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No matter the size of your business – from start-ups managing just a handful of emails daily to established enterprises dealing with high email volumes – we have designed pricing plans and personalized solutions to meet every size of business need.

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Explore and Choose the Plan That Best Suits Your Business Needs

By understanding the diverse needs of start-ups, small businesses, growing ones, and established enterprises, we’ve designed a range of pricing plans for email support to cater all small to large-size business’s budgets and specific requirements.

Basic plan


/Per Month

Startup Plan


/Per Month

Small Business Plan


/Per Month

Corporate Plan


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Diamond Plan


/Per Month

Dedicated Agent


/Per Hour

Didn’t Find the Optimal Plan for Your Business? Don’t Fret!

At Kolaxo CCS, we let you personalize your pay plan by adding the demanded features, so you can pay according to it.

For this, you just have to call us or fill out our form. One of our customer support representatives get in touch with you instantly. Next, we will thoroughly understand the unique needs of your business and then design the perfect plan with your expected number of emails and working hours.

Specialized Email Support Plans and Services at Lowest Pricing — Guaranteed!

The cost of hiring an email support agent varies depending on your specific requirements and the volume of emails the agent handles. By understanding that, we have formulated a wide range of bundles to accommodate the needs of each type of business starting from the small package/basic plan that includes up to 1000 emails to communicate with customers at just $800. Perfect for individual business owners operating small local setups in their town. We also offer a start-up plan for new businesses to imprint a good impression on customers at just $ 1,000, and get 1250 emails included in the package. Similarly, we are offering a small business plan for medium-sized businesses to hire an email support agent who replies up to 2000 emails in a month at just $ 1300. All these packages include agents’ hourly wage, setup charges, workstation cost, training expenses, and all other miscellaneous expenses. These email support bundles help you to promote your brand recognition, encourage new and repeat customers to check new promotions, build a contact list, and enhance the brand-loyal enthusiasts to develop confidence that your business instantly replies to their emails. In addition to this, we also offer a wide range of email support service plans ranging from 3000 emails at $1500 to 4000 emails at $ 2000 and a dedicated email support expert at just $8 per hour. Choose the appropriate plan and provide excellent customer support through email at extremely low prices. You also have the liberty to review all billing details conveniently to ensure there are no unexpected surprises.

Email Support Pricing Models Suitable for All Small to Large Size Business Needs and Budgets

From small enterprises to large corporations, effective email customer support is essential for streamlining interactions and ensuring seamless data transmission. For businesses seeking clarity on the cost of email customer support, rejoice! The returns on investment (ROI) from email support are exceptionally lucrative. According to our research, businesses reap a staggering $44 return for every $1 invested in email support. So, embrace the power of email outreach to foster direct connections with potential customers and nurture fruitful relationships by availing exclusive pricing models for email customer support services offered by Kolaxo CCS for all kinds of small to large-scale businesses.

Tiered Pricing: Tiered pricing structures involve different pricing tiers based on the volume of email inquiries processed or the level of support required. Businesses can choose a tier that aligns with their anticipated email support needs, allowing for scalability as the business grows.

Flat-Rate Monthly Fee: We offer flat-rate monthly fees, allowing businesses to enjoy unlimited email support within their chosen plan. This pricing model offers simplicity and cost-effectiveness for businesses with high email support volumes.

Usage-Based Pricing: Usage-based pricing models charge businesses based on the actual usage of email support services, such as the number of emails sent or the duration of support interactions. This flexible pricing model accommodates fluctuating support demands and can be suitable for businesses with variable email support volumes.

Subscription-Based: In this model, businesses pay a fixed monthly or yearly fee for unlimited email support within certain parameters, such as a maximum number of support tickets or response time SLAs. This model is suitable for businesses with predictable support needs and budgets.

Customized Pricing: We also offer customized pricing based on specific business requirements, such as support volume, complexity, integration needs, or additional services like live chat or phone support. This model offers flexibility but may require negotiation.

Rest assured, every service is purely offered by the real human agents to create emotional and personal connection with them. These agents read between the words, understand the intent behind every email, and respond to these messages in a professional and result oriented manner.

