Unique Pricing Plans for Live Chat Support to Cater Every Business

Are you a small-scale business with few queries? A MNC with thousands of support requests every day? Eyeing 100% real-human chat support to resolve customer queries? You are sure to find Live Chat Support Plans or Tailored solutions here.

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Live Chat Support Pricing Plans Tailored for Businesses-Customer Communications of All Types

Few queries per day or hundreds with in-depth solutions. Office hours support, after-business hours assistance or weekend live chat assistance? Dedicated agents or multiple chat handling? On-demand agent assign or dedicated trained team? Check out our variety of carefully devised live chat support plans to fulfil various needs.

Basic plan


/Per Month

Startup Plan


/Per Month

Small Business Plan


/Per Month

Corporate Plan


/Per Month

Diamond Plan


/Per Month

Dedicated Agent


/Per Hour

Not Finding a Suitable Option That Meet Your Requirements?

Just determine what time you want the live chat support (business hours, after-business hours or weekend), whether you want to pay per-chat or on monthly basis, require trained agents or have other specific business needs. Confer your requirements to our experts and devise a most suitable plan from scratch that fulfills your price worries and unique business-customer communication needs.

Live Chat Support Plans That You Can Rely on For Utmost Best Services & Cost Savings

Being in the industry since 2014 and having partnered with over 500 businesses from various niche, we understand the concerns of small to large scale businesses and have devised a plethora of live chat support plans that meet various demands of customers. For newly established businesses with less than 100 chats per month who want to save cost of hiring in-house support department and want to reduce hassles, we offer basic plan with just 100 chats per month and shared agents for best prices. For startups that have small number of chats per month but, eyeing live monitoring and dedicated project manager without costing too much or getting into hassles or managing yet another department, we also offer startup plan that comes with multiple chat handling. Our corporate plan designed with 2000 chats and 7 days a week support are ideal choice for businesses having huge customer base and hundreds of support requests every day who also want to reduce the hassles of managing a dedicated department full of chat support agents. For businesses that want a dedicated support agent to be present at every chat for live chat support, we also provide dedicated agent plan that comes with unlimited chats, 40 hours per week time and special training on your project. You can always choose a plan that best suits your requirements and pay with no upfront cost.

Pay How You Want for 100% Real Human Help with Specialized Live Chat Support Pricing Models

Below are some of the specialized pricing models for Live Chat Support that we have carefully devised by keeping in mind various aspects that businesses prefer for getting live chat support pricing plans.

Per Chat Plan: If you are getting a small number of support requests per day and want to pay just for the chats that you get, then we offer per chat plan as the best option for you. It comes with a shared agents that will answer your queries whenever you get one. Great for businesses that require a cost-effective solution without fixed monthly charges.

Per Agent Plan: We also provide per agent plan that lets you hire a dedicated and trained agent for answering all your queries. Regardless of how many support and customer queries you get, you can be sure a trained agent is there to answer all queries of visitors.

Per Minute Plan: If your business gets a lot of queries with each one lasting for just few seconds or you simply need a live chat support to transfer the query to concerned department, then the Per Minute Plan that we offer comes with the option to handle chats for up-to-a-minute and option to transfer chat to dedicated department after initial greetings and query.

Sales Conversion Plan: Although, live chat support means you want to answer the queries of visitors and provide a 100% real human support but, if your business is also dependent on sales, you can opt for this sales conversion plan and let our expert sales agents engage your customers, answer their queries and generate leads from visitors that others would have been wasted or ignored.

More Factors That Determine the Live Chat Support Pricing

As a leading live chat support agency that has served over 500 businesses, we know what aspects play a crucial role in determining the price of Live Chat Support. Take a look at some additional factors that determine the live chat support pricing and how we cater to each for providing businesses the best services.

Flexible Timings? Won’t be a Problem on Your Budget!

No matter if you are eyeing chat support during business hours, after-business hours or weekend support during sales or high priority events, don’t restrict yourself to a plan that will cost you significantly higher and affect your balance sheet. We are always scalable to meet your unique needs. Just tell us what are your schedules, time frames and days you want live chat support and we will accommodate your needs in a plan made just for you and your scalability needs in mind.

Dedicated Agent Per Chat or Multiple Chat Support Handling? Choose What Your Balance Sheet Allows You!

Getting specific targeted audience as customers that need support or answers to their queries on time from a dedicated agent? Want to avoid the delay time for your visitors and ensure an agent is always available whenever a query is asked by visitor? Whether you want a live chat support agent to be available for a dedicated customer or want to save costs by assigning agents to specific number of customers? You are free to choose whichever way suits your requirements in our live chat support pricing plans. Just tell us your preferences and how you want our support agents to handle chats and we will come up with a suitable pricing plan that fulfills your unique needs.

Trained Live Chat Support Staff or Generic Support, Choose What You Need & Don’t Let High Costs Restrict You!

If your visitors and queries include generic support questions that require staff with basic knowledge to answer, then our pricing plans are what you need. But, if your customers require answers from trained specialists with high knowledge about your business, then you can opt for plans with human agents having special training on your project. Rest assured, you can find both trained and general support staff here at Kolaxo CSS when you book Live Chat Support Pricing Plan with us. We also provide the guaranteed competitive prices and all your live chat support concerns will be resolved no matter what pricing plan you opt for.

More Aspects You Should Keep in Mind When Deciding on Live Chat Support Plans

Determine Reporting Behavior

Based on your business nature and type of customers, it is recommended for businesses to select the reporting method for live chat support carefully. Consider the following reporting strategies based on your finances, business nature, type of queries and requirements.

