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Whisk Away Pet Parents’ Worries in Every Call & Elevate your Veterinary Practice

Explore the benefits it brings for your veterinary practice, discover why it is perfect for your business growth and check out what makes it a comprehensive and professional answering service solution. Dive in:

What WONDERS Does It Weave for Your Veterinary Practice?

From marking everlasting impression on pet parents to never missing a call to paying just for what you used, it reaps a plethora of irresistible advantages for your veterinary practice that boost your business forward.

Below are some of the benefits it derives to take your veterinary clinic to the next level and help your business stay ahead of the curve at all times:

  • Increase Business Efficiency
  • Minimize Expenses by 80%
  • Enhance Lead Conversions
  • Keep Business Open 24/7
  • Support in-house Staff
  • Boost Client Satisfaction

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Why It Works Perfectly for Your Veterinary Business GROWTH?

It works perfectly to ensure all your calls are answered with professional excellence, pet parents feel heard instantly, save you thousands of dollars and give you & your clients a sense of comfort because of:

24/7 Availability

Never Miss a call as our professional virtual receptionists efficiently answer your calls around the clock, weekends, holidays, after business hours, and peak seasons.

No Bots, No IVR, No Voicemails

Only 100% human powered call handling to build caring connection with pet parents and make them feel valued. No bots- no frets, client dealing without upsets.

US-Based Virtual Receptionists

Our US-Based virtual receptionists are trained according to industry requirements. They are caring and compassionate to make pet owners feel cared.

Customer-Centric Pricing

No roll up to nearest minute, no lock in contracts, no hidden charges, only pay for what you used. Choose pay per minute or pay upfront for whole month.

Customized Scripting

No canned Responses. No Cold Scripts. We work as your perfect business extension, connect to clients’ hearts, show empathy and deal every call as bespoke.

Fastest Response Time

Our call response time is one of the fastest out there i.e. under 10 seconds. We answer every call under 3 rings so your clients know that they are important for you.

What Makes it a COMPREHENSIVE Solution?

It is all-encompassing, covering every aspect of veterinary business call handling with exceptional professionalism that skyrocket your business efficiency & reliability. It includes:

Efficient Appointment Scheduling

Proficient appointment scheduling directly into your calendar to prevent no-shows, double bookings and missed opportunities.

Error-Free Call Screening

Unerring Call Screening to filter out spam & telemarketing calls to considerably saves your teams’ time.

Emergency Call Dispatching

Accurate emergency call filtering and swift emergency call dispatching to on-call DVMs as per your instructions.

Accurate Message Taking

Precise Message Taking when you’re unavailable to ensure you never miss a client or business opportunity.

Dive Deeper: Explore MORE Within It

Want to solidify your Veterinary clinic’s identity? Keep exploring because it has everything to ensure your business growth:

Instant Notifications
Instant Notifications

Stay connected and never miss a beat with instant message notifications delivered to you via phone, email or pager.

On-Time Call Reminders
On-Time Call Reminders

Scheduled calling to pet owners to remind them about their next appointment for pet checkup or pet vaccination reminder.

Brisk Live Chat Support
Brisk Live Chat Support

Convert your website visitors into confirm customers without wasting any time. Live Chat with a personal touch that makes all the difference.

Dusk till Dawn, it is ALL On!

Don’t pass business opportunities to your competitors just because you are too busy to answer calls or your office is closed at 5pm.

Having high scalability, consistency and continuity, it ensures that your pet family is taken care of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, no matter what the call volume is. It includes:

24/7 Call Answering

Seamlessly answer Calls 24/7/365 to keep your business running

After Hour Support

Efficiently answer your every call after 9 to 5 routine to win more clients.

Overflow Call Handling

Never miss a call even when your lines are busy to manage high call influx.

It keeps SATISFYING Clients. Choose It Now to Stay Ahead!

After serving a wide range of veterinary clinics, Vet hospitals and large veterinary practices in all 50 states of USA, we have enough experience to cater to your needs with perfection.

Our virtual receptionists are trained with veterinary practice’s policies and procedures in mind to make them fully competent for carrying out a vast range of tasks from answering basic FAQS about pet health procedures to providing urgent pet rescue tips.

