Vacation Rental Answering Service

Answer your guests’ calls & handle potential tenants’ inquiries – round the clock, middle of the night or afterhours as per your needs

Our vacation rental answering service is designed as per your short-term rental properties to answer your guest’s calls and respond to queries of visiting tenants that help you get more rental bookings, and maximize your business revenues – While letting you sleep peacefully at night and enjoy some time away from the phone!

Explore the Perks of Answering Service for Vacation Rentals:

Strapped to your phone because of a lot of customers calling to book your listings? Missing lot of potential clients because you can’t answer your phone all the time? Fed up by bad reviews of guests just because you can’t provide them a good customer service through calls? Do you want to cut on your costs of handling rental properties?

Don’t worry Kolaxo CCS’s vacation rental phone answering service is designed to confront all these & many more challenges faced by hosts and co-hosts of vacation rental properties with 100% professional excellency. We answer your AirBnB or VRBO guests calls, so you don’t have to – allowing you to grow other areas of your vacation rentals. There are lot more benefits like:

  • More Rental Bookings than Ever
  • No overhead costs & payroll expenses
  • No missed calls during afterhours
  • Be there for tenants’ day & night
  • Freedom like you have never known
  • Satisfied guests=More 5 star Reviews
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Why It Works?

Your chance of getting more bookings and more 5 star reviews for your vacation rental listings never dwindles with us because we strive hard to satisfy your guests by connecting you with them anyway, anywhere, anytime, all the time.

Always Available

We work all day, every day even during holidays so we can answer your calls at weekends, holidays, afterhours, or even 24/7 – whenever & however you want. Choice is all YOURS!

No Bots, No IVR, No Voicemails

No more stilted staccato of robotic voices. We help you win guest’s satisfaction much more often through 100% real human interactions with a personalized touch.

US-Based Virtual Receptionists

Our team of America’s BEST virtual receptionists answer your every call as your perfect extension, building a stellar reputation of your vacation rental business among competitors.

Customer-Controlled Pricing

Just pay for minutes used to answer your calls because we value you more than money. No lock in contracts, no bait & switch – just unruffled billing as per your budget & ease.

Personalized Calling Experience

Tell us how you want us to answer your calls and what we should avoid. Enjoy the freedom of customizing every aspect of call handling as per your preferences.

Fastest Response Time

We answer every call under 3 rings i.e. under 10 seconds (18% faster than average industry answering speed) to help you get more bookings with fastest responses.

Kolaxo CCS Offers More Than Exceptional Call Answering Service:

We offer after hours call coverage, overflow support, virtual receptionists services and much more. Kolaxo CCS’s answering services for vacation rentals include:

What Sets Us Apart from The Rest?

Turn your short-term rentals into customer’s favorite & make your rental guests feel cared with our vacation rental answering Service

Guests staying in your vacation rentals are expecting high quality services from you to make their stay a memorable and hassle-free one. When they can’t find the TV remote, have troubles with water heater or their room’s window get stuck, they look forward to you for an instant help whether it is 10PM or 3AM. Do you think you can satisfy your guests with automated replies or by letting them leave a voicemail for you to listen in the morning despite they are stuck in problem at night? No chance and what’s worst, get ready for lots of 1 star reviews. Your guests are real people facing real problems during their stay in your vacation rental property. That’s why, you should answer their concerns through real people to make them feel valued and cared for.

Here comes Kolaxo CCS – a go-to choice to solve these and many more challenges of hosts, co-hosts and short term rental operators. Our vacation rental answering service can answer every incoming call of your guests, handle new inquiries, triage your guests’ issues regarding the property, answer potential tenant’s questions and dispatch urgent calls to you. We are a team of real virtual receptionists who help you or other co-hosts to answer the calls of guests and book more rentals from AirBnB, VRBO, & many more right according to your requirements.