What You Get When Booking an Email Support Plan with Kolaxo CCS:

  • Time Flexibility: Professional receptionists are available 24/7/365, as full-time, part-time, or backup support to handle emails for your business at any time you prefer, during business or after-hours. They are trained to sound like they’re part of your staff.
  • Message Management: All messages are logged in our dashboard. You can also choose to receive your messages via email or text if you prefer.
  • Lowest Per Hour Rates: Looking for the lowest per hour rate? Opt for our scalable email support service, offering cost-effective solutions, professionalism, efficiency, and scalability tailored to your business needs.
  • User-Friendly Dashboard: First impressions matter, Kolaxo CCS provides a customized dashboard with meaningful and measurable results. Delivered in a way you want.
  • Data Security: As a professional agency, we strictly follow the compliance regulations to secure your details, customer information, or any data from leakage.
  • Hand-Picked Agents: We share profiles of our available agents to provide you the freedom to select any employee that synchronizes with your demand and mindset.
  • Secure Record Keeping: We keep a record of your business profile, emails, and customer information so that you don’t have to start from scratch every time you opt for our services.
  • Free & Instant Activation: With 500 trained email support agents, we are ready to respond to customers’ emails right away with an instant service activation facility.
  • No Lock-in Contract: We give you the freedom to hire email support agents with no restriction on long-term contracts. You have the power in your hands to start, pause, or stop service whenever required.
  • No Setup or Processing Fee: Free setup installation. No initial money to set up your dedicated virtual staff. No processing fee before starting.

Reasons Why Kolaxo CCS is the Top Priority of Every Business

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Rate by not giving up until the customer is satisfied and happy.
  • 63% Increase in average sales and customer retention by Cross-selling and up-selling.
  • 30% Less charges than other email support providers in the United States.

Frequently Asked Question

Still Feeling Confused? Check out some common questions that our customers ask about email support services.

Is Email Support Pricing Usually Charged Per Email or Based On a Monthly Subscription?

Our email support pricing models vary, but they commonly include both per-email pricing and monthly subscription plans. Apart from this, we also offer tiered pricing based on usage levels.

You are recommended to start from our base plan for start-ups. If your email volume exceeds the plan, you are free to change it from next month. We accommodate small businesses to enjoy the freedom to change their plan whenever they want according to their business requirements.

Kolaxo CCS has been in the industry since 2014. We have served all type of businesses. We are specialized in dealing with e-commerce businesses. Moreover, we provide exclusive email support services to legal consultants, real estate businesses, property management companies, funeral homes and doctors.

We don’t encage our customers in yearlong contracts. We require our customers to sign month-to-month contract and this contract is automatically renewed at the end of your billing cycle. If you want to sign a yearly contract, we don’t have any problem in it.

Yes, we offer a free trial to new customers and this trial is free of cost. Depending upon the service you require, you can be charged a small amount initially but this amount will be credited in your account when you subscribe our regular services.

Yes, you have to inform in a clear and formal way whenever you want to stop our services during trail or regular bases. The recommended way is to call us at least a day before terminating the services or you can email us at prescribed address.

We don’t charge any cancellation fee. Depending upon the subscribed package, if you have opted for month-to-month package and want to cancel in the middle of the month, there can be a small cancellation fee deducted from your advance.

We don’t charge any setup fee. We facilitate the businesses with easy and quick start by not charging any setup fee. There could a small amount deposited as security that will be credited to your account in your first bill.

Your information and data is safe with us. We take full responsibility to protect your data and your customer’s information and any unauthorized person don’t have the access to these details. We have developed full-proof data security system to make sure your information remains safe.

Yes, we follow Employee Development Programs to enhance our agents’ productivity and skills. A quick training session is conducted before the start of your service. Along with that, we conduct regular sessions, online customer service courses, certifications, and seminars to increase their efficiency.

We have separate teams especially trained for individual industries ranging from funeral directors to medical attendants and from plumbers to contractors. We have served thousands of businesses and with this experience; we are capable to understand the business operations and can handle your business well.

Yes, you can check your usage whenever you want. We provide an online portal to our customers through which customers can check their subscribed package, usage, and remaining minutes/hours of the bundle.

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