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Reliable Airbnb Answering Service Making Airbnb Property Management Effortless

For over past 14 years with the launch of Airbnb, Kolaxo CCS has been offering the exclusive Airbnb Answering Service for the Airbnb property managers. The managers putting their efforts on short term rental properties, looking into listings, welcoming guests, maintaining properties, and generating profit for landlords, need support. Our trained and experienced Airbnb answering service representatives support managers by answering calls coming from guests, and landlords professionally. They respond every call with the highest value of hospitality that leaves a reliable impression on caller. We ensure seamless communication with dedicated solutions designed for Airbnb property management services.

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Kolaxo CCS Answering Service for Airbnb Property Management

Packaged With 24/7 Availability, Flexibility, Hospitality, & Troubleshooting

Kolaxo CCS well packaged Airbnb answering service makes Airbnb property management simple and easier for Airbnb property managers with industry-based solutions. We extend help for the property managers, so they can list, manage and maintain Airbnb properties easily in their independent or team setup. With a 24/7 availability to answer calls, flexibility of service types or plans, hospitable agents and responses, our designated answering service for Airbnb offers seamless troubleshooting.

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    Easing Out Your Airbnb Property Management Operations

    Airbnb property management is quite different from the conventional one. It somehow lands into vacation or short-term rental service. That means, every other day you have a new guest to welcome, a vacant property that requires clean up, and occupancy openings. In the middle of it, you have multiple calls to handle.

    At Kolaxo CCS, with our dedicated Airbnb answering service we let you ease out these operations. Our professional and 24/7 active Airbnb property management answering representatives are there to answer calls of:

    • Inquiries
    • Occupation
    • Follow ups
    • Listings
    • Troubleshooting

    They act as your answering partner giving you a backup for hectic business hours, afterhours, vacations, emergencies, overflow calls and more. Eventually, you can relax a bit to streamline other Airbnb operations that cannot be handled virtually.


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    Professional Assistance Led to Quality Listings, 100% Occupancy & Valued Returns

    Kolaxo CCS offers the Airbnb answering service backed by its experience of more than 20 years in the answering service industry. With our professionally trained and experienced Airbnb answering agents, we ensure you will head towards scalable growth faster.

    By covering your back and answering calls, our efficient agents let you to move forward with more opportunities. With the extended assistance, we bring you valued results:

    • Quality property listings in your target market
    • Increased occupancy rate
    • Well maintained properties
    • Guests greeted with hospitality every time
    • Troubleshoot all problems in time
    • Positive ratings by guests & portfolio growth

    Our Industry Exclusive Airbnb Answering Service Serves Perfection

    • Backup

      Agents with industry knowledge answer calls

    • Backup

      Kind and warm responses for callers every time

    • Backup

      Offer flexible customization options for services

    • Backup

      No breaks or delays in answering calls

    • Backup

      Troubleshoot problems faced by Airbnb guests

    • Backup

      High quality services ensure scalable results

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    Experience The Pleasure of Airbnb Calls Answered by Experienced Agents.

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    Check Out the Answers!

    Airbnb answering service is a dedicated answering service for Airbnb property managers. We help these professionals who are stuck with the incoming calls 24/7 by the guests, prospects, and landlords. With on call support to these managers we help answering each call with its specified protocols.

    Our specialized Airbnb call answering service is designed for the property managers who deals in short term rentals or vacation rentals using Airbnb app. Specific to certain conditions we offer them support and assistance they require.

    No, we are not an Airbnb listing company. However, our answering agents can respond questions and inquiries about different listings mentioned by our client property manager on Airbnb profile.

    No, Kolaxo CCS Airbnb property management answering service is not a part of official Airbnb customer support. We are the representatives of the property managers who offer their property on Airbnb for different guests to checkout. If the guest wants to communicate with the host, we are there to answer calls on the behalf of host.

    Short term rental management means you are handling numerous properties at a time. With the help of our Airbnb call answering service, we help managers to give appropriate time to each property and guest. We off load the burden of calls from their shoulders so they can look around at other points.

    Industry trained and professional Airbnb answering agents at our in-house office arrangement will answer all your calls. These are the people experienced with the industry and have good grip over the potential issues your guests may have.

    For the emergencies, our experienced Airbnb answering agents will review the nature of emergency. If there are minor issues, our agent will troubleshoot them based on provided guidelines. However, for the acute emergencies, we will reach out to you or your team immediately.

    Yes, at Kolaxo CCS we offer you to customized our flexible Airbnb answering service for property managers. You can select plans, payments, agents, response and more according to your preferences. We believe in making our services accessible for you.