We work all day, every day and operate 24/7/365 that ensure your guests will always get a live response from the other end of the line, whether they call whether in day or night. Our expert call center agents have enough knowledge to give such responses to your guests that are filled with hospitality and care. We know that how much a negative review about your rental property can ruin your business’s bottom line. That’s why, our virtual receptionists answer every call of your clients whether they are asking about the nearest hotel for a romantic dinner or calling to complain about dirty rugs, ensuring your guests always leave you a great 5-star reviews.

We answer every call of your Vacation Rental Guests – So you don’t have to:

As a AirBnB host or a VRBO co-host, you are strapped to the phone badly, day and night, answering the potential clients’ questions, resolving tenants complains or helping visitors navigate your property. On the other hand, not being a super-human, you need well-deserved breaks and time-off from the phone calls to live a balanced life that include family, friends and sometime with yourself. But the dilemma is, you can’t be in two places at the same time. Either you have to handle guest’s calls or you can spend some free time, not the both at once. However, how would you feel if you can travel freely, enjoy friends’ gatherings, sleep peacefully or just experience the free time without worries, while your Vacation Rental tenants & potential clients get the proper care, attention and response 24/7 by a real, live person? With Kolaxo CCS’s vacation rental answering service, you can do just that.

Our call answering professionals are here 24/7/365 to answer the calls of your guests, whenever you need. Tell us when you want us to answer your calls or take messages, so you can get stress free, enjoy your free time, and focus on growing your Vacation Rental business. Along with the freedom of living a balanced life, Kolaxo CCS provide you a freedom to customize each and every aspect of your call handling from how we should answer your calls to where to dispatch the emergency requests. It’s all up to you when you want us to step in for your call handling and when we should remain active on the sidelines. Our vacation rental call answering services are designed with 100% focus on managing the calls of Airbnb and vacation rental guests with complete professional excellency and according to your pre-established protocols.

We transfer the guest’s calls you want to speak with, handle the others in a way you want:

Kolaxo CCS can handle everything from simple questions of your vacation rental guests to the emergency crisis occurred in your AirBnB property. Our virtual receptionists have enough knowledge to calm your guests with proper responses at the time of emergency or panic situations as well as to keep them satisfied during their whole stay in your short-term rental property.

Whether you want us to handle your middle-of-the-night calls, need our virtual receptionists to entertain the after hour queries of your tenants or want us to manage your rental property office calls 24/7, we’ve got you and your guests covered. We can handle:

Simple Question Calls:

When guests are calling you for simple things like how do I work my TV on? Which channels are there in TV? How to unlock the security door look? Where to go for grocery shopping? Which restaurant is best nearby and many more, we can answer these calls with complete professional excellency. Our services are customized according to your rental property, its location and its features, so we can handle all such calls and help your guests get a seamless, comfortable and memorable vacation experience in your rental property. They will leave a 5-star review for you that trigger more rental booking opportunities.

Action Based Calls:

Sleep without the worries of your guests getting troubled due to dead HVAC or having malfunctioned water heater in chill cold weather. We respond to your tenant’s calls about emergency crisis, calm them with our hospitality-filled demeanors, and dispatch calls to your instructed maintenance experts to help guests get rid of the crisis as fast as possible. If the situation is not as worst as it seems to be, we can take messages of your guests for you. It makes them feel cared & heard while provide you an opportunity to resolve the respective problem as soon as possible.

Concierge Requests:

A missed cloth iron or a dirty bed sheet can easily ruin the experience of people staying in your vacation rentals and turn down your opportunity to get a 5-star review. But you don’t have to worry when Kolaxo CCS is here to help. We can connect your guests with your concierge staff or transfer their requests of extra blankets or a new set of pillows to you, so their issues can get resolved, making their stay at your vacation rental more comfortable.

Fastest Response Times & 0% call abandon rate = More clients satisfied & More Rental Bookings

Kolaxo CCS is a Second-to-None choice for providing exceptional call answering services to owners and hosts of vacation rentals listed on AirBnB, VRBO,, Expedia, TripAdvisor and many more.

