contract and this contract is automatically renewed at the end of your billing cycle. If you want to sign a yearly contract, we don’t have any problem in it.

It is preferred to get a new 800 number however if you want to keep your old official number you are good to go. We follow your provided instruction and you can change your business phone number whenever you want.

Yes, you can check your usage whenever you want. We provide an online portal to our customer through which customers can check their subscribed package, usage, and remaining minutes/hours of the bundle.

Yes, we offer a free trail to new customer and this trail is free of cost. Depending upon the service you require, you can be charged a small amount initially but this amount will be credited in your account when you subscribe our regular services.

Yes, we have call plans for different size and nature of businesses. We encourage our customers to formulate their own customized plan by reducing or increasing the free minutes they want, number of hours, number of agents and kind of reporting they want.

Yes, you have to inform in a clear and formal way whenever you want to stop our services during trail or regular bases. The recommended way is to call us at least a day before terminating the services or you can email us at prescribed address.

We don’t charge any cancellation fee. Depending upon the subscribed package, if you have opted for month-to-month package and want to cancel in the middle of the month, there can a small cancellation fee deducted from your advance.

You are recommended to start from our base plan for startups. If your call volume exceeds the plan, you are free to change it from next month. We accommodate small businesses to enjoy the freedom to change the plan whenever they want according to their business requirements.

We don’t charge any setup fee. We facilitate the businesses with easy and quick start by not charging any setup fee. There could a small amount deposited as security that will be credited to your account in your first bill.

Your information and data is safe with us. We take full responsibility to protect your data and your customer’s information and any unauthorized person don’t have the access to these details. We have developed full-proof data security system to make sure your information remain safe.

Yes, we follow Employee Development Programs to enhance our agents’ productivity and skills. A quick training session is conducted before the start of your service. Along with that, we conduct regular sessions, online customer service courses, certifications, and seminars to increase their efficiency.

We have separate teams especially trained for individual industries ranging from funeral directors to medical attendants and from plumbers to contractors. We have served thousands of businesses and with this experience; we are capable to understand the business operations and can handle your business well.