Hence, our best veterinary answering service has served plenty of clients and helped them get valuable growth over the years. Now Try it for your business to ensure your success as well!


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Is it really the BEST? Absolutely Yes, 100%

It Integrates into Your tools. Making Your Life Easier!

We seamlessly integrate into the tools you are already using to schedule, cancel or modify the appointments. So, you can get real-time updates and manage your time more easily than ever before!

Instantly Solace pet owners every time they call you and boost your vet practice’s reputation with Fast, Professional & Empathetic Veterinary answering Service

When a dog chokes on food or a cat consumes something poisonous, pet owners aren’t waiting around for hours to get an answer from a veterinary practice. They need to urgently talk to a professional personnel who can answer their question about pet health or direct them towards the on call DVM in case of emergency without facing hassles of busy lines, long hold times or call abandonment. To cater this need, choose fast, professional and compassionate veterinary answering service that is acquiescently capable to answer every client call under 3 rings with professionalism, entertain pet owner’s concern with empathy & compassion, and swiftly dispatch calls to deal with emergency pet health situations.

It stays available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year with 99.9% uptime & industry’s lowest call abandon rate to answer live calls for veterinarians with complete knack of knowledge, ultimately boosting their client retention rates and improving customer service. With matchless features such as efficient emergency answering, peerless after hour support, eminent overflow handling, seamless appointment scheduling, unerring call screening, and instant real-time notifications, our professional veterinary call answering service is a complete solution to handle and manage all of your veterinary clinic calls with utmost perfection and efficiency. Upon choosing this service, rest assured that all pet parents calling your business feel heard, valued and cared at the time of urgency as well as when asking a general question. Ultimately uplifting the reputation of your veterinary practice and gaining the trust of clients for a lifetime customer-business relationship.

Fur-ever Connected: Ensure No Call Goes Unanswered round the clock & No Customer Feels unattended with our 24/7 Answering Service for Veterinarians

In a veterinary practice landscape, a missed call means a missed business opportunity, a lost client, a wasted chance to maximize revenues, and a tarnished business reputation. As pets are like toddlers, doing everything that possess dangers of injuries and sickness, pet emergencies never clock out, making your vet practice more vulnerable to miss calls and lose pet parents’ trust. Do you want to keep doing business in this sense of discomfort? Never seems a good idea though.

However, every problem has a solution and here’s the most optimistic one for this challenge. Our 24/7 veterinarian answering service keep your business open & responsive to take calls of pet owners at any time of the day, provide them necessary information in midnight, and guide them through an emergency pet health procedure during weekends or holidays – all with the utmost professional excellence, fellow-feeling and beneficence. Our animal-loving virtual receptionists are always on the line to schedule veterinary appointments for pet owners with perfection, handle emergency calls thru compassionate responses and answer every pet owner calls with empathy that make your clients feel immensely valued and catapult the reputation of your veterinary practice.

Opt for pay as you go answering service packages to provide professional support and assist your clients, no matter what time of the day or night it is, without getting nickel and dimmed. Choose shared agents for simple call management or select dedicated call agents to work as perfect extension of your veterinary practice.

Our veterinary after hours answering service can support your in-house team after hours, flawlessly answer your calls after business clock out, and seamlessly schedule appointments for pet owners calling on weekends & holidays that set your veterinary practice apart from the others.

Our veterinary emergency answering service can handle emergency calls with utmost empathy, provide initial guidance about pet health without holding for long, smoothly offer information on common veterinary procedures, urgently forward emergency calls to on-call DVMs, and fluently provide details on the veterinary office’s location. Plus, it can give your patients access to you when they need you the most that protect your business image from declension.

Hence, when your clients always find you available all the time, providing professional advices and accurate information to deal with pet health, your business won’t lose any more opportunities. This will ultimately mark you as the best veterinary practice, boost your business and expand your client base.

