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Check out the benefits it brings for your university, read why it is perfect for your university growth and discover what makes it a comprehensive and professional answering service solution. Dive in:

What WONDERS Does It Weave for Your University?

From marking everlasting impression on students to never missing a call to paying just for what you used, it reaps a plethora of irresistible advantages for your university that maximize your business revenues.

Below are some of the benefits it derives to take your higher education institute to the next level and help your university stay ahead of the curve all the time:

  • Increase Business Efficiency
  • Minimize Expenses by 80%
  • Enhance Lead Conversions
  • Keep Business Open 24/7
  • Support in-house Staff
  • Boost Client Satisfaction

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Why It Works Perfectly for Your University GROWTH?

It works perfectly to ensure all your calls are answered with professional excellence, students & parents feel heard instantly, save you thousands of dollars and give you & your clients a sense of comfort because of:

24/7 Availability

Never Miss a call as our professional virtual receptionists efficiently answer your calls around the clock, weekends, holidays, after business hours, and peak seasons.

No Bots, No IVR, No Voicemails

Only 100% human powered call handling to build caring connection with students and make them feel valued. No bots- no frets, client dealing without upsets.

US-Based Virtual Receptionists

Our US-Based virtual receptionists are trained according to industry requirements. They are caring and compassionate to make students feel cared.

Customer-Centric Pricing

No roll up to nearest minute, no lock in contracts, no hidden charges, only pay for what you used. Choose pay per minute or pay upfront for whole month.

Customized Scripting

No canned Responses. No Cold Scripts. We work as your perfect business extension, connect to clients’ hearts, show empathy and deal every call as bespoke.

Fastest Response Time

Our call response time is one of the fastest out there i.e. under 10 seconds. We answer every call under 3 rings so your clients know that they are important for you.

What Makes it a COMPREHENSIVE Solution?

It is all-encompassing, covering every aspect of university call handling with exceptional professionalism that skyrocket your campus efficiency & reliability. It includes:

Efficient Appointment Scheduling

Proficient appointment scheduling directly into your calendar to prevent no-shows, double bookings and missed opportunities.

Error-Free Call Screening

Unerring Call Screening to filter out spam & telemarketing calls to considerably saves your in-house teams’ time.

Emergency Call Dispatching

Accurate emergency call filtering and swift emergency call dispatching to on-call staff as per your instructions.

Accurate Message Taking

Precise Message Taking when you’re unavailable to ensure you never miss a client or business opportunity.

Dive Deeper: Explore MORE Within It

Want to solidify your University Center’s identity? Keep exploring because it has everything to ensure your business growth:

Instant Notifications
Instant Notifications

Stay connected and never miss a beat with instant notifications delivered to you via phone, email or pager.

On-Time Call Reminders
On-Time Call Reminders

Scheduled calling to students to remind them about their academic calendar, examination schedule or pending dues.

Brisk Live Chat Support
Brisk Live Chat Support

Convert your website visitors into confirm students without wasting any time. Live Chat with a personal touch that makes all the difference.

Dusk till Dawn, it is ALL On!

Don’t pass business opportunities to your competitors just because you are too busy to answer calls or your admission office is closed at 5pm.

Having high scalability, consistency and continuity, it ensures that students & parents are attended 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, no matter what the call volume is. It includes:

24/7 Call Answering

Seamlessly answer Calls 24/7/365 to keep your campus operational

After Hour Support

Efficiently answer every call after 9 to 5 routine to win more Students.

Overflow Call Handling

Never miss a call even when your lines are busy to manage high call influx.

It keeps SATISFYING Clients. Choose It Now to Stay Ahead!

After serving a wide range of universities in all 50 states of USA, we have enough experience to cater to your needs with perfection.

Our virtual receptionists are trained with University’s policies and procedures in mind to make them fully competent for carrying out a vast range of tasks from answering basic FAQS about class timings & location to providing information about university events. 

Hence, our best University answering service has served plenty of clients and helped them get valuable growth over the years. Now Try it for your business to ensure your success as well!


