Answering Services for Cleaning Companies

Handle all your calls, day or night as you want, while you focus on getting your cleaning chores done

Our Cleaning answering service is tailored to your janitorial company requirements to answer your every call as per your preferences, capture every lead day or night, and dispatch emergency requests accordingly – ensuring your Cleaning business growth at faster pace!

Explore the Perks of Answering Service for Janitorial Companies:

Missing lot of calls while wiping the windows or unclogging the gutters? Do you have to leave vacuum cleaner to pick calls while cleaning the carpets or couches? Want to save money but paying thousands of dollars to in-house receptionists?

Don’t worry Kolaxo CCS’s answering service for cleaning contractors is designed to confront all these challenges with 100% professional excellency. Our well-trained live virtual receptionists answer your every call so you don’t have to, whenever you need. It allows you to focus on what you do the best & grow your business better than ever at a fraction of a cost of in-house receptionist. There are lot more benefits like:

  • Better than Ever Customer Support
  • No overhead costs & payroll expenses
  • Win more business even during afterhours
  • Be there for customers’ day & night
  • Never miss a call during call overflow
  • Satisfy Clients like never before
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Why It Works?

Your chance of landing more than ever business never dwindles with us because we strive hard to make your Cleaning business grow prodigiously by connecting you with your customers anywhere, anytime, all the time.

Always Available

We work all day, every day even during holidays so we can answer your calls at weekends, holidays, afterhours, or even 24/7 – whenever & however you want. Choice is all YOURS!

No Bots, No IVR, No Voicemails

No more stilted staccato of robotic voices. We help you win customers much more often through 100% real human interactions along with a personalized touch of your Cleaning business.

US-Based Virtual Receptionists

Our team of America’s BEST virtual receptionists answer your every call as they are sitting in your office, building a stellar reputation of your Cleaning company among competitors.

Customer-Controlled Pricing

Just pay for minutes used to answer your calls because we value you more than money. No lock in contracts, no bait & switch – just unruffled billing as per your budget & ease.

Personalized Calling Experience

Tell us how you want us to answer your calls and what we should avoid. Enjoy the freedom of customizing every aspect of call handling as per your preferences.

Fastest Response Time

We answer every call under 3 rings i.e. under 10 seconds (18% faster than average industry answering speed) to avoid losing frustrated callers to your competitors.

Kolaxo CCS Offers More Than Exceptional Call Answering Service:

We offer after hours call coverage, overflow support, virtual receptionists services and much more. Kolaxo CCS’s answering services for cleaning companies include:

What Sets Us Apart from The Rest?

Never miss a call again while focusing on crystal-cleaning residential and commercial properties with answering service for cleaning companies

When you are indulged in cleaning the floors, wiping the windows or making the walls spotless, incoming calls can distract you from your work and put your concentration on the other side. Simply, continuous phone calls during the working hours at job site can not only distract you but also create margin of errors in your cleaning chores like leaving some stains on the floor that hinder the trust of your clients and urge them to hire another company for next cleaning session.

Now, when you see at other end of the wall, the situation is worse than that. Potential clients are calling you most of the times when you are at job sites. If you ignore these calls by putting your phones on silent or letting the callers go to voicemail, expecting that they will drop a message and wait for your call back, then you are losing huge revenue potentials. 80% callers hang up when they reach voicemail, dial a competitor and never turn back to your cleaning company.

Stuck between both of these situations where answering every call during job site and retaining the clients’ trust seems impossible? There is nothing impossible when top of the line answering service provider Kolaxo CCS is here to help. Our answering service for cleaning companies answer your calls all day every day, book jobs, schedule surveys, forward calls and dispatch emergency service requests – everything according to your requirements.

Our experienced virtual receptionists ensure that you never miss a call, never miss a business opportunity, no matter where you are, whether sweeping the floor, vacuuming the carpet, clearing the gutters or taking a nap at home. We answer your calls when you can’t. So, you can focus on your cleaning tasks without any distractions that boost clients’ trust on your services.

Moreover, we adhere to your requirements to create customized call answering protocols as per your cleaning company that enable us to answer your every call as your perfect extension. Your callers will never know that they are talking to a third party service provider which help you build a stellar reputation of your cleaning company among hundreds of competitors.

Kolaxo CCS is a One-stop destination to get call answering services for all types of cleaning companies:

Kolaxo CCS is a most trusted and accomplished provider of holistic answering service solutions for all types of residential and commercial cleaning companies. No matter what type of cleaning company you are, our phone answering services can be customized according to your needs to ensure your every call is answered with 100% professional excellence. Our virtual receptionists have the skills and experience to deal with your clients, ask the details you want us to, schedule your new jobs while you focus on job at hand and keep your cleaning business in loop – connected with customers anywhere, anytime, all the time. We provide answering services for:

Residential Cleaning Companies:

When homeowners start their search for cleaning company, the main concern is “If that company is trustable & reliable enough to let them enter my home”. Do you know answering the customer calls on time in a good accent and knack of knowledge can settle this concern and trigger more business opportunities? Yes, Kolaxo CCS’s answering service for residential cleaning companies answer every incoming call 18% faster than industry average answering speed that give the illusion of your business as a trusted & top-notch cleaning company eager to serve its clients. Plus, our virtual receptionists have enough experience to answer your client’s questions about cleaning services in a calm and composed demeanor that instantly gain the customers trust for your cleaning service. They also book new job schedules and provide quotes to customers while strictly following your instructions which makes it feel like we are sitting in your office.

