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Never Miss a Call, Never Miss an Opportunity & Grow Your Dental Practice

Discover the benefits it brings for your dental practice, explore why it is perfect for your business growth and check out what makes it a comprehensive and professional answering service solution. Dive in:

What WONDERS Does It Weave for Your Dental Business?

From marking everlasting impression on calling patients to never missing a call to paying just for what you used, it reaps a plethora of irresistible advantages for your dental practice that propel your business forward.

Below are some of the benefits it derives to take your dental practice to the next level and help your business stay ahead of the curve at all times:

  • Increase Business Efficiency
  • Minimize Expenses by 80%
  • Enhance Lead Conversions
  • Keep Business Open 24/7
  • Support in-house Staff
  • Boost Client Satisfaction

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Why It Works Perfectly for Your Dental Business GROWTH?

It works perfectly to ensure all your calls are answered with professional excellence, patients feel cared instantly, save you thousands of dollars and give you & your clients a sense of comfort because of:

24/7 Availability

Never Miss a call as our professional virtual receptionists efficiently answer your calls around the clock, weekends, holidays, after business hours, and peak seasons.

No Bots, No IVR, No Voicemails

Only 100% human powered call handling to build caring connection with patients and make them feel valued. No bots- no frets, client dealing without upsets.

US-Based Virtual Receptionists

Our US-Based virtual receptionists are trained according to dental industry requirements. They are caring, lenient and dedicated to make patients feel cared.

Customer-Centric Pricing

No roll up to nearest minute, no lock in contracts, no hidden charges, only pay for what you used. Choose pay per minute or pay upfront for whole month.

Customized Scripting

No canned Responses. No Cold Scripts. We work as your perfect business extension, connect to patients’ hearts, show empathy and deal every call as bespoke.

Fastest Response Time

Our call response time is one of the fastest out there i.e. under 10 seconds. We answer every call under 3 rings so your clients know that they are important for you.

What Makes it a COMPREHENSIVE Solution?

It is all-encompassing, covering every aspect of dental business call handling with exceptional professionalism that skyrocket your business efficiency & reliability. It includes:

Efficient Appointment Scheduling

Proficient appointment scheduling directly into your calendar to prevent no-shows, double bookings and missed opportunities.

Error-Free Call Screening

Unerring Call Screening to filter out spam & telemarketing calls to considerably saves your teams’ time.

Emergency Call Dispatching

Accurate emergency call filtering and swift emergency call dispatching to on-call Dentists as per your instructions.

Accurate Message Taking

Precise Message Taking when you’re unavailable to ensure you never miss a client or business opportunity.

Dive Deeper: Explore MORE Within It

Want to solidify your dental practice’s identity? Keep exploring because it has everything to ensure your business growth:

Instant Notifications
Instant Notifications

Stay connected and never miss a beat with instant notifications delivered to you via phone, email or pager.

On-Time Call Reminders
On-Time Call Reminders

Scheduled calling to patients for reminding them about their next appointment for dental treatment or booking confirmation.

Brisk Live Chat Support
Brisk Live Chat Support

Convert your website visitors into confirm customers without wasting any time. Live Chat with a personal touch that makes all the difference.

Dusk till Dawn, it is ALL On!

Don’t pass business opportunities to your competitors just because you are too busy to answer calls or your office is closed at 5pm.

Having high scalability, consistency and continuity, it ensures that your patients are taken care of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, no matter what the call volume is. It includes:

24/7 Call Answering

Seamlessly answer Calls 24/7/365 to keep your business running

After Hour Support

Efficiently answer your every call after 9 to 5 routine to win more clients.

Overflow Call Handling

Never miss a call even when your lines are busy to manage high call influx.

It keeps SATISFYING Clients. Choose It Now to Stay Ahead!

After serving a wide range of dental clinics, dentistry hospitals and dental implant centers in all 50 states of United States, we have enough experience to cater to your needs with perfection.

Our virtual receptionists are trained with dental practice’s policies and procedures in mind to make them fully competent for carrying out a vast range of tasks from answering basic FAQS about dental treatments to providing information on complex surgical treatments.

Hence, our best dental answering service has served plenty of clients and helped them get valuable growth over the years. Now Try it for your business to ensure your success as well!


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Is it really the BEST? Absolutely Yes, 100%

It Integrates into Your tools. Making Your Life Easier!

We seamlessly integrate into the tools you are already using to schedule, cancel or modify the appointments. So, you can get real-time updates and manage your time more easily than ever before!

