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Email Support Services — Productive, Stress-free & Affordable

Email support service is perfect to give quick personalized reply that specifically answers the core concerns of customers. While providing this service, we keep in keen consideration that every email is read carefully and best possible solution is formulated. This solution is then written in words to provide a concluded and planned reply to every email query. Our email support agents become the face of your brand and provide support to customers while serving them in the most professional and appreciable manner.

Key Features of Our Email Support Service That Ensure To Satisfy Most Customers and Make Them Loyal At Each Interaction

Fully Understand

To ensure maximum comprehensibility of concern in business email support, our teachable support agents are trained, equipped with AI software, and guided by higher-ranking supervisors to understand business methodology, weak points, insights, predicaments, and possible solutions. Therefore, they are in better position to use AI to tabulate common problems and filter upcoming emails according to it. These sharp-minded people analyze each ticket according to your customer behavior and read between the words to extract what your customer actually wants. Hence, this support is profoundly used to resolve swiftly their concerns and take service recovery paradox to your advantage. Our email support agents are skilled to gauge the perception of customers, analyze weighty issues, resolve light matters, and intelligently meet the expectation of your customers while generating productive results from email customer support.

Show Empathy

In email business support, the use of soft words and sympathetic tone is important to express empathy. The instructor-led psychological training enables our support agents to understand and genuinely express empathy to your customers. The multi-disciplinary experience from contrasting industries, resolving numerous quandary and enormous customer handling expertise make these email support agents best to serve your business in understanding customer insights and handling your customers with empathy. Such substantial exposure empowers them to use convergent thinking skills with a focus on selecting the most appropriate words, context customer’s conscious and unconscious pain points, and taking the responsibility of missteps on their shoulders in a prestigious tone to provide equitable sympathetic support that drives loyalty by making customers feel valued. These distinctive skills make our email customer services productive and help businesses successfully meet their objectives to make most of their customers loyal.

Write Response

The template of email for customer services opts very much importance in providing and receiving required assistance. The hands-on training under the supervision of experienced professionals has developed the adroitness in our customer support agents to outline the draft of your email in a way that it inoculate reader the sense of gratification that the issue is taken up seriously. Our email customer service is formulated to ensure 95% typing accuracy that produces error-free content and use solid computer skills to profoundly handle G Suite, Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo Small Business, Rackspace, Kerio Connect and Amazon Workmail to make full use of its every feature. This service empowers businesses to hire our trained agents to express their strong communication abilities, excellent attention to detail and over the top the capability to position text in the best form while composing reply to your customer query. Our skilful agents compose reply to the query observing the outcomes of their group discussions and activities, senior managements lectures and knowledge gained from experienced employees along with considering the stratagem from subject — signature in every email. Such planned and carefully written emails ensure satisfaction to your customers and reduce amount of human errors along with enhancing customer experience.

Perfect Execution

For email customer support a well-planned and organized respond is expected whereas jumping onto the keyboard before brainstorming, research, coordination, rough sketching and verification may lead support agent to provide incomplete, wrong and a solution that is not enough to make customer satisfied. Therefore, our experienced professionals have developed sequence of movements and actions before responding any email. The thought process and planning pipeline ensure that customer’s actual purpose of writing to business is answered and that solution is clearly highlighted or bold in the text with this support channel. Our email answering service permits you to respond profoundly to emails with well-planned and organized reply that guarantees to satisfy your customer’s grievance. Following the flowchart of this system ensured that the best execution of planned strategy is integrated and made certain that your customers are delighted by the response.

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Save Money & Get Results Oriented Services

Pay Per Agent

Pick the support agents of your own choice and virtually hire them to organize and answer your emails as per your instructions. These dedicated and trained agents work solely for your business and communicate with your customers right according to your commands.

Volume Based Pricing

Handle the uncertainty with sudden rise and fall in email queries by paying according to the volume of emails. You are only charged for the email that are replied by our agent and will not be charged for spam, marketing or junk mails categorized as per your guideline.

Pay Per Hour

Adjust the email support staff according to requirement like after hours, peak hours or for holidays only. Pay only for the hours email experts worked for your brand and save money along with enjoying same high standard of service of instantly resolving queries to make customer delight.

Do you want to imprint a professional image of your company?

