Contact Center Service

Connect you with customers via any channel, day or night

Engage with customers, solve their problems and build lasting connections anyway, anytime and anywhere you & your customers’ want by choosing our contact center services that include:

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Call Answering Services That Never Miss a Call Ever:

We answer your every call faster and more efficiently as your perfect business extension so your never miss an opportunity and foster your business growth better than before. Our answering services include:

More Than Just Extraordinary Phone Answering Services:

Kolaxo CCS not only offers basic answering services but we can also provide customized answering service solution for any industry as per your needs. Some of our telephone answering services include:

Virtual Receptionists That Greet Customers so you don’t have to

Kolaxo CCS provide experienced virtual receptionists service that greet customers, take messages and forward calls as per your pre-established criteria. It provides plenty of irresistible benefits like:

  • Greet customers with a personal touch
  • Represent your business with grandeur
  • Create a professional brand image
  • Take messages when you are not available
  • Qualify leads and schedule appointments
  • Forward calls as per your instructions
  • Make customers feel valued and cared

Helpdesk Services that Troubleshoot IT issues without delay

Our professional team of tech savvy agents troubleshoot IT problems related to your software or IT services and redirect calls based on the issue at hand.

They submit and update technical tickets, submit requests for A/V equipment rental, provide information on IT equipment availability and relay information to IT departments as per your needs.

Social Media Support That Meet Customers On their Turf

We help you connect with your customers across major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by answering their DMs, replying to reviews or interacting on social posts comments.

Live Chat Support That Convert Website Visitors with A Personal touch

With our live chat support, you can solve customer’s problems right as they appear. When website visitors ask you questions, we respond to them in seconds to convert passive visitors to active customer with a personal touch of your business.

  • Easy to Use for Customers
  • Handle Most Cases in one touch
  • Faster than Phone conversions
  • Capture More leads than before
  • Make ordering easy for customers
  • Superb Customer Experience
  • We Greet customers as you decide

Virtual Assistant Services That Support your administrative tasks efficiently

We have a team of experienced virtual assistants that bolster your administrative tasks to run your business efficiently including documentation, research, data entry, calendar management, MS Office tasks, and personal online errands.

We can push your business productivity to its full capacity while freeing up your considerable time and saving you from hassles.

  • Easy, fast and Free Setup
  • Affordable Pricing that meets your budget

Email Support Services That Reply Fast to Convert Customers

We reply to your customers’ emails on same day, answer all questions according to your provided information and collect your customers’ contact information and leads that help you convert 67% more customers.

We Reply emails as you

Our email support is designed as per your business needs so we reply to your customer’s emails as per your provided instructions.

An affordable choice for SMBs

Our email answering service is really affordable choice for small and medium business with low budgets.

We Integrate into The Same Tools You Are Already Using!

We seamlessly integrate into your existing tools and software to schedule, cancel or modify new or existing appointments that save your time & money while making your life easier and smoother than before.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is a Contact Center?

A contact center consists of a team of experienced communication experts that provide 360-degree communication experience to the customers and handle all incoming and outgoing customer communications via different channels like phone calls, live chat, email, helpdesk support medium, social media interactions, and many more. Contact centers utilize all the resources to provide efficient customer support across multiple communication channels to boost your business’s growth.

Call centers only handle the customer communication via telephonic conversations and high volume of calls whether they are inbound calls or outbound calls. Whereas, contact centers are a revolutionized version of call centers that provide omni-channel or multi-channel customer communication via all available mediums including calls, live chats, emails and social networks.

Yes, along with all other channels of communication, we also provide live call answering without relying on bots or IVRS. Even though, all of our contact center services are powered by 100% real humans to make sure your customers don’t have to deal with robotic voices and voicemails.

Outsourcing your customer communication department to professional contact center like Kolaxo CCS is way more affordable than in-house call center or contact center. By hiring our contact center, you don’t have to pay for plenty of employees, infrastructure, overhead costs and building expenses while you can enjoy all the latest communication technologies and resources at a fraction of the cost of in-house setup.