Leave an everlasting impression in every call round the clock with 24/7 Professional Dental answering service

Dental patients have various yet unique needs and meeting them at first interaction can impress patients and help your dental clinic thrive. They want to get treated professionally everytime they call your dental clinic whether it is mid-night or wee hours, without any limitation of office hours. They want to interact with a professional who can answer their question regarding dental services, take messages and dispatch their calls to on-call dentist in case of emergency. Some of them are looking for scheduling appointment without waiting and some are calling in peak hours with hopes of getting answered without reaching the voicemail. Of course, every medical and dentist answering service can’t meet all of these needs, making customers shift and business rift.

However, at Kolaxo CCS, we provide fully efficient, highly professional and amply comprehensive dental answering service that meet all of these patient’s needs and help your business thrive in competitive dental landscape. Our dental call answering service is professional, all-inclusive & available 24/7 to answer every call in professional manners, schedule appointments seamlessly, and attentively take messages – whether it is in mid-night, dawn time, wee hours, dusky mornings, peak seasons or after your business clock out. We directly integrate into the CRM you are already using to efficiently schedule, cancel or modify appointments so patients don’t have to wait in queues. Our virtual receptionists are professional and well-trained to accurately answer general FAQs, provide basic dental service information and take messages of patients with complete accuracy. They dispatch emergency calls to on-call dentists as per your instructions so your patients don’t have to suffer more in critical times. We are staffed for 60% efficiency that enable our answering service for dental office to efficiently handle overflow calls without letting your customers hang up or reach voicemail even when your lines are busy. Hence, our dental office answering service is a complete high touch + high tech solution for your dental practice to leave an everlasting impression on patients by catering to their needs all the time in a professional, streamlined and seamless ways. Best is Yet to Come!

It's not just an ordinary Dental Answering service --- it's a roadmap to your dental business triumph

Step into the realm of our unparalleled & superlative dental phone answering service that’s not just about answering calls fast & professional, it’s a way to propel your dental business with proficient appointment scheduling, supercharge its growth with efficient emergency call handling and maximize your revenues to prevail in vying landscape of dental business by keeping your dental clinic open. Wondering how it can help your dental clinic? Picture this!

Choose our accomplished, expeditious & unrivaled dental answering service and:

  • Enjoy seamless appointment scheduling that streamline your patient flow to ensure minimized no-shows & no potential appointment slips through the cracks.
  • Experience the peace of mind that comes with fast & accurate emergency call dispatching, where we answer urgent calls under 3 rings, ensuring your patients receive the timely care they need.
  • With around the clock professional 24/7 coverage, provide constant & continuous support to your patients and reinforce their trust in your dental practice.
  • Beyond regular hours, all-encompassing after-hour support keeps your practice accessible even when your business close out, ensuring a consistent patient experience.
  • Worried about missed calls during peak times?
  • Exceptional Overflow support seamlessly handles the excess call volume, so you never miss an opportunity even when your lines are busy.
  • Provide basic information to patients with utmost professional excellence rather than letting them wait in the dark through basic call answering for dental office.

Hence, it’s not just a service; it’s a comprehensive solution tailored for your dental business success. Want to know more about how our dental office answering services can propel your business growth and fuel your business ascent? Keep Indulging!

Streamlined Appointment Scheduling That saves you time and money:

Our professional & crackerjack Dental office answering service can exceptionally schedule dental appointments for routine check-ups, assist patients in scheduling, rescheduling, or canceling dental appointments. It can coherently coordinate with the dental office’s schedule, provide available time slots to patients with utmost veracity, reduce no-shows & improve appointment attendance, ultimately building a healthy roster for your dental business growth.

Moreover, painstakingly assisting patients in coordinating referrals to specialists, thoroughly guiding new patients with registration processes and adeptly scheduling dental hygiene appointments for teeth cleanings are some other tasks it can do. It can also assist customers with tele-dentistry appointments and attentively explain them the dental office’s policies regarding appointment cancellations and rescheduling. We seamlessly integrate with your calendars or CRM to schedule, modify or cancel the appointments, so your staff can see all updates in real-time and manage time more efficiently & productively.

Fast & Accurate Emergency Call Dispatching that make patients feel cared:

Dental emergencies don’t adhere to the 9 to 5 schedule. They can occur at any time and patient needs instant care in case of emergency. Our nonpareil dental emergency answering service field emergency dental calls 24/7 without any downtime, instantaneously provide initial guidance to panicked patients to calm their demeanor and quickly dispatch calls to on-call dentists for urgent situations that make your customers feel immensely cared in critical times. Our live virtual receptionists are always available to direct complex questions to the appropriate staff as per your instructions with care, empathy and attention so patients can get instant care without any wrong guidance and put their trust everytime in your dental practice.