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Is it really the BEST? Absolutely Yes, 100%

It Integrates into Your tools. Making Your Life EASY!

We seamlessly integrate into the tools you are already using to schedule, cancel or modify the appointments. So, you can get real-time updates and manage your time more easily than ever before!

Grow Your University Productivity and Enroll More Students with Our Professional University Answering Service – Answering Every Call, Capturing Every Opportunity

Universities always remain swarming with hundreds of inquiries from students, parents, guardians, teachers, staff members and many more at the same time. Universities are often facing spike in calls at times of admissions or any ceremony where everyone is looking for a compassionate live voice to assist them with necessary information on time. That is the biggest challenge as answering every call on time without missing a single one, taking messages wherever needed, and dispatching urgent calls to concerned department, regardless of the time, day and situation is a fairly nerve-wracking task. Yet, Kolaxo CCS provide you professional university answering service that confront this challenge with complete perfection and empower your university to gain trust of more prospective students and inspire them enough to get enrolled. It ensures that every student, parent and other staff member dialing in always find a professional, responsive & live voice everytime they call that impeccably guide them through the intricacies of financial aid details, heedfully take messages, passionately guide students in regard to academic queries, infallibly dispatch escalated issues to relevant department and effortlessly provide information to inquisitive parents. That’s how, it can help your university to mark an everlasting impression with a marvelous customer support and build its sterling reputation among students & parents. Our trained virtual receptionists answer your every call with professional excellency and provide the required information to the prospective students and inquiring parents that attain their confidence and give them a positive doorway to choose your university for further education. No matter how much calls are coming in, our answering service for universities is professional & efficient enough to adeptly handle every call without letting callers reach the voicemail or hang ups.

Ensure Seamless Campus Communication Round the Clock & Bridge The Gap for Students and Parents with Our 24/7 University Answering Service

There are many challenges in a University where students have to call the campus and want immediate assistance or information to tackle with uncertainties. Parents can also call beyond regular hours to get necessary information ranging from examination dates to tuition fees assistance. However, anyone calling the campus require instant & professional support from a relevant personnel, yet the absence of a readily available resource can put immense pressure on your university administration as well as negatively impact the reputation of your institution. Therefore, it is essential to have a reliable facility to assist students and parents with the information they need on every call during evenings, weekends, and holidays, when traditional campus services may be limited. In this scenario, utilizing a 24/7 university telephone answering service specifically tailored to your campus needs can efficiently address this gap by providing after hour professional support or academic guidance precisely when it’s needed the most by the students and parents. We at Kolaxo CCS provide you fully efficient 24/7 university answering service that efficaciously answer calls and perfectly entertain wide range of basic inquiries exactly according to your campus needs – that too round the clock whether your campus is working or closed. Our accomplished 24/7 answering service for universities comprises of well-trained professional virtual receptionists that not only provide round-the-clock support for prospective students but also answer basic FAQs about the institution in impressive manners, such as class availabilities, office hours, and locations. They error-freely transfer calls to various offices within the campus, perfectly provide information on faculty office hours and convey details on exam schedules with absolute attention – all even after hours, on weekends & during holidays. Hence, our persistent telephone answering services for universities are always available to handle clients’ queries with complete professionalism and boost their trust on your institution, ultimately bolstering your growth and helping you enroll more students along with winning confidence of more parents.

Guarantee Resilient Connectivity Even in Crisis & Handle Surges in Calls with Precision Through Our Fully Flexible University Phone Answering Service

