Answering Service Cost Plans for Everyone

Whether you are a small business facing tight budget issues for handling daily call volume or a large enterprise with huge call volume and various schedule needs, we have answering service pricing plans and personalized solutions to cater to the needs of all.

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Answering Service Pricing Plans to suit various Business needs:

Whether you are a start-up receiving 10 calls a day, a grown up business handling 1000 calls a week or a corporate company handling plethora of calls in whole month, we have got you covered with a wide range of specially tailored pricing plans for answering service. Whatever your required call volume and budget is, checkout our plans below and choose the one that suits your business needs perfectly.

Basic Plan


/Per Month

Startup Plan


/Per Month

Small Business plan


/Per Month

Corporate Plan


/Per Month

Diamond Plan


/Per Month

Platinum plan


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Didn’t Find Your Required Answering Service Pricing Plan?

Tell our experts about your business, your estimated call volume, how you’d like us to interact with your callers, additional required services like message taking, call transfers, appointment scheduling, and more.

Specify the minutes required for your business call handling or ask our experts for suggestions in case you don’t have any idea. Finalize all these details and personalize your own answering service plan that perfectly fit all of your call answering needs.

Kolaxo CSS offers a wide range of Pricing Plans for Answering Service to cater to the various needs of Small to large businesses

Missing phone calls simply means missing opportunities, and it’s a nightmare challenge for all types of businesses to utilize all of incoming calls to turn them into revenue generating opportunities. To tackle this challenge, most of the businesses utilize answering services that handle the calls on behalf of business and take the worries of missed calls away. However, the unusual pricing, unpleasant surprises, hidden charges and unexplained additional costs coming with most of the answering services make them a nightmare fuel, rather than an effective solution. However, Kolaxo CCS is one of the most trusted and accomplished name for providing top-notch answering services backed with state of the art technology and exceptionally trained teams of customer service agents. With these services, a live virtual receptionist answers every call and relinquish you from the worries of missing important business calls, hiring and managing a full-time receptionist, paying additional infrastructure costs, or bearing high payroll expenses. But it all comes to some basic questions: How much does an answering service cost specifically for your business? On which pricing models the cost will be calculated? What factors can affect the cost of your answering service? Can your business fit answering service cost into its budget? To get the answers of all of these questions, explore our wide range of phone answering service cost plans and how they can be a perfect fit for your business. The six plans outlined below are the standard plans for answering services:

Basic Plan

This plan is designed for individual business owners operating small local setup in their town having low call volume. Businesses with call volumes comprising of 150 to 250 minute durations can get most out of this package. It Cost ranges between $125 and $135/month, with no setup fees and additional charges.

Start-up Plan

A perfect cost plan for businesses just stepping into the market. Start-up businesses have fluctuations in their call volume as they don’t have much repeating customers. This plan is perfect to cater these fluctuated call volumes at it has 500 minutes with 6 second increments for the whole month. Cost ranges between $235 and $245/month without any lock-in contracts or undertakings.

Small Business Plan

The best value plan for companies with around 250 to 300 calls of short duration, likely perfect for small businesses. Low overage rates and 6 second increments make this package, a perfect choice for businesses operating at small level. It costs lay between $440 and $445/month, without any additional charge.

Corporate Plan

For companies with large volume of calls – around 1000, this plan is a perfect choice for them. With 1500 minutes’ duration in this package plan, it would be a great option for large enterprises and brands. It price ranges between $735 -$745/month and there are no setup fees or high overage rates.

Diamond Plan

Companies with very high influx of calls can opt for this pricing plan as it has the range to cater to 2000 calls a month. It has the best value for businesses with recurring orders that have large number of calls with short durations. Price ranges between $1035-$1045/month. No need to sign bound in contracts or taking obligations.

Platinum Plan

Multinational organizations and large enterprises can choose this plan for minimizing their missed calls and missed business opportunities. This plan can easily cater to 2500 to 2800 calls as it has 3000 minutes included in it. This plan is available at $1345 – $1550 with some additional minutes as a compensation.

A range of Specialty Pricing Plans to cater to the Unique Needs of all types of businesses:

There are also some of the novel answering service cost plans to fulfill the unique needs of small to large businesses:

Afterhours Pricing Plans:

If your business operates from 9am to 5pm, but you keep receiving calls till the midnight, you need afterhours answering service and we have the perfect phone answering pricing plan for afterhour services. You don’t have to pay much more than the basic pricing for afterhours call answering, just a bit of addition and amazing services for catering to all your needs.

Overflow Pricing Plans:

When your business receives more than expected calls in results of peak season or an advertisement campaign start responding massively, overflow answering service is a better way to take a chance on. Our overflow answering service pricing plans are available at competitive rates which can be a great pick for businesses missing out on important calls just because their lines are busy.

Haven’t get the perfect pricing plan for your business call answering? Customize any of existing plans or personalize a new one as per you:

Whether you’re a small healthcare practitioner, a medium level HVAC service provider, a city level real estate office, a global marketplace or any other type of business, we have an answering service pricing plan to perfectly fit your unique business needs. Although we strive hard to curate most affordable answering service pricing plans based on the size of a business, their budget flexibilities, workforce and the amount of calls they receive monthly, there isn’t a one-size fits all plan we can recommend to every business. Every business has different nature, variety of calls to deal with, various budget constraints and setbacks, different call volumes to tackle and specific additional service requirements. Even though each of our existing answering service pricing plans cover a large spectrum of needs for every level ranging from small businesses to multinational corporations, you still have the freedom to customize any plan as much or as little to make it fall in a sweet spot of fulfilling your unique needs. However, if no plan seems fit for you at all, we let you personalize a plan exactly as per your preferences to cater to your business specific needs whether it’s a budget constraint, a requirement for additional service or need services only for afterhours, weekends or holidays.

