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Professional Answering Service Tailored to Grasp Every Business Opportunity

Kolaxo CCS Exceptional Answering Service is helping 1000+ businesses all across the USA to grasp every on-call opportunity. We are operating as an extension to these businesses where we efficiently answer calls, provide assistance, support, and manage call trees. Our industry trained professional Answering agents attend every single call 24/7 without breaks, bumps, or delay. So, you can work on business expansion, never miss another call, and manage teams efficiently.

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Kolaxo CCS Offer All Answering Service & Solutions You Strive For, At One Place

At Kolaxo CCS, we fulfill all your call answering needs with extensively tailored range of Service & Solutions that suits every industry and business type. Giving you a perfect backup for answering calls in time, providing support and dedicated task management.

Answering Solutions

Flexible answering solutions makes call management easier for you. You can select, from 24/7 to specific hours call answering, by professional answering agents with affordable pricing, and custom options.

Automated (IVR) Service

Well managed and interactive call trees ensure efficient and relevant response for each caller. IVR system filters out the calls and route them to designated agents based on concerns.

Call Center Support

Call center service is a gateway to customer satisfaction. Professionally trained agents provide real Time on-call support, resolve concerns, or provide information to clients in need.

Virtual Receptionist

Efficient Virtual backup enables smooth task management. Our trained receptionist performs every task that can be done virtually as per your instructions.

Industries We Serve

Kolaxo CCS Industry-Based Answering Service and Solutions Fits Every Business Needs

Knowing that your business is different, so as its needs, we’ve tailored irreplaceable answering service and solutions. Our call answering, call center, call automation and virtual receptionist are branched-out solutions perfect to fulfil your industry needs of lead generation, customer support, retention and more.

With diversity, reliability, flexibility, cost efficiency and customization of our solutions, you are enabled to grow your business. Whether you are in:

Diverse Answering Services

  • Answering Service
  • Automated Service
  • Call Center
  • Virtual Receptionist

Reliable Solutions

  • Call Answering
  • Call Routing
  • Lead Capturing
  • Message Taking
  • On-call Assistance
  • FAQs Responses

Flexible Service Timings

  • 24/-7 Answering
  • Business / After Hours Answering
  • Weekend Answering
  • Holidays only Answering
  • Overflow Answering
  • Emergency Answering
  • Toll-Free Answering
  • Tailor-made Plan

Cost Efficient Plans

  • Dedicated Receptionist
  • Per Second Plan
  • Per minute Plan
  • Per Call Plan
  • Volume Pricing plans
  • Personalized-As you need

Custom Add-on

  • Customized Responses
  • Call Transfer preferences
  • CRM Updates
  • Preferred Agent Selection
  • Specialized Trainings
  • Call Stats Reports
  • Toll-Free / Local Number
  • Custom Hold-on Music

We know your Reservations so, there is A Big


  • Long-term Contract
  • Hidden Charges
  • Setup Fee
  • Cancellation Fee
  • Training Fee
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How Kolaxo CCS Answering Service Works?Getting Started Is Not as Hard as you think!

At Kolaxo CCS, we have made activation of answering service simple, smooth, and timeless for you. Using cloud-base integrations, contact number replication, and call diversion, getting started is easy.

  • Quick, simple and guided installation. After you select the service plan, our team takes you through a 15-20 minutes procedure of setup installation. It requires no hardware or technical knowledge.
  • Once setup is live, we will start receiving your calls. Our dedicated answering agents will answer them efficiently by following provided guidelines, responses, or instructions.
  • Client’s Emergencies are crucial for every business. We push back to you only in case of emergencies. It lets you sort out issues in real-time and earn your client’s trust.
  • Keeping you updated is our priority. Right after every call, our efficient agents send