Whether it’s a torrential rain, blustering winds, cascading snow storm, widespread social unrest or pervasive pandemic outbreak, universities often find themselves grappling with an influx of calls and inquiries from students, parents, and staff seeking critical information and support at the time of crisis. This accentuates the dire need for a flexible university phone answering service that is capable of seamlessly handling increased call volumes during emergencies & keep the communication flowing. We at Kolaxo CCS provides you exactly with that. Our phenomenally flexible university answering services work as a vital communication lifeline, providing real-time updates on safety measures, contingency plans, and class arrangements to the students, parents and everyone curious in timely manners. The adaptability of our flexible university emergency answering service is excellent, allowing it to cater to the evolving nature of disasters and offer multichannel support. Thus, it makes sure that crucial information reaches the university community in a timely and effective manner. We have efficient staff of 500+ virtual receptionists that enable our emergency call answering service to proficiently handle the extreme influx of calls or overflow and never let a single call unattended. Ensuring that every caller will get answer in a timely manner even when your lines are busy or your in-house staff is working hard to communicate with students in-person. Thus, if you want to streamline your university administrative and educational tasks during disaster and restore its operation rapidly after the unforeseen disruptive event, our flexible & adaptable university answering service is perfect choice for you.

Provide Full-Fledge Communication Support to Every Department & Keep Your Campus On Track with Our Professional & Comprehensive University Call Answering Services

When your in-house administration team is under pressure to answer calls and take messages, their productivity and creativity will die down and they can’t do a single task with complete perfection. Therefore, consider using our fully efficient, comprehensive & professional university phone answering service that support your university’s in-house staff in call handling and help your institution run without any breakdown due to excessive tasks. It is not an ordinary phone answering service – it’s much more than that. It supports a plethora of departments from admission office to dorm handling to healthcare assistance in universities with utmost professional excellence, timely responses, quick call pick up times and 99.9% uptime – all for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Below are some of the many departments and ways that we as a comprehensive university answering service can support your university or college:

Unlocking Possibilities: Where Every Admission Inquiry is Answered with Excellence

With our superlative phone answering services for universities, don’t fret about losing prospective students’ trust. It supports your admission department by providing prospective students with effective and crucial information around-the-clock with proficiency and calmness. Our savvy virtual receptionists are trained to work as a perfect extension of your in-house admission team. They perfectly connect callers with admissions counselors and relevant programs of interest to save time and effort for both parties. They effectively supply information on enrollment procedures and deadlines as well as offer information on available scholarships. Assisting students with scholarship application inquiries in excellent manner, providing information on internship programs with attention to details and impressively assisting prospective students with inquiries about available under graduation, graduation and higher education programs is what our top-rated higher university telephone answering service can do for your university with professional excellency and outstanding demeanor. That’s how, we can help you enroll more students and empower your university with on time professional call answering support.

Public Safety-Centric Office Assistance for Everyone

We alert the Public Safety Office about events like class cancellations on time to save time and energy of both faculty and students. We also forward lost and found inquiries with empathy, urgently transfer callers in need of assistance directly to a public safety official and provide campus safety information without any delay to keep your campus operations smooth and seamless.

Where Connectivity Meets Excellence: Works Excellently as A Virtual Switchboard

Serving as a college switchboard operator with utmost accuracy, directing calls to appropriate departments with industry leading response time, answering frequently asked questions about the institution with attention to details and transferring calls to various offices within the campus without any delay is some of the other tasks our all-encompassing university call answering service do for you.

Beyond 9 to 5: Upholding Office Integrity with Timely Information

Our call answering service for university answer basic questions about the institution, such as class availabilities, office hours, and locations with flexibility and a touch of your branding. It efficiently advises students on announcements and forms, perfectly provide office hour information and accurately redirect callers with account holds. It also offers after-hours messaging for department members, answer questions about tuition and financial transactions without long hold times, communicate details on class availabilities in a fluent manner, provide information on class locations to new students with care as well as answer questions about course prerequisites to the confused students with compassion. Hence, our telephone answering service for universities is a one-stop-solution customized as per your institution needs for ensuring its success and good reputation.

Technical Wizards at Work: IT Troubleshooting and Assistance with Brilliance

Our tech-savvy answering service for universities is always available for your support. It can provide information on A/V equipment rental with complete adeptness, relay equipment availability and rental policies with exactitude, swiftly redirect calls based on technical issues and precisely submit/update technical tickets. Thus, we are always available to save you from technical disasters with professional support round the clock and get your campus on track immediately after a technical set back.