Kolaxo CCS has purposefully trained agent to imprint a good impression at your customers and competitively satisfy their grievance.

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Get Email Support Service to Fortify Customer Relationship

Email is still one of the favorite support channel of many customers because of its easiest accessibility, ability to attach files, more degree of trustworthiness, cost effectiveness, and freedom to write about issue in detail. It comes the responsibility of business to profoundly read and respond to every email in a professional and swift manner. Answering these support emails apparently seems a simple task but shorting and shifting through spam, reading each email, writing personalized reply, and maintaining list of emails that require follow-up requires specific expertise and skills sets to enable a business meet customer’s support quality expectations. A professional email support service can be an exceptional addition for a business to provide sublime customer support.

Make More Customers Satisfied with Email Answering Service

While receiving hundreds of emails each day that include marketing, spam and support, the admirable email support service produces beneficial results by superbly managing emails and swiftly responding to the required ones. This service help businesses minimize the abandon ratio by quickly responding to customer inquiries. It gives businesses an ease to get rid of the responsibility and allow them to concentrate more on their core function. To ensure best correspondence in minimum time frame, businesses outsource email support to professional to certify marvelous services during each interaction. Either to create exceptional customer experience or to improve your response rate, email support services is methodical to achieve prescribed goals.

Experienced Contact Center, Promised Results for Email Support Services

Kolaxo CCS provides email support services to let our clients provide appreciable email facility to their customers. We instantly reply each to minimize your response time as low as possible. We provide complete information in email to make sure customer don’t have to write email for same issue. By being actively available all the time to respond to email, we create trust to have direct communication with brand to make customers satisfied. While replying to the emails, we incorporate trust that in case of any ambiguity or problem, a simple email can resolve it.

To inform, help, guide, aid and assist, we are serving businesses with exceptional email support services. These services are provided under planned systems, following verified protocols and flawless productivity by efficiently considering every email has an opportunity if replied superbly there are more chances that the sender becomes satisfied. We take care of your support emails and talk with your customers by proficiently using our unique customer service techniques to make most of them satisfied. We use cross-selling and up-selling techniques while answering your emails to provide what customer is interested in and make a good impression of your brand and let business have more sales. We have extensive experience of handing diversified type of businesses and giving support to their customers which makes us in better position to handle any kind of complex query and write an impressive reply that dissolves customer’s concern.

With email support service, we are 24 hours actively working to offer web-based assistance for your customers by providing relevant information, troubleshooting problems and answering queries to avert emails from soaring after office hours. This service is supplied in 8 hours 3 shifts to ensure high energy levels and eagle’s eye on your email account to provide rapid fire email response with personalized message. This imprints a good impression at your customers and keeps your inbox ready to receive new emails with no old mails piled up in inbox.

Our exceptional pricing system, that works equally beneficial for small — scale businesses considering their individual requirements, is designed to respond selected or all of your emails because volume specified price package gives you freedom to change it according to requirements. Such exceptional features of our services make our email support service economical and affordable for every business.

We have professional and trained workforce to offer customized email support services that is essential to achieve targeted results. Tailor your service depending on your needs because our agents are flexible to bend according to your necessities.

Kolaxo CCS is a professional and responsible support services provider company. We have teams of professionals serving under matchless working environment. We make sure that each staff member must work in office and never allow home based working to meet the quality of service promised to customers. We have installed top-notch technology and required machines to ensure comfortable and enjoyable working environment is generated that boosts the productivity of our teams. While working under our office premises, we ensure that every interaction with customer through email is monitored by supervisors and spiffing solution is provided during support.

We have worked for medical industry, lawyers, government bodies, and public and private sectors. We are familiar with the sensitivity and importance of data security. Therefore, we keep strict monitoring and perfect firewalls to make sure there must not be any breach and data security. With us, our every customer enjoys peace of mind that their login details, customer information and every single piece of information is only available to the authorized person and never shared it with anyone.

Outsource email support services to enjoy hassle free customer’s query management, cut down overhead expenses and appoint reliable resources to be the face of your brand. We are serving different business niches with exceptional support services with the help of our email answering executives to guide customers, provide information and remain available to reply email in minimum possible time frame.