Daily Reporting: For startups that require daily tweaks in their support methodologies, require improvements in their way of live chat support or want to determine the ROI of their marketing strategies by measuring the number of live chat requests and customer interactions, opting for daily reporting would be the right choice for you.

Monthly Reporting: For enterprises and corporate entities with established line of support and looking for large scale support network, going for monthly reporting would be beneficial to check on chat support efficiency and making sure the queries of customers are being catered up to the mark.

On-Demand Reporting: For businesses with set KPIs, on-demand reporting works best to check if the queries and support requests of customers are being catered to by live chat support as per expectations or not.

No matter which reporting method you choose for your Live Chat Support Plan, you can be sure all your business needs would be met and best prices would be guaranteed with us through our immense expertise and certified project heads.

Integration with Third Party Software

If your business demands the live chat support agents to utilize and input every query detail in customer relationship management (CRM) or you simply want the human based support agents to utilize the helpdesk software you have chosen for handling queries, providing support or providing personalized support, it is wise to consider it’s impact on your Live Chat Support Pricing. You can always consult our specialists to discuss your requirements and come up with a solution that best fit your requirements.

What Aspects Make Kolaxo CSS the Best Contact Center Service Provider for Booking Live Chat Support Pricing Plan?

99.99% live chat engaged in first 10 seconds: Our Live Chat Support agents are not just certified and knowledgeable but also efficient enough to engage with customer and start resolving their queries in first 10 seconds a customer visits your website or sends a query.

100% Real-Humans: We believe in real human communication that’s why we do not encourage or use any AI based solutions or pre-written scripts for replies. Whenever a customer connect with live chat support, there will always be a human agent available to answer their queries.

Anytime, Every time to Resolve Queries: We are serving over 100 businesses from various time zones in the United States and around the world, so you can be sure there will always be a support agent available (24*7*365) to assist your customers over live chat.

Serving Every Industry: We have been providing support services since 2014 and have served over hundreds of businesses from various niches. Take a look below what industries we serve and what services we provide to each in the form of live chat support.

  • E-commerce business looking to answer product and order tracking related queries
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) solution offering technical support and streamlined onboarding process
  • Financial Institution offering help in account related inquiries, balance inquiries or financial advice
  • Healthcare unit offering help in appointment scheduling, providing medical advice or provide initial assistance in getting early healthcare benefit.
  • Travel & hospitality industry looking to assist travelers in reservations, itineraries or resolving trip related issues
  • Educational Institute offering support to students regarding course enrollment or other academic inquiries
  • Real Estate agency aiming to provide potential buyers property buying assistance, schedule viewing of properties or address rental or purchase concerns
  • Automotive concern aiming to give vehicle support and scheduling appointment for sales or service
  • Legal firm offering assistance in initial consultation, answering legal queries or providing case updates

Multichannel Integration: We not just provide support over website live chat support but, also offer Seamless integration with other communication channels (such as email, phone support, social media) that allow us to provide a consistent and cohesive customer experience across all touchpoints of business.

Data Security and Privacy: Customer data and business insights are an important factor that we do not compromise on under any case. Your business data, customer queries and other important business information is never shared with any third person. We also take measures to ensure your data not only remains safe in our organization but, also take steps to prevent third party access to data we have regarding your business.

Scalable: Whether your business is getting few queries every day and require a single agent to answer all or your business gets hundreds of queries and looking for a dedicated team of agents to cater to all queries and provide live chat assistance, we can cater all. We have infrastructure and support staff to handle both small to large scale business inquiries.

Competitive prices: When you book live chat support plan with us, high cost would not be matter of concern with us. We don’t charge you any setup fee, processing fee or upfront costs so you always pay for the pricing plan you book and no extra costs.

Ready to avail our services and book Live Chat Support Plan? Dial +1 888 909 2207 or send your queries to inquiry@kolaxoccs.com to get started.

FAQ About Live Chat Support Pricing

Check out some common questions and their answers that customers ask regarding live chat support pricing.

How much does a Live Chat Support Service cost?

The Live chat support is cost efficient solution as compared to developing in-house staff. There are different price plans for different volumes of chats and number of agents (either dedicated or shared). Either you can pay according to per chat that could be as low as $0.5 per chat or you can pay per month for unlimited chats. Our lowest Live Chat Support Pricing Plan starts from $100 per month.

If you choose Live Chat Support Plan with business hours, then after-hours and weekend live chat support won’t be covered. If you have need of after business live chat support, require support during weekends or someone to look after queries during events, you can ask us for a plan devised specific to your needs

No. The agents greet your customer with your business name and there is no point where customer feels as if they are talking to a third party. The trained and professional support agents develop personal connection with your customers and develop a positive impression of your business.

When choosing an Live Chat Support, there are various aspects to look out for is trust. The company who is transparent, considerate, and honest is the most trust worthy. Moreover, the company must have relevant industry experience, must have efficient staff and knows how to engage customers and resolve their queries in a personalized way and they have enough number of employee to handle large number of queries.

Yes, we regularly send you your itemized billing for each month. This bill includes the initial deposit or setup fee if applicable for first month along with that, your selected package fee is mention. This bill illustrates the extra cost if charged for any additional service (additional chats or weekends) in the specific month.

Kolaxo CCS opts full transparency when signing a contract with customers. Depending upon the campaign, you can opt month-to-month subscription with no minimums or you can opt per call billing contract with small amount of base fee. We are transparent and flexible according to your ease.

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