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Premium Paving Contractors Answering Service, Paving More Opportunities Through Perfection

While you are paving drive through tracks or parking lots, our professional and expert answering agents are busy paving more opportunities for you by answering calls 24/7. Keeping your expectations for excellence in mind, our perfectionist answering service for paving companies covers all opportunities for you. From answering calls to responding queries, providing quick quotations, taking messages, transferring urgent calls and other customer support actions are included in our solutions. With all rounded answering service for paving contractors, we let you make more profit without distractions.

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Kolaxo CCS Answering Service for Paving Companies

Bring Revolution to Conventional Paving Contractor’s Operations with Exclusive Solutions & Customer Satisfaction

It’s time to set yourself apart from conventional paving companies and provide your callers an exclusive first call experience with our real time paving company answering service. Our expert and trained answering operators answer each call in the shortest time. With no background noises, politeness, and hospitality our agents lead your callers to ultimate satisfaction leaving a positive impression of your business on them. With the exceptional paving companies answering service and exclusive solutions, we offer you to revolutionize your business.

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    Level Up Your Capacity to Get More Clients on Board and Finishing Jobs One After Other with Perfection

    Kolaxo CCS fast track answering service for paving companies lets you have numerous jobs scheduled to cover every day. Our active agents keep answering calls, making appointments or bookings and keeping them up to date for you.

    Furthermore, we let you build up your professional capacity by having:
    • No distractions during work
    • Un-interrupted in-person meetings
    • More jobs in pipeline
    • Better customer support or responses
    • Professional extended team

    Boosting your performance and job completion is faster and better than you think with excellent paving contractors answering service and solutions.


    Experience How We Will Answer Calls for Your Business.

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    Impress Your Clients with Professional Paving Answering Service, Before Impressing Them Through Your Work!

    It sounds amazing to have your customers impressed by your services even before they take it. Kolaxo CCS impressive answering service for paving companies lets you do this magic. Our professional answering agents impress your prospects on call leaving a professional impression on them by:

    • Professional greetings and welcoming responses
    • Listening to their concerns and providing solutions
    • Collecting detailed information
    • Connecting emergencies to experts immediately
    • Sorting out confusions
    • Fixing job timings and giving follow ups

    Experience Sustainability With Answering Service For Paving Companies And Lift Up Your Business Standards

    • Backup

      Answer all calls in-time to satisfy time sensitive callers

    • Backup

      Keep caller’s data secured and secret as essential business intangible asset

    • Backup

      Represent paving business professionally to create its executive image

    • Backup

      Trained call operators with in-depth industry knowledge to answer all inquiries

    • Backup

      Custom solutions from responding inquiries to quotations and pricing options

    • Backup

      No more machinery operating or on-site noises in the background during calls

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    Questions Pave Your Way for To Get Best Answering Service!

    With Answers, We Clarify Your Concerns.

    At Kolaxo CCS we have industry specialized answering agents who can answer calls for your business just like professionals. They are trained and equipped with industry knowledge, so every caller will get the appropriate and relevant response.

    Professional paving contractor answering service agent will answer your call 24/7 when you subscribe to our service. We do not use any AI software or bot to answer calls, but have active in-house agents to take care of these incoming troubles.

    Yes, we do let you select the service hours according to your preference or need. You can pick up the option of having a 24/7 answering coverage to after hours, business hours, emergency or even selective hours as per your unavailability to answer calls.

    No, at Kolaxo CCS we do not bound you in any contract for the paving contractor answering service. You can sign up for the premium answering service for paving company anytime you need and even hold the service according to your convenience.

    Having an answering service does not cost too much. The service is far cheaper than a full-time in-house receptionist. Our service never cost you any casual/medical leaves, paid holidays, taxes, insurance or other maintenance.

    As a paving contractor, you do not have time to stick around with phone calls and answer all of them. It will eventually damage your quality of work. On the other hand, you cannot slide away these incoming opportunities as you need a new job after completing one. So, by taking a responsible answering service for paving companies, you can have these opportunities stacked and keep your focus on job-completion with perfection.

    No, Kolaxo CCS, is an answering company offering services for the paving businesses. We do not provide any paving service or take contracts for paving projects. Even for your business, we will capture the incoming project leads to your business and transfer them to you.

    Our answering service for paving contractors is based on in-bound operations. We do not run out-bound marketing calls. we can simply capture all your incoming leads and pitch them with perfection so they stick around and take your services. For marketing campaigns, you can check out our other services or reach out in contact section.

    At Kolaxo CCS, our trial for paving companies answering service is 100% free. We do not charge anything for the 7-days trial. All you need to deposit a minimal fee to begin with a trial and it is totally refundable.

    If you wish to continue with services after trial, you can continue using the same trial plan or go for some customization in the plan. Pick up the options as per your demand, we can finalize your service and billing plan. The initial deposit you may earlier will be deducted from your first invoice and you can continue using the services.

    Currently, we do not have any discounts. However, we do offer promotions, discounts and loyalty minutes to our promising customers. For further information about our promotions, you can subscribe to our newsletter.