Key Features That Our Every Customer Get Along With Exceptional Services

Kolaxo CCS is a customer oriented agency to facilitate our each client from either small scale business or medium scale company. We have set these basics as the minimum features that every customer will get. Enjoy exceptional services with a confidence that your customers are in good hand.


Data Security

As a professional agency, we strictly follow the compliance regulation to secure your details, customer’s information or any data from leakage.


Call Recording

Every coordination conducted through any channel with your customers is recorded in our database. It is available on demand only for you.


Hand Picked Agents

We share profiles of our available agents to provide you freedom to select any employee that synchronize with your demand and mind set.


Personalized plan

Every customer has individual needs and different financial constraints to fulfill all such issue we offer personalized price plan best fitted for you.


Unified Communication

Get one stop solution to the entire communication channel. Coordinate with customer through telephone, live chat, email or social media.


Record Keeping

We keep record of your business profile, call log and customer information so that you don’t have to start from scratch every time you opt our services.

About Kolaxo CCS

We are US-based contact center backed by cloud technology, professional experts, and trained staff to bring a noticeable change in your customer support.

Who we are?

Kolaxo CCS is precisely observing the customer service standards, the pain points of customers, and the profound solution to resolve these points. The satisfaction of our clients along with their customers is our highest priority.
While we cannot reconstruct your business procedures, we can handle your angry customers to make them satisfied with the current standards and procedures. We are acting with prudence in our day-to-day training sessions to highlight the weak areas of every agent and provide practical and nifty advices by the industry experts. The training highlights of our daily stand-up meeting includes:

  • How to organize an email inbox to avoid any pileups?
  • The possible solution of any specific query asked in email.
  • Fine use of soft words to satisfy customers.
  • Tips to reduce email length and highlight specific text for easy readability.
  • Extra tasks to do when waiting for new email.
  • Give practical advice to deal with angry customers.
  • Suggest recommended techniques for support email templates and motivate customers to feel free to come again.

We encourage our customers to let us know in advance of starting an answering service support the sensitive areas of their business, the pain points of their customers, or the areas where you want us to take special precautions. We closely monitor every email and industry specifications to act accordingly and satisfy your customers.

For over 20 years, satisfying your customers and imprinting a good brand image has been and remains a top priority. While some contact centers experience high employee turnover rate, we’re equipped with the most loyal employees working with the company since 15 years, and this family is continuously increasing. We all serve our clients not because we are paid for this but it is our passion to facilitate businesses to grow. We’ll work according to your provided guideline, approved discounts, preferences in addition to your recommendations to ensure your needs are prioritized accordingly, and we provide a consistent, top-quality answering service every time.

What we do:

When an email hits your inbox, our dedicated support reps clicks on inbox right away, check email subject for initial scrutiny, open if required and read complete email, highlight the main body of email or the specific concern, conduct internal departmental communication if required, formulate solution, draft reply, proofread the text and send it to customer.

We answer your business emails through the most competent and fully trained agents holding required educational degree, profile decorated with specified experience and have basic essentials, such as customer handling skill, which shows more 80% angry customers turned satisfied and made loyal to your brand.

We are training our team members to note down customers message in email and try to understand the back thoughts in their mind to provide what actually they want and so that the chances of confusions, misunderstandings, and doubts are left to none.

We give our agents the instructions to keep reporting in the run time about email summery that includes the asked query, provided solution, information furnished, message noted and valuable comments about customer and it is all done before the next email pops up.

We are closely monitoring your local and international competitors for the most recent development in their business and put it in your notice so that we mutually develop a strategy to handle your customers hence we strictly follow your guidance.

Our customer support reps are provided with the highest speed internet and modern computers for use while answering your business support emails.

When we work together, we can keep your customers satisfied.

What can you get?

Follow the valuable suggestions from our capable customer support agents because they are in direct contact with your customers. They are in better position to recommend techniques to engrave a positive image of your brand and satisfy their concerns.

If you have any doubts, questions, or concerns, please contact your locally appointed dedicated email customer support agent right away.

Business reputation plays a very important role in satisfying your customers, but many small businesses simply don’t have the time and resources to invest in their customer service and form a spiffing image of their company. At Kolaxo CCS, we recognize that a 5 star chat is a loyal customer, which is why we are proud to offer effective and economical customer answering service through live chat.