More than just a Veterinary Phone Answering Service – Ready to Thrive Your Business

Customizable according to your veterinary business need, veterinary answering service is tailored just for you – and with your business & clients in mind. Make a statement as a veterinary clinic or an animal hospital with the customer service experience unlike any other through savvy vet answering. Your business deserves superior veterinary call answering service that is perfect to provide efficient appointment scheduling, swift emergency call routing, and precise message taking, and we just provide you that. Thus, get professional answering service that wows no matter your business size, call volume, uptime required, client needs, or purpose to fulfill.

Whether you are a budding veterinary clinic or an established animal hospital, our premier veterinarian phone answering service is perfect for you because it is delivered by awesome people, for awesome customer experience that bring awesome business success. It is tailored to fulfill the needs of wide range of veterinary and animal care specialties, having different sizes and different needs. For each veterinary clinic or practice, our call answering service guarantee effective communication that is not only professional & prompt but also delivered with the utmost benignancy and cognizance. Our Comprehensive & Professional Veterinary Answering Services feature:

Effective & Efficient Appointment Scheduling that never let a business opportunity slips through the cracks

Facing frequent no-shows? Fed up of dual appointments? Leaving money on the table due to unavailability of scheduling staff? Don’t fret. Impeccable Vet answering service can schedule appointments on behalf of your veterinary clinic with more efficiency and help you fill up your clients’ pipeline with an active schedule where there is nothing like no-shows, double bookings or missed opportunities. Our experts use your own online scheduling software or CRM to create, modify and cancel appointments for your clients, so you can get real-time information that help your staff in adjusting their approach and time accordingly.

Moreover, professional answering service for pet clinics unerringly schedule veterinary appointments for pet owners, routine check-ups, vaccinations, and surgeries. It also schedules appointments for pet grooming services, pet behavior consultations, pet X-rays & imaging, pet physical rehabilitation, pet eye care consultations, testing & preventive measures and routine physical exams for pets without any lack of professionalism. Whether it’s night or day, it can communicate with clients to get the information you need such as pet details, owner contact, and reason for the visit. It also receives and process requests for pet medication refills, confirm prescription details, contact your on call veterinarian if needed, and coordinate pickups – all with utmost dexterity, consistency and persistent approach.

Hence, whether it is appointments scheduling or gathering information, our professional veterinary answering service guarantees that your business stays in the loop and never misses a beat. Since we integrate with your CRM or calendar applications, appointments made in-house are never at risk of creating double bookings! Thus, we let your in-house team to concentrate thoroughly on the daily operations of your vet clinic and pay more attention to patients coming in through the door.

Accurate & Precise Information Call Answering – Prevents Miscommunication & Take the Chaos out of your vet clinic

Miscommunication and conveyance of wrong information can easily turn your veterinary clinic into a zoo because of chaos between present & on call clients asking general questions. What’s more worst? 78% of consumers will seek out a new business because of a poor customer service experience & wrong information provided. We neither want you to become one of those 78% nor want your office to be transformed into a chaotic zoo. Our well-versed answering service for veterinarians becomes an extension of your vet practice and answer frequently asked questions without long hold times or wrong guidance.

We know that every call counts! Thus, our superlative answering service handle your non-emergency calls with complete attention, providing clients with correct information as well as transfer escalated issues to the appropriate department for further assistance. It’s not just limited to answer general frequently asked questions about your veterinary services; it can provide details about pet health, nutrition, and behavior as well as offer information on common veterinary procedures with fluency and professional approach. Our trained conversationalists can assist your clients with verifying pet insurance coverage, properly address billing inquiries related to veterinary services and provide details on the veterinary office’s location and hours without errors. Answering questions about specific veterinary procedures, providing information on prescribed pet medications, giving advices on maintaining good pet health, and assisting about pet vaccinations dates and preventive care in caring & comforting manner are some of our other offerings.

That’s how we prevent your office from turning into a zoo caused by confused clients facing lack of information. In other words, we can adapt to any type of veterinarian practice, learn their policies, and get to know their essential information that help us to take care of all of their calls, that too flawlessly!

