Handyman Answering Service

Answer Your Every Incoming Call, turn it into Revenue-Generating Opportunity – Skyrocketing your Handyman Business Growth at 15X Speed

Our Handyman answering service is tailored to your Handyman business calling requirements to answer your every call in a way you want that turn callers into paying customers, convert every lead into confirm job and grow your Handyman business at 15x speed!

Dive into the Perks of Handyman Phone Answering Service:

Missing lot of calls because of your hectic schedule having multiple handyman jobs? Do you have to drop tools to pick calls while repairing doors or restoring electricity? Want to save money but paying thousands of dollars to in-house receptionists?

Don’t worry Kolaxo CCS’s answering service for Handyman is designed to confront all these challenges with 100% professional excellency. Our well-trained receptionists answer your every call so you don’t have to. It allows you to focus on what you do the best & grow your business better than ever at a fraction of a cost of in-house receptionist. There are lot more benefits like:

  • Better than Ever Customer Support
  • No overhead costs & insurance expenses
  • Win more business even during afterhours
  • Be there for customers’ day & night
  • Maximize Business efficiency
  • Satisfy Clients like never before

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Why It Works?

Your chance of landing more than ever business never dwindles because we strive hard to make your Handyman business prodigiously productive by connecting you with your customers anywhere, anytime, all the time.

Always Available

We work all day, every day even during holidays so we can answer your calls at weekends, holidays, afterhours, or even 24/7 – whenever & however you want. Choice is all YOURS!

No Bots, No IVR, No Voicemails

No more stilted staccato of robotic voices. We help you win customers much more often through 100% real human interactions along with a personalized touch of your Handyman business.

US-Based Virtual Receptionists

Our team of America’s BEST virtual receptionists answer your every call as they are sitting in your office, building a stellar reputation of your Handyman business among competitors.

Customer-Controlled Pricing

Just pay for minutes used to answer your calls because we value you more than money. No lock in contracts, no bait & switch – just unruffled billing as per your budget & ease.

Personalized Calling Experience

Tell us how you want us to answer your calls and what we should avoid. Enjoy the freedom of customizing every aspect of call handling as per your preferences.

Fastest Response Time

We answer every call under 3 rings i.e. under 10 seconds (18% faster than average industry answering speed) to avoid losing frustrated callers to your competitors.

Kolaxo CCS Offers More Than Exceptional Call Answering Service:

We offer after hours call coverageoverflow supportvirtual receptionist services and much more. Kolaxo CCS’s Handyman answering services include:

What Sets Us Apart from The Rest?

Answer every call & capture every opportunity whether on job-site, at home or in office with Handyman Answering Service

As the owner of a time-demanding handyman business, your days are filled with daunting tasks of carpentry projects, faucet repairs, electrical troubleshooting, and small-scale construction works. Doing these nerve-wracking tasks requires your undivided attention, and you literally don’t want to add one more stress of answering phone calls during crucial job moments or even during well-deserved breaks. However, ignoring or mishandling these incoming calls can hinder the growth of your business and negatively impact your reputation, making you lose clients and not even getting the new ones.

Wondering that what can be the perfect solution to maintain balance between doing jobs, relaxing and managing calls – all without missing on anything? Here comes the perfect solution to maintain this balance. Kolaxo CCS’s Handyman answering service is designed to answer your every call without missing a single opportunity, no matter where you are or what you are doing, allowing you to relax at times & focus on what you do best – delivering exceptional handyman services. Our professional virtual receptionists are trained to fit your specifications and answer your calls in a way you want as your perfect business extension. So, outsource answering service for handyman to us to ensure you never miss a call again, take breaks, do jobs, retain regular clients, gain new customers, and grow your handyman business on the fly – all without missing on anything.

Cut Your Overhead Cost by More than 80% & turn your handyman business into customer’s favorite 24/7 service provider with Answering Service for Handyman

Handyman contractors are always on the dial list of home owners, receiving service calls round the clock, midnights, weekends and even during holidays. No matter if you close your business at 5pm, customers keep calling you and if you don’t respond, they shift to your competitors, making you lose huge revenue potentials. Hiring a team of full time in-house receptionists can solve this problem but it will add a staggering 80% expenses to your payrolls including insurance, office expenses, infrastructure cost, medical bills, leave encashment and many more. The dilemma is most of the handyman service providers are working as a small business and can’t afford such high expenses to hire full-time office based receptionists.

However, Kolaxo CCS’s call answering service for handyman is an all-in one game changing solution to help you get rid of this dilemma. Our handyman telephone answering service answer your every call with 100% professional excellence, day & night, weekends, holidays, after hours or 24/7/365, right according to your needs while slashing your expenses by over 80%! We let you say goodbye to the hefty salaries and benefits of in-house receptionists and enjoy affordable call answering 24/7/365 without any stress, hassles and budget strains.

With our Pay as You Use Plan, we put you in total control of your budget. You just have to pay for the minutes used to answer your service calls – no bundled minutes, no hidden charges, and definitely no lock-in contracts, just affordable call answering that aligns perfectly with your budget. Oh, and did we mention? We don’t even charge extra for holidays or weekends, our service scale with your business growth and we even provide you volume discounts for higher call volumes – It’s that fantabulous!