Kolaxo CCS is the most well-known, trusted name in contact center service providers. Since 2001 we’ve perform answering customers according to the wishes of our clients and assisting them in growing their business.

We are offering customized chat support service plans with no contract restrictions.

We realize that every business has their own requirements, preferences and motives, so we accommodate all your specific requests into your customer support service plan keeping our basic rule of thumb in consideration to provide exceptional service at economical rate. Best of all, you will have a remote controlled service with which you can start or stop the campaign anytime you want without any restriction to sign a contract. Whenever you want to update your service plan, simply reach out to your project manager to increase the number of seats for urgent chat handling or set up specific agents for after hour chat support service.

Reasons Why Kolaxo CCS Is The Top Priority Of Every Business

Call Acceptance Rate with no chances to miss any call during prescribed time.

Customer Satisfaction Rate by not giving up until customer is satisfied and happy.

Increase in average sales and customer retention by Cross-selling and up-selling.

Less charges than others do Answering Services in United States.


How 30,000+ Served Businesses Review Our Services

BFT Fort Lauderdale


“Your consultants are very helpful and accommodating. They helped a lot in formulating the call plan and integrating set-up and Good service after then. I am satisfied.”

Yordano Rodriguez


“I am impressed the way they handled my customers. When an issue arises, they resolve them immediately. Their “we can do anything” motive is impressive.”

Stefano Santoro


“Your customer service has been excellent. Your data presentation is good. Your charges are normal not that economical. You helped my business to increase the sales. Thanks.”

Dolphins Challenge Cancer


“They ran my campaign really well and produced exceptional results. Their operators attended the phone calls received because of my Christmas campaign and collected a good amount of donation. Thanks to you and your team. Cheers.”

Peterson Harley-Davidson Miami


“Kolaxo has very friendly and professional virtual receptionist. They operate 24/7 and kept handling my business during day time and at nighttime as well. Their live human attend 100% the calls with no phone tree in-between the business and customer.”

Annie Alvarez


“Your communication skills are very impressive. I love the way you are handling my angry customers. You are delivering the information the way I always wanted. You are ready to provide any information I requested that is impressive. You are doing good job guys.”

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, our agents are trained and skilled to utilize all the features of any webmail interface. They are expert in handling the hidden features of all the available business Email service providers. Therefore, they profoundly use it to provide information, share web links, send help guides and solve customer’s issue in a better way along with generating reports for businesses using features of their account.

We have default three categories of packages; moreover, we offer customized email support service pricing plan if required. Yes, our professional experts provide honest recommendation to select most appropriate package for email support service. By opting best suitable package according to number of expected emails and your allocated budget, you will be able to conduct effective communication with customers and facilitate them to bring up their concern at affordable pricing.

The email support service agents at Kolaxo CCS are specially trained to handle business email accounts. We have trained them to communicate with customers and imprint good professional impression on them. Handling personal account is requires special skills and a separate team is trained for this task. Therefore, you can appoint our virtual assistant to look after your personal email account and communicate with your followers and friends.

Kolaxo CCS offers convenient and simple sign up process. All you need to do is express your monthly queries and estimated number of inquiries per day. Our experienced professional will recommend you the most suitable package and with partial initial payment, your service will be activated. Once your email support service is started, your customers will feel noticeable change in getting information, highlighting problem and expressing concerns at business support.

At Kolaxo CCS, activating email support service is just a matter of few minutes. We have trained staff those are ready to serve you and provide solutions to customers problems. Activating email support services a three-step process in which you select package, using AI we analyze common queries and get activated right away to respond emails.

The pricing for email support service at Kolaxo CCS is already discounted and competitive. Moreover, further discount can be opted by getting service subscription for whole year and making advance payment. With annual email support pricing plan, we give commitment to confidently handle customers and answer their concerns in a professional manner.

Yes, we give full freedom to change to package type at any moment you feel. We understand the ups and downs of inquiries volume. Therefore, give privilege to our clients to change email support pricing plan when they want. We give surety that being a professional customer contact center services provider company your customers will get same standard of services and get enjoy exceptional facility to seek answers of their question along with getting information.

