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Promising Funeral Home Answering Service Makes Funeral Directors’ Job Easy

At Kolaxo CCS, our reliable Funeral answering service reduce your stress to answer calls parallel to meetings and managing funeral ceremonies. Our devoted funeral home answering agents brief families about services, fix appointment for funeral arrangement conference, and even assist guests with logistical inquiries like address, timings, and plans.The industry trained and empathic answering agents answer your families with care and dedication to sustain service quality of your funeral home while making funeral management easy for you.

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Kolaxo CCS Answering Service for Funeral Homes

An All-Time Favorite of Funeral Directors All Across USA

Industry Tailored Funeral home answering service makes the life of Funeral Directors easy by sharing their burden. With a 24/7 backup, compassionate agents, and tailored solutions we are helping directors to serve their families with added empathy, care and affection. Our exclusive qualities make the professional funeral answering service an all-time favorite of funeral directors.

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    Giving Funeral Directors a Much-Needed Break

    Funeral homes are not 9 to 5 and can never be, so Funeral directors have to work around the clock. Being a part of an emotional or sensitive industry, for the directors it is hard to keep themselves intact from depression or emotional exertion.

    As industry specialists, we care for the families as well as funeral directors. That’s why our 24/7 funeral homes answering service takes over the call inflow from directors. We do not let them surrounded by emotional calls while they are already looking after families in-house.

    We will take care of all incoming calls for inquiries, appointments, arrangement suggestions and more while you are on break. You will get the updates via phone, message or email, whichever you prefer. With a reduced burden of answering calls, you can maintain positivity and have good energy to serve families in sorrow.


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    Exclusivity Makes Our Funeral Homes Answering Service Unbeatable

    Kolaxo CCS served numerous industries with unmatchable Answering service and solutions in past 20+ years. We’ve solutions for every industry with dedicated in-house answering agents. Industry exclusive agents can professionally answer every tricky or sensitive call whether there is a script or not.

    Knowing what a caller expects when call funeral home, our industry-specific agents can handle every vulnerable, sensitive, and traumatized caller 24/7 with empathy and compassion.

    • Dedicated agent for every industry
    • Industry exclusive trainings and learnings
    • Realistic & Relatable responses
    • No script dependency

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    Selecting a reliable funeral answering service requires in detail evaluation. You should look at the value a service adds to your business. Trained and empathetic agents with experience and a solid infrastructure can serve you the best.

    Kolaxo CCS is serving funeral directors for past 20+ years. We have trained and experienced agents who answer calls with compassion, dedication, and perfection.

    At Kolaxo CCS we have a smart call routing setup. Using the software, we enable you to route all your incoming calls to our agents. Whenever your funeral home receives a call, our agent will answer it directly.

    Our persistent growth in funeral answering service is the evidence that many funeral directors trust us. Along with promising funeral answering agents, we have systems to maintain data security, uninterrupted services, 24/7 availability and backup. Our agents are efficient to handle calls like a professional funeral director.

    Yes, we let our clients to provide their customer responses. Moreover, we can craft the custom response scripts for you. These are a part of customization and exclusive services we offer to funeral homes at reasonable pricing.

    Yes, at Kolaxo CCS ser do offer a free demonstration of calls with funeral home callers. You can listen to the call and find out how our dedicated agents sound while talking to callers.

    Normally, it’s hard to have dedicated funeral call answering agents that cause a mess. However, we are providing dedicated answering agents for funeral homes. These people are dedicated to answer funeral calls only.

    With our experience of years serving the funeral homes all across the US, we know your needs. It is the reason our funeral home answering service offers immense flexibility. You can select between the service timings, days or conditions from 24/7 to emergency only, after hours, business hours, and more. Furthermore, there are easy payment plans, billing formats, and more.

    No, our responsive funeral answering service agents are available 24/7. They will answer the calls as per your command. If you subscribe to 24/7 service plan, they will be answering calls even if you are not busy or in your office. However, you can opt for conditional phone answering options to let them answer when you are busy, on break, or there is a rush hour.