Round the Clock Professional & Live Call Support That Impress patients:

Nobody likes to interact with IVR, listen to an automated greeting or leave message in voicemail, whatever the time it is. Patients with dental issues want attention 24/7 and a voicemail or bot can’t satisfy this need. Our eminent 24/7 live dental answering service is perfect as it stays available to answer your every call professionally – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year (366 days in leap year). So, you will never a miss a call and your patients will always be welcomed by a live, warm and affectionate virtual receptionist whenever they call your business. Ultimately making your dental clinic the best one of the town by outshining your competitors that are serving just 9 to 5. There are no bots, no IVRS – just live voices 24/7/365 connecting, communicating, caring and satisfying your patient’s needs.

Unparalleled After Hour Support that keep your business running after everybody went home:

Closing your business doesn’t mean your patients won’t call you afterwards. They can reach you anytime even after your business clock out. Here, peerless dental after hours answering service come into play. When you choose it, our well-trained live virtual receptionists will answer every call coming after your business hours, do transfers, take messages, schedule appointments, do intake, answer FAQs, and do many more tasks with same professionalism and enthusiasm as your team does. Just to keep your business running, growing and propelling even after it clocked out.

Professional basic call answering for dentists That Make every caller feel immensely valued:

No matter whether a patient is calling your dental practice for asking the charges of teeth whitening treatment or want to confirm your dental office location, they require thorough, contemplated and unerring responses in timely manners without long hold times or call abandonment. We at Kolaxo CCS provide you best dental answering services that are perfect & always ready to scrupulously answer frequently asked questions and provide basic information to callers about your dental practice without keeping the callers on hold. Promptly answering general inquiries about dental services, offering basic information on common dental procedures with attention to details, efficiently handling basic billing inquiries related to dental services, and fluently answering questions about specific dental procedures are some of the ways our answering services can win the hearts of your callers from very first interaction.

The best still awaits! Our professional dentist answering service can attentively assist patients in verifying dental insurance coverage, explain in details about accepted dental insurance plans, help patients understand benefits with compassion, and properly assist patients with scheduling, billing, or clinical inquiries. Either way, your patients never have to leave a voicemail when our team is working for you, ensuring your business success & growth.

Upon choosing our efficacious call answering service for dental hospitals, a team of virtual receptionists stay active to provide details on your dental office’s location and hours, offer guidance on dosage and usage, provide details on braces, aligners & orthodontic consultations, address questions about extractions, wisdom teeth removal & other oral surgeries, communicate information on accepted payment methods, and assist patients in understanding available payment options – all with utmost professional excellence & high touch proficiency. Thus, representing your business at all times and ensuring that your customers have a positive experience everytime is what our dentist answering service do the best.

Excellent Overflow Support that never misses a call even when your lines are busy:

Your dental business can’t afford to lose potential customers just because your team can’t answer incoming calls because of busy lines. Our sterling overflow dental answering service is always ready to handle extreme influx of calls and overflow without missing a single call. It never faces a downtime just because a lot of people calling at once instead our qualified experts will answer every call, take messages and dispatch emergency calls with utmost knack & aptness no matter what the call volume is.

However, with the growth of business the number of incoming calls also grow. If that’s the case, no worries. Our dental office answering service is highly scalable and cater to the needs of business of every size no matter if the call volume is 20 in a month or 20000. You can bump up or lower down your call volume as per your needs to customize your call answering service package as per your business specific needs. Plus, you don’t have to worry about being nickel & dimmed. We will only charge you for what you use. What does it mean? In simple words, you will get charged by the minutes our virtual receptionist worked for your business. That too with complete transparency and honesty. It’s that simple!

Frequently Asked Question

Your concern settles here; find insider tips, clear up your mind and kick start your journey with our unparalleled services.

What is a dental answering service, and how does it benefit my practice?

A dental answering service is a professional service that manages incoming calls for dental practices. It ensures that all calls are answered promptly, appointments are scheduled efficiently, and urgent messages are relayed to the appropriate personnel. This service enhances patient communication and satisfaction.

We integrate seamlessly with your scheduling system. When a patient call, our virtual receptionists can access your calendar to check availability and schedule appointments based on your preferences.

We prioritize patient confidentiality and adhere to strict privacy protocols. Our operators are trained to handle sensitive information securely, and we utilize advanced technologies like end-to-end data encryption and password protected file folders to protect customer data and your calls meta data.

The setup process varies but it is typically done within 24 hours quickly and efficiently. We work closely with your team to understand your workflow and preferences, ensuring a smooth transition to our service.

Billing is typically based on the usage of the service, such as the number of calls or minutes. We offer transparent pricing plans, and our team can provide detailed information on the billing process. There are no bound contracts or long term undertakings so feel free if you want to use our answering service for just a month.

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