100% Human-Powered Veterinarian Answering Service – No Bots, No Frets, No Customer Upsets

Client calls are make-or-break moments for your animal hospital’s reputation. If you won’t ditch the automated voices now; your clients will ditch you and shift to another business. Voicemails? Nobody’s a fan, everybody gets upset upon reaching a voicemail. Only rapid, clear & live responses are the secret sauce for fostering trust and satisfaction among clients. Turn every call into a stepping stone for solid pet-owner relationships with our human powered live veterinary phone answering service. We believe that it takes a right approach to transform every call into a meaningful connection, thus, we don’t rely on bots, IVRs, or voicemails. Our team is made up of skilled and expert conversationalists trained with your business needs in mind. They turn even the shortest interactions into big wins for your business and forge meaningful connections over the most mundane of calls.

Therefore, every time pet owners call your business, they will reach a live, warm, passionate voice ready to answer their concern, take message, provide information or forward call to concerned personnel. That’s how, we prevent your clients from upsets & feeling devalued by not letting them reach voicemails, play a tag game or interact with an IVR. Ultimately, our veterinarian call answering service help your business to ensure quality customer experiences with each ring of the phone and stay ahead of the curve.

Explore what professional Veterinary Answering Service can do for you – Put your vet practice on Success Path

Our Veterinary Telephone Answering service is professional, competent, experienced in working with vets, second to none, always available and well-versed because of amazing capabilities of performing various tasks expertly like call screening, message taking, call relaying, call forwarding, and emergency call dispatching. You have the option to get all your calls forwarded to your Veterinarians or tell us to forward only selective emergency calls. We can ask specific questions, decided with you, to determine the nature of the call and its urgency. Our experts will do unerring pre-call screening, block spam, and deal with solicitation calls on their own. Thus, helping you save a considerable time that you might spend on dealing with plenty of marketing calls in a day. Hence, our all-in-one veterinary answering services perform a wide range of tasks for your such as:

  • Efficiently conduct post-appointment follow-up calls for feedback.
  • Send on-time reminders for veterinary appointments.
  • Proficiently do Live Chat with website visitors and guide them throughout the booking process
  • Accurately direct calls to the appropriate department or staff member.
  • Provide after-hours support for urgent pet health issues with excellency.
  • Assist with coordinating referrals to pet specialists unerringly.
  • Compassionately conduct follow-up calls after pet surgeries.
  • Skillfully collect feedback from pet owners for service improvement.
  • Timely inform pet owners about fasting requirements, medication protocols, and post-surgery care.
  • Adeptly call pet owners to remind them about pet vaccination dates.

Thus, our answering service for veterinary clinics is not an ordinary one. It is a total package that performs as per your expectations and help your veterinary practice grow. Furthermore, Kolaxo CCS has staffed for 60% of efficiency with more than 500 call answering specialists always available on the line. So, whether you are receiving 20 calls a day or 100 calls in an hour, our veterinarian answering service can accommodate any level of call volume that give your vet hospital a stellar reputation among pet lovers. A wide range of options are available so you can customize answering service to function as the perfect extension of your veterinary practice after your business clock out or during call overflow. Paw-sitively Peaceful, Purr-fectly Reassuring – connecting your business with Pet Parents for Comfort of Your Furry Family, Day and Night!

Frequently Asked Question

Your concern settles here; find insider tips, clear up your mind and kick start your journey with our unparalleled services.

What is a Veterinary answering service, and how does it benefit my practice?

A veterinary answering service is a professional service that manages incoming calls for veterinary clinics. It ensures that all calls are answered promptly, appointments are scheduled efficiently, and urgent messages are relayed to the appropriate personnel. This service enhances pet owners’ communication and satisfaction.

We integrate seamlessly with your scheduling system. When a pet owner call, our virtual receptionists can access your calendar to check availability and schedule appointments based on your preferences.

We prioritize confidentiality and adhere to strict privacy protocols. Our operators are trained to handle sensitive information securely, and we utilize advanced technologies like end-to-end data encryption and password protected file folders to protect customer data and your calls meta data.

The setup process varies but it is typically done within 24 hours quickly and efficiently. We work closely with your team to understand your workflow and preferences, ensuring a smooth transition to our service.

Billing is typically based on the usage of the service, such as the number of calls or minutes. We offer transparent pricing plans, and our team can provide detailed information on the billing process. There are no lock-in contracts or long term undertakings so feel free if you want to use our answering service just for a month.

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