Our virtual receptionists are well known with the problems which co-hosts and hosts of vacation rentals face from the first contact to the checkout of clients. Our vacation rental answering service can help you with your guest communications, new booking requests, guest inquiries, and many more tasks that can be a burden on you. We can handle email, phone, or direct responses for you by using your own rental listing dashboard as per your requirements, so you can stay update with new bookings and inquiries.

When your listed rental properties need cleaning and you don’t even have enough time to contact the cleaners, we can help. We send the cleaning requests for your rental properties after the checkout of your guests to your cleaners or cleaning company so you don’t have to. Plus, when your short-term tenants face issues with cleaning of property, we can call your property manager, notify you or even dispatch the client’s call to your on-ground staff – whatever you want us to do. This will help you keep your rental property clean before a new guest arrived and keep your staying vacation tenants happy with properly cleaned property all the time.

A universal rule, booking goes to the host who responds first. We at Kolaxo CCS ensure that your every call is answered under 8 second which is 18% faster than industry average answering speed so you can get more bookings by answering potential client’s calls faster than all of the other hosts out there – anytime of the day or night, any day of the week.

When you partner with us, our answering service for vacation rentals ensure your all calls are answered on time, clients are satisfied and you always get better reviews from your guests. That’s’ how we help you get more bookings and earn more business revenues by making your listings constantly rank near the top of the search results with more 5 star-reviews.

Kolaxo CCS puts you in as much control as you like. You can access your accounts, communicate with guests or answer your own calls as much or little as you like. You don’t have to worry about our availability. We answer your calls when you can’t, stay on the sidelines when you can. It’s that simple!

Best is yet to come. You just have to pay for the minutes used to answer your calls. Whether it’s 1 home, 25 flats or a whole condo, we can answer all of your calls without straining your budget. If you want to cut back on costs, we are a best choice for you!

We Integrate into The Same Tools You Are Already Using!

We seamlessly integrate into the tools & software you are already using to schedule, cancel or modify new or existing bookings, saving you time & money while making your life easier and smoother than before.

Frequently Asked Question

Your concern settles here; find insider tips, clear up your mind and kick start your journey with our unparalleled services.

What is an answering service for vacation rentals, and how does it works?

Vacation rental answering service is a professional service that manages incoming calls for hosts, co-hosts and short-term rental vacation rental operators. When you partner with a professional answering service like Kolaxo CCS, our expert virtual receptionists answer your guests calls on your behalf. You can choose your answering service to be as simple as just answering calls or as comprehensive as taking messages, dispatching emergency requests, confirm bookings and forwarding service calls to on-ground staff. With Kolaxo CCS, control is always yours!

To get more rental bookings than before & to provide second to none customer support to AirBnB or vacation rental guests, Simple! Isn’t that what you are looking for? Quick call answering from a live expert that answer basic FAQs and take messages is what guests are looking for in a vacation rental and our telephone answering services provide you exactly that.

We prioritize confidentiality and adhere to strict privacy protocols. Our operators are trained to handle sensitive information securely, and we utilize advanced technologies like end-to-end data encryption and password protected file folders to protect callers’ data.

We don’t charge a single penny as setup charges. It usually takes us less than 24 hours to understand your workflow and preferences that means your answering service will take maximum 24 hours for setup in most cases.

Yes, whether you are dealing with AirBnB,, VRBO, Expedia or anyone else, we can use the listing platform you are already using to save your much more time & money while keeping you update about your properties 24/7.

Our Vacation Rental call answering service cost is more often half the price of other service providers out there usually starting from as low as $135 per month. If you are looking for more affordable choice, then choose our PAY as You Use plan in which you just have to pay for the minutes used to answer your calls without any hidden charges or setup costs.

Yes, it doesn’t matter which platform you are using or you have 1 or 100 rental property units, we offer highly flexible & scalable answering service solutions that can be customized to efficiently deal with your high-volume & high complexity needs as per your budget and needs.

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