Much more than answering calls – Kolaxo CCS is one-stop-shop for all your Handyman answering service needs:

Just as you being a handyman specialized in numerical skills to get multiple odd jobs done, we are jack of all trades too like answering calls, booking new jobs, routing calls, dispatching technicians, taking messages and many more – right according to your preferences. We’re not just your run-of-the-mill answering service – we’re a most accomplished, reliable & trusted one-stop-shop for providing professional call answering services to keep your handyman business thriving. We have a seemingly endless range of phone answering services for handyman service providers to cater to diverse business call answering needs with perfection and excellence. Our Handyman Answering services include:

Electrician Answering Service:

Is it becoming hard for you to book new electrician jobs or projects while performing an existing task? Losing new clients just because your phones are not manned? We have got you covered with our electrician answering services that answer your phone calls, day or night whenever you want, schedule new jobs in your own CRM and let your business grow at its full capacity.

Construction Answering Service:

Disgruntled by missing opportunities that land after hours? Want to be available for clients’ day and night for small to large construction jobs? Be there for clients whether they call you in midnight or in wee hours with our 24/7 live construction answering services that answer your all after hours calls, take messages when you are not available and keep you in loop by connecting you with your customers anytime, everytime, all the time – depending upon your business needs.

Plumbing Answering Service:

When there’s a pipe burst in the midnight, customers call you right away, you don’t respond, they shift to competitors and never come back again. Long story short, missed calls are equal to lost business. What’s the solution? Our plumbing answering services answer your emergency calls, whether they come in midnight or during business hours, right as per your preferences. We screen emergency calls exactly according to your described protocols and dispatch these calls to on-call plumbers right as you instructed us to do.

Repair Contractors answering service:

When it’s time of festive occasions like Christmas & Thanksgiving, a huge number of home owners start calling the repairing contractors to get their homes repaired before the celebrations kick off. Are you ready for this peak season? No you aren’t because you are missing a lot of calls just because your lines are busy. Wait no further and get our repair contractors answering services that ensure you never miss a call even when your lines are busy or many people calling you at same time. With our hi-tech virtual switchboard systems in place, we can route calls to specific departments or technicians as per your instructions, so you never miss a call again no matter how much huge the call volume is.

These above mentioned services are just a few, there are many more, just tell us what your requirements are and we will get it going in no time. Hence, we are an essential toolbox in your business arsenal, ready to tackle all calls coming to your handyman business. Whether it’s afterhours, during peak seasons, or regular business hours – consider us your trusted support hand, always there when you need us & on standby when you don’t.

Our specialty? From 24/7 live answering to overflow support, we’re yours go-to partner, adapting to your business call needs just like you do with every unique handyman challenge. Our flexibility and scalability mean we adapt to your schedule – after hours, major events, holidays, weekends, or even during your standard business hours – we’re there to handle your calls based on your preferences. In a nutshell, when you can’t answer, we can, and when you’re in control, we’re right there, ensuring your business communication is as smooth as it can be.

We Integrate into The Same Tools You Are Already Using!

We seamlessly integrate into the tools & software you are already using to schedule, cancel or modify new or existing jobs, saving you time & money while making your life easier and smoother than before.

Frequently Asked Question

Your concern settles here; find insider tips, clear up your mind and kick start your journey with our unparalleled services.

What is an answering service for Handyman, and how does it works?

Handyman answering service is a professional service that manages incoming calls for Handyman contractors and service providers. When your Handyman business partners with a professional answering service like Kolaxo CCS, expert virtual receptionists answer your customer calls on your behalf. You can choose your answering service to be as simple as just answering calls or as comprehensive as taking messages, dispatching emergency requests, scheduling appointments and forwarding service calls to on-call technicians. With Kolaxo CCS, control is always yours!

To grow your Handyman business better than before & to provide second to none customer support, Simple! Isn’t that what you are looking for? Quick call answering from a live expert that answer basic FAQs and take messages is what customers are looking for in Handyman business and our telephone answering services provide you exactly that.

We prioritize confidentiality and adhere to strict privacy protocols. Our operators are trained to handle sensitive information securely, and we utilize advanced technologies like end-to-end data encryption and password protected file folders to protect callers’ data.

We don’t charge a single penny as setup charges. It usually takes us less than 24 hours to understand your workflow and preferences that means your answering service will take maximum 24 hours for setup in most cases. 

Yes, whether you are using ServiceTitan, FieldEdge, any other CRM or software, we can integrate into the tools & software you are already using with our hi-tech configuration systems in place to save your much more time & money.

Our Handyman answering service cost is more often half the price of other service providers out there usually starting from as low as $135 per month. If you are looking for more affordable choice, then choose our PAY as You Use plan in which you just have to pay for the minutes used to answer your calls without any hidden charges or setup costs.

Yes, it doesn’t matter how small or large your Handyman business is and if you are dealing with residential, commercial or both clients, we offer highly flexible & scalable answering service solutions that can be customized to deal with your high-volume & high complexity needs.

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