How Are Answering Service Plans Charged?

There are three different pricing models to fulfill the needs of every type of business whether it’s a small dental clinic or a large vacation rental business. Have a look at them and choose whatever fits your business:

Per-Call Pricing

Per-call pricing is exactly what it sounds like – businesses are charged for every call they receive. If your business receives less calls but of larger durations, this pricing model is a perfect fit for you. In this method, you will be charged on the basis of the total number of total calls received and handled. The drawback with this billing method is that your business may still be required to pay for inbound calls that are accidental, such as customers who dial the wrong number or hang up after a few short seconds. Per-minute Pricing

Per-minute pricing, on the other hand, better reflects the value your business receives. This pricing model is based on the time your call center actually spends supporting your business. This method is preferred by many businesses because it has no ambiguity. In this method, as it name suggests, billing is based on the duration of call preferably the minutes used to answer and handle the calls. Therefore, if your business receives higher number of calls but for lower durations, this pricing model is your go-to choice. Most of our plans are set with standard minutes, and additional fees are charged when you go over the plan’s allotted minutes.

Per month Pricing:

With a per month pricing method, you are charged for every call, every text message, every transferred call, or per unit of every other call activity, for whole of the month altogether. This billing method tends to be a little more ambiguous as there is no proper breakdown where your call minutes are consumed or how they are utilized. If your incoming call patterns fluctuates, with more calls for less durations on some days and less calls for longer duration, you can choose this pricing model for a better outcome.

Factors that can add up to the basic cost of answering service:

Along with call answering, businesses have diverse need of many other services like call patching, appointment scheduling, message taking, call recording and many more. Upon adding up these services into the standard package plan, the pricing of the service also increases. Here are some of the most common ones to keep in mind:

Appointment Scheduling: If your business requires to book the appointments of customers on-call without any delay, this additional service is a best pick for you. We integrate into your own CRM and schedule new appointments directly into it so you can have a real time update. This will not cost much but it has some effect on cost of basic answering service.

Live Call Transfers to On-Call Staff: If you are a service based business that needs to forward emergency calls to on call technicians, this service is a perfect inclusion for you. The call is patched while remaining on the same line so it increases the rate as a per minute charge.

Message Taking: Some businesses need to take messages from the customers to take action later. This message taking service is preferred by many businesses and it is charged as the time taken for call handling.

Some of other main services that can add up to the basic pricing are: call recording, call relay, message relay, real-time date share and many more.

Perks you can enjoy upon booking an answering service cost Plan with Kolaxo CCS:

Time Flexibility: Professional receptionists are available 24/7/365, as full-time, part-time, or backup support to answer calls for your business at any time you prefer, during business or after-hours. They are trained to sound like they’re part of your company.

Lowest Per Hour Rates: Looking for the lowest per hour rate? You are at the right place. Our answering service cost is one of the most competitive out there.

User-Friendly Dashboard: First impressions matter, Kolaxo CCS provides a customized dashboard with meaningful and measurable results. Delivered in a way you want.

Data Security: As a professional agency, we strictly follow the compliance regulations to secure your details, customer information, or any data from leakage.

Secure Record Keeping: We keep a record of your business profile, call meta data, and customer information so that you don’t have to start from scratch every time you opt for our services.

Free & Quick Setup: With 500 trained call center agents, we are ready to respond to customers’ calls right away with an instant service setup facility.

No Lock-in Contracts: We give you the freedom to book our call answering services with no restrictions or long-term contracts. You have the power in your hands to start, pause, or stop service whenever required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you’ll get the answers to most common queries regarding answering service cost. Feel free to reach out with any additional questions or specific requirements you may have.

Why should I get an answering service?

Many callers disconnect when their calls are directed to voicemail, potentially causing you to miss out on crucial conversations or opportunities. Having your calls promptly answered by a live person not only boosts customer satisfaction and fosters loyalty but also enhances your ability to establish rapport and gather caller information effectively.


A call answering service let you never miss the important business calls any more. Upon hiring answering service, live virtual receptionists answer your every call, at a time you prefer, take messages, schedule appointments, forward calls and many more tasks as per your business preferences. Getting answering service not only facilitates better customer engagement, thereby increasing revenue but also reduces expenses by eliminating the need for a full-time receptionist and optimizes time management efficiency.

You can book a phone answering service plan with us directly on our website. Choose your desired plan in the list that best suits your needs and get quote now. Alternatively, you can contact our team to get assistance in customizing one on your terms.

On a Kolaxo CCS’s Answering service plan, you can get basic call answering service where a live virtual receptionist answer your every call, day or night, whenever you want them to step in. They take messages for you so you can take action the next day. Our base pricing includes access to premium features like custom call scripting, online reporting, and online on-call scheduling, ensuring that you get the most value for your investment.

We go above and beyond to make your callers feel valued and fully assist them! So, all the calls are answered by professionals (not bots) in the US.

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