Continuing Bonds: Fostering Student Connections Beyond Graduation

Our exceptional telephone answering service for universities communicate details about alumni events with utmost savviness. It can collect Alumni RSVPs with grandeur, perfectly obtain messages for personnel within the alumni office and efficiently provide information on alumni benefits and services, helping your institution stay ahead of the curve with trust of existing students as well as Alumni batches.

Financial Clarity, Student Success: Excellence in Supporting Students and Staff

Our superlative & efficient university call answering service advise faculty and staff on new announcements about financial charges or terms in timely manner to prevent chaos and panic. It can provide crucial information to faculty on the mailing of paychecks and W-2s with care, compassionately assist students with financial planning inquiries and urgently connect students to particular staff members to resolve account holds. Our virtual answering specialists also provide a checklist of financial aid requirements professionally, advise faculty and staff on payroll-related matters on time, carefully handle inquiries about paycheck delays, proficiently assist staff members with payroll forms & submissions as well as seamlessly assist students with document submissions for financial aid. It helps you to create a healthy environment among students and staff members that foster your institution growth and make your campus more organized than ever before.

All-Inclusive Assistance: Connecting Every Corner of the Campus, from Library to Health Services

We are more than an ordinary answering service; we are dedicated to bring success to your educational institution. Apart from standard tasks an answering service can perform, our extraordinary university phone answering service strive hard, leave no stone unturned, break the shackles of norms and go an extra mile to accurately offer information on library resources, proficiently assist with inquiries about books availability, and infallibly offer information on student study materials. It can screen calls, filter spams, nurture leads and urgently dispatch escalated issues to concerned departments. It can gently provide details on dormitory facilities, politely assist with dormitory-related inquiries and cordially offer information on available meal plans to help students live their life on campus without hassles, making your institution the top choice of every prospective student. Furthermore, it can provide details on available health services, assist with inquiries about medical facilities, offer information on obtaining student IDs, assist with inquiries about ID card replacements, coordinate guest speaker appearances, assist with inquiries about guest lectures, provide details on university lecture series, assist with inquiries about upcoming lectures, offer information on student health insurance, and many more tasks – all in a professional, cordial, and excellent manner. Hence, our professional call answering service for education is specialized for colleges, universities and schools to ensure their success in every aspect, take the burden away from in-house staff and streamline all the tasks of administration and management at a fraction of a cost of in-house receptionists or customer care team.

Seamless Events, Organized Campus Activates: Elevating Beyond the Classroom

Kolaxo CCS’s unerringly professional education phone answering service coordinate and promote university events to make your event management more organized and streamlined. We assist with event registration and inquiries supportively, veraciously provide details on university event participation, meticulously assist with event logistics inquiries, offer information on attendance at university events with preciseness and assist with event check-in procedures thoroughly. Hence, we support your university event management team as a perfect extension without errors and miscommunications to build a stellar reputation of your university or college.

If you want to know more about what our answering service is capable of and how it can help your business grow, call us and one of our team representative will guide you about all the necessary information.

Frequently Asked Question

Your concern settles here; find insider tips, clear up your mind and kick start your journey with our unparalleled services.

What is University answering service, and how does it benefit my University?

University answering service is a professional call handling service that manages incoming calls for Universities and higher education institutes. It ensures that all calls are answered promptly, appointments are scheduled efficiently, and urgent messages are relayed to the appropriate personnel. This service enhances students’ confidence and win parents’ trust.

We integrate seamlessly with your scheduling system. When a student or parent call, our virtual receptionists can access your calendar to check availability and schedule appointments based on your preferences.

We prioritize confidentiality and adhere to strict privacy protocols. Our operators are trained to handle sensitive information securely, and we utilize advanced technologies like end-to-end data encryption and password protected file folders to protect customer data and your calls meta data.

The setup process varies but it is typically done within 24 hours quickly and efficiently. We work closely with your team to understand your workflow and preferences, ensuring a smooth transition to our service.

Billing is typically based on the usage of the service, such as the number of calls or minutes. We offer transparent pricing plans, and our team can provide detailed information on the billing process. There are no lock-in contracts or long term undertakings so feel free if you want to use our answering service just for a month.

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