We have an online reporting system that enables businesses to monitor every email interaction and analysis. Moreover, we generate an easy to read report that concludes the summary of all the asked questions, problems faced by customers along with provided solution and the information demanded by customer. Along with this, the details include data of potentials customers with leads generated during email support service. The online reports allow our clients to analyze common concerns of customers and get valuable suggestion.

Yes, we have teams of educated and trained agents. All of them are familiar with the latest technologies and product complications. Furthermore, a short training prior to providing email support enable them to have full grip on product specification and provide relevant information to your customers confidently. It doesn’t matter how technologically advanced or complicated your product is, our skillful email agents easily pick the insights of your products and profoundly inform customers about its features, troubleshoot their problems and guide them about its competitive edges.

There are modes of payment options. Either customer can opt per agent payment schedule in which they have to pay flat rate for number of agents or second option is paying according to volume base in which customer only pay for the number of emails the agent responded. The third option is to pay per hour of services opted and enjoy the freedom to get 24/7 email support service when required. With any type of package, our clients are provided with same high quality of services and their customers get same standard of support by receiving instant information, removing their doubts and resolving their problems in a professional manner.

Yes, we give absolute freedom to customers to change the number of agents as per requirement. With the increase in inquiries, you can add-up more email handling agents into your support team. Once when the demand of additional agents is over you have the choice to switch back to regular number of email agents.

No the training of our employees is on our head. We only charge our customers when the agent starts responding to emails. However, if there is some specific information about hidden features of your product that is specifically related to your product than you might be charged a small fraction of amount.

Absolutely, we have divided our workforce into different industries and provided them special training for the insights and procedures of the industry. Therefore, our email support agents are familiar about the customer niche and are skilled to handle them. Either you are from medical business, education, legal, services based or ecommerce business, industry specific email support agents will serve you.

We have very strict policies about data protection. While answering customers email, we not only provide information to customer or answer their question but also collect their personal information that includes their name, phone number and email. Along with policies, we have developed a system for data protection that confine every employee to be responsible and prevent data to reach unappropriated and irrelevant person.

Absolutely, professional business email support is the efficient way to listen and solve customer’s issues. We are expert in handling angry customer through effective communication at email support. Our email support agents give positive gesture that the business understands customer’s problem and intends to resolve it. We ensure our availability at the time of need and provide relevant information, note down unexpected problems and communicate with unhappy customer to make them satisfied. Therefore, by outsourcing email support to us businesses experienced 45% reduction in negative feedbacks.

Certainly, it directly influences the buying decision by providing professional customer support facility at the time of purchasing. With the help of our email support service, we actively respond to emails, guide customers about company policy, help in comparing differing products and facilitate in exploring the features of any product. Our professional and skillful email agents stay in connection with customers before buying and encourage them to buy by engraving satisfaction and high return in purchase.

Yes, we are professional and experienced email support service provider. Our email agents know special tips and tricks to handle complaining customers. The email support service helps in resolving customers complaints in a proficient manner and our agents are expert in resolving complaints in email. We ensure maximum requisition of customers by solving their grievance in run time through listening to their problem, taking reviews, asking gaps for improvements, and troubleshooting problems instantly.

No, there is no compulsion of being on standby. By outsourcing email support to us, our agents take the full responsibility to communicate with customers and become the efficient touch point for customers. We become the face of your brand and take full authority to face your customers while keeping you relax. Our email-answering agents remain available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and let business owners enjoy peace of mind and leisure.

The instant response and customer support in the run time are the main ingredients of email support. Keeping this in mind, we have set a wait time for any email at maximum of 1 hour. Every email responded through our agents is replied in this time frame. Therefore, the customers get instant information and express their concerns by getting quick replies to each email.

Starting the support is just a matter of few minutes. You can route your email to our agent or you can share credentials with the confidence that this secret information is kept safe. Implementing it is just a matter of few minutes and on the other side your hand picked agents are on their toes to welcome support query and reply it. All this process would only take a few minutes and you are free from all the worries.

Yes, we are based in USA with our head office located in Wilmington. To meet the 24/7 operational requirements and execute the extensive workload we have our sub offices in different cities of America. Moreover, we have some offices in different regions of the world. These offices can also provide online support to your customers and respond their emails.