Landscaping Answering Service

Respond to your every call, whenever you need & in a way you want– Effectively fulfilling your seasonal call answering needs

Our Landscaping answering service is tailored to your lawn care business requirements to answer your every call as per your preferences, capture every lead day or night, and scale according to your seasonal call volume – ensuring your landscaping business growth at faster pace!

Delve into the perks of Answering service for Landscapers:

Missing lot of calls because of peak spring season overflowing with landscaping service queries and requests? Do you have to leave mower to pick calls while pruning shrubs or trimming grass? Want to save money but paying thousands of dollars to in-house receptionists even during off-season? 

Don’t worry Kolaxo CCS’s answering service for lawn care professionals is designed to confront all these challenges with 100% professional excellency. Our well-trained live virtual receptionists answer your every call so you don’t have to, whenever you need. It allows you to focus on what you do the best & grow your business better than ever at a fraction of a cost of in-house receptionist. There are lot more benefits like:

  • Better than Ever Customer Support
  • No overhead costs & payroll expenses
  • Win more business even during afterhours
  • Be there for customers’ day & night
  • Never miss a call during call overflow
  • Satisfy Clients like never before
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Why It Works?

Your chance of landing more than ever business never dwindles with us because we strive hard to make your Landscaping business grow prodigiously by connecting you with your customers anywhere, anytime, all the time.

Always Available

We work all day, every day even during holidays so we can answer your calls at weekends, holidays, afterhours, or even 24/7 – whenever & however you want. Choice is all YOURS!

No Bots, No IVR, No Voicemails

No more stilted staccato of robotic voices. We help you win customers much more often through 100% real human interactions along with a personalized touch of your Landscaping business.

US-Based Virtual Receptionists

Our team of America’s BEST virtual receptionists answer your every call as they are sitting in your office, building a stellar reputation of your Landscaping business among competitors.

Customer-Controlled Pricing

Just pay for minutes used to answer your calls because we value you more than money. No lock in contracts, no bait & switch – just unruffled billing as per your budget & ease.

Personalized Calling Experience

Tell us how you want us to answer your calls and what we should avoid. Enjoy the freedom of customizing every aspect of call handling as per your preferences.

Fastest Response Time

We answer every call under 3 rings i.e. under 10 seconds (18% faster than average industry answering speed) to avoid losing frustrated callers to your competitors.

Kolaxo CCS Offers More Than Exceptional Call Answering Service:

We offer after hours call coverage, overflow support, virtual receptionists service and much more. Kolaxo CCS’s Landscaping answering services include:

What Sets Us Apart from The Rest?

Never miss a call again, whether you are plowing snow or mowing lawn, with Landscaping Answering service

As a landscapers and lawn care professional, you utilize heavy machinery and tools for mowing lawns, building patios, doing xeriscaping or digging up a swimming pool. The main game here is, there are 98% chances that you miss a call while performing your job because loud noises of landscaping tools never let you know that your phone is ringing. Even if you get to know that someone is calling and pick up the phone, customers will definitely get a really bad first impression when they can’t hear anything but loud noises of tiller digging the land or hedge trimmers pruning the shrubs. What’s left is only two options, shut down the tools and pick a call or let the caller leave a message to voicemail – both of them are devastating for your landscaping business and only cause waste of both time & potential lead.

So, what’s the solution? Kolaxo CCS is always a star player when the name of game is never missing a call. Our landscaping answering service answer your every single call while maintaining 0% call abandoned rate, whether you are pruning shrubs, planting flower bed, installing gazebo, managing crew in the office or taking a well-deserved break at home. By availing our landscaper answering service, you will have a team of well-trained virtual receptionists to handle your all incoming calls 24/7/365. So, when you can’t answer your calls, we do & when you can, we are ready on the sidelines. When you are unavailable to take calls on a day off, just tell us what details to take in a message and we will take as descriptive or as short messages as you want, ensuring you never miss a potential client again. That’s what makes us a star Player! Enjoy our stardom now by requesting a quote or calling us at +1 888.909.2207

We are a Blue-Ribbon Answering Service Solution provider for both commercial and residential landscapers

In landscaping business, seasonal rise and fall is customary. In snowy winter and dog days of summer, landscapers have less flow of work. There is nothing much to do with incoming calls or existing jobs rather than plowing snow in some properties. Whereas, in the blooming spring and enchanting autumn, both commercial & residential lawn care specialists not only have many irons in the fire but they keep struggling with call handling due to sheer number of people calling them during regular business hours, afterhours, weekends and even holidays. As there is no regular workflow all year around, handling the calls become a really daunting task for both commercial and residential landscaping contractors.

Are you stuck with same problem of not being able to handle call overflow and ebb accordingly? Are you thinking about staffing an in-house receptionist but tight on budget? Kolaxo CCS is a one-stop-shop for catering all of these challenges with reliable, flexible & affordable customized call answering service for landscapers & lawn care professionals that meet all your high volume & high complexity commercial and residential call handling needs.

Our Landscaping call answering service is customized right according to your residential or commercial landscaping business to handle all your calls, take messages, route calls, and dispatch emergency service requests to your prescribed personnel, no matter how high the call volume is and when you are receiving calls. Whether customers are calling you after you have gone home, on weekends or during holidays, our well-trained virtual receptionists assure that you never miss a call again, even when your lines are busy or you are at home after winding up the whole day schedule. Ultimately, our answering services are customized with some specific goals in mind that are growing your landscaping business on the fly, building its stellar reputation among hundreds of other competitors & making your every caller feel heard, cared, valued & satisfied.