Commercial Cleaning Service providers:

Missed calls are lost business opportunities for almost every business including commercial cleaning contractors. However, they receive large number of calls from customers asking for their services specially during holidays or weekends when offices are closed and become easy to clean. But the dilemma is most commercial cleaners miss these calls as there’s no one to answer calls during weekends or holidays, making them lose almost $8000 a month. Kolaxo CCS got your back in this situation by providing 24/7 live answering service for commercial cleaning companies that ensure your customers will always get a live response from real human being, whether they call during Christmas Holidays, Veteran’s Day or during long weekend. Ultimately, whenever you need us to answer your calls, we do and when you don’t we will be on the sidelines, ensuring you don’t lose any more business revenues and grow your business better than ever before.

Restaurant cleaning Companies:

Food establishments and restaurants mostly require cleaning services when some celebrations are upcoming. This marks the peak season for restaurant cleaning contractors but the worst thing is they can’t get the most out of this peak season. Because, restaurant owners call in sheer numbers and cleaning contractors don’t have enough in-house team to pick every incoming call without hanging up the previous ones. Here comes our overflow answering service support that ensure you never miss a call just because you are too busy to take another one. According to pre-established criteria decided with you, we answer only those calls for you that you can’t attend due to busy lines. This way, we ensure 0 missed calls during peak season and 200% revenue generation for your business.

Carpet Cleaning Companies:

As a carpet cleaner, you might have been missing a lot of calls during your working hours just because you can’t hear your phone ringing due to loud vacuum noise. Or, you just don’t want to shut down the heavy-duty carpet cleaner, wipe up your hands and then pick up the phone because it causes distractions and a lot of time wastage. Therefore, Kolaxo CCS as a one-stop-shop for answering services come up with the best solution for you. Our answering service for carpet cleaning companies like yours enables you to get to your job, get your work done well, and get to the next job, without any worries of handling calls and booking new jobs. With our professional virtual receptionists answering your calls and scheduling your next jobs into your CRM, it’s so easy to get new job while you’re completing the one at hand. It helps you grow your cleaning business by getting more jobs done unlike before.

Gutter cleaning companies:

Gutter cleaning companies are an essential part of janitorial industry, but what’s different about them is: gutter cleaners often receive emergency requests because home owners, offices, hospitals or restaurants call them when their gutter overflows or clogged, making a mess. They need urgent service and gutter cleaning service providers need responsive answering service that adhere to customer concerns and dispatch the on-call cleaner as soon as possible. We at Kolaxo CCS solve this concern with our emergency answering service for cleaning companies that respond to calls faster than whole industry i.e. under 8 seconds, take messages of clients, forward calls to concerned departments or dispatch emergency service requests to on-call cleaners as per your pre-described instructions. You can customize each and every aspect of call handling from telling us how to answer your calls to instructing us where to dispatch calls during emergency.

Pool cleaning Companies:

Pool owners prefer to get their pools cleaned in the wee hours of morning or when they get to their homes after 9 to 5 schedule. That’s why, swimming pool cleaning contractors often receive calls after regular business hours and missed a lot of potential customers. We enable you to confront this challenge with our after hour answering service for cleaning companies. By availing this service, rest assured that all your after hours calls are answered by our live virtual receptionists and you never miss a business opportunity again.

We Integrate into The Same Tools You Are Already Using!

We seamlessly integrate into the tools & software you are already using to schedule, cancel or modify new or existing jobs, saving you time & money while making your life easier and smoother than before.

Frequently Asked Question

Your concern settles here; find insider tips, clear up your mind and kick start your journey with our unparalleled services.

What is an answering service for cleaning companies, and how does it works?

Call Answering service for cleaning companies is a professional service that manages incoming calls for residential and commercial cleaning contractors. When your Cleaning business partners with a professional answering service like Kolaxo CCS, our expert virtual receptionists answer your customer calls on your behalf. You can choose your answering service to be as simple as just answering calls or as comprehensive as taking messages, dispatching emergency requests, scheduling appointments and forwarding service calls to on-call cleaning workers. With Kolaxo CCS, control is always yours!

To grow your Cleaning business better than before & to provide second to none customer support, Simple! Isn’t that what you are looking for? Quick call answering from a live expert that answer basic FAQs and take messages is what customers are looking for in Cleaning business and our telephone answering services provide you exactly that.

We prioritize confidentiality and adhere to strict privacy protocols. Our operators are trained to handle sensitive information securely, and we utilize advanced technologies like end-to-end data encryption and password protected file folders to protect callers’ data.

We don’t charge a single penny as setup charges. It usually takes us less than 24 hours to understand your workflow and preferences that means your answering service will take maximum 24 hours for setup in most cases.

Yes, whether you are using Zapier, FieldEdge, any other CRM or software, we can integrate into the tools & software you are already using with our hi-tech configuration systems in place to save your much more time & money.

Our Cleaning answering service cost is more often half the price of other service providers out there usually starting from as low as $135 per month. If you are looking for more affordable choice, then choose our PAY as You Use plan in which you just have to pay for the minutes used to answer your calls without any hidden charges or setup costs.

Yes, it doesn’t matter how small or large your Cleaning business is and if you are dealing with residential, commercial, pools, gutter or any type of cleaning services, we offer highly flexible & scalable answering service solutions that can be customized to efficiently deal with your high-volume & high complexity needs.

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