Plus, our answering service for landscapers is most affordable choice just starting from $135 a month that let you save more than 80% expenses compared to hiring a full-time in-house receptionist. You just have to pay for the minutes used to answer your calls rather than purchasing bundled minutes or paying for whole month.

We give you complete flexibility to control our answering service and let it scale with your business growth. When you receive sheer number of calls during peak seasons, we handle the overflow efficiently according to the pre-established criteria, answering your every call under 3 rings (18% faster than industry average answering speed) even when your lines are busy so you don’t lose any more frustrated & impatient customers to your competitors. 

However, when your business is facing lack of calls during off season, just tell us when and how much you want us to step in for handling your calls. Our virtual receptionists are available 24/7 on the sidelines and they are just a tap away to step in to answer your calls whenever you need them. In short, we are as adaptable as your business and our landscaper answering service works right according to your business specific needs.

From Booking appointments to Providing Estimates – We do more than just answering calls for your lawn care business

As a lawn care professional you spent most of the time out of office – mowing grass or hardscaping the lawn area. What suffers the most due to your busy schedule is your office administrative tasks and your customer support service that hinders your business growth unlike anything else. Kolaxo CCS’s landscaping answering service bolster your administrative tasks and streamline your office operations to a large extent – making your office chores easier and smoother than ever before. We do more than answering calls, we can support you and your in-house team to grow your landscaping business better than ever by performing multiple tasks for your business as per your preferences such as:

24/7 Live Call Answering:

Relying on voicemails can create havocs for your landscaping business as 80% of callers hang up the call when the reach voicemail and dial the next number in competitors list. Therefore, we ensure that whether your customers call during wee hours or at 2am midnight, they always get a real human response from our live virtual receptionists. We don’t use IVRs or rely on voicemail, instead we answer your calls 24/7 live, turning your landscaping business into customer’s favorite because of exceptional customer support.

Appointment scheduling:

We integrate into your own CRM and calendars to book new jobs or alter the older ones upon your request. Our in-house IT team enable us to integrate into any tool or CRM you are already using, so you don’t have to spend money on purchasing new software or investing on new technology infrastructure. This integration also saves your time, making your life hassle-free.

Quoting & Estimation:

Kolaxo CCS’s team of virtual receptionists is well trained according to landscaping industry. All of our virtual receptionists have enough knowledge to carry out multiple tasks from answering basic FAQs related to your lawn care services to providing complex estimations to clients as per your prescribed instructions. Just let us know about the essential details of your business, co-work with us to create custom call answering protocols and rest assured that your every call is answered in a way you want.

Hire us Now to Experience the Outlandishness!

There are many answering service providers out there but we are a go-to choice for “YOUR” landscaping answering services. We provide you complete control to handle how your calls are answered, when we should attend your calls, create personalized greetings according to your business to trigger growth opportunities, pay just for what you use, and many more perks that are hard to find anywhere else. Our answering service is customized exactly according to your landscaping business to ensure your calls are managed efficiently and not a single opportunity is slipping through the cracks. So, what are you waiting for? Call us now at +1 888.909.2207 or simply request a quote to get started!

We Integrate into The Same Tools You Are Already Using!

We seamlessly integrate into the tools & software you are already using to schedule, cancel or modify new or existing jobs, saving you time & money while making your life easier and smoother than before.

Frequently Asked Question

Your concern settles here; find insider tips, clear up your mind and kick start your journey with our unparalleled services.

What is an answering service for Landscapers, and how does it works?

Landscaping answering service is a professional service that manages incoming calls for lawn care professionals and landscaping contractors. When your Landscaping business partners with a professional answering service like Kolaxo CCS, expert virtual receptionists answer your customer calls on your behalf. You can choose your answering service to be as simple as just answering calls or as comprehensive as taking messages, dispatching emergency requests, scheduling appointments and forwarding service calls to on-call technicians. With Kolaxo CCS, control is always yours!

To grow your Landscaping business better than before & to provide second to none customer support, Simple! Isn’t that what you are looking for? Quick call answering from a live expert that answer basic FAQs and take messages is what customers are looking for in Landscaping business and our telephone answering services provide you exactly that.

We prioritize confidentiality and adhere to strict privacy protocols. Our operators are trained to handle sensitive information securely, and we utilize advanced technologies like end-to-end data encryption and password protected file folders to protect callers’ data.

We don’t charge a single penny as setup charges. It usually takes us less than 24 hours to understand your workflow and preferences that means your answering service will take maximum 24 hours for setup in most cases.

Yes, whether you are using Zapier, FieldEdge, any other CRM or software, we can integrate into the tools & software you are already using with our hi-tech configuration systems in place to save your much more time & money.

Our Landscaping answering service cost is more often half the price of other service providers out there usually starting from as low as $135 per month. If you are looking for more affordable choice, then choose our PAY as You Use plan in which you just have to pay for the minutes used to answer your calls without any hidden charges or setup costs.

Yes, it doesn’t matter how small or large your Landscaping business is and if you are dealing with residential, commercial or both clients, we offer highly flexible & scalable answering service solutions that can be customized to efficiently deal with your high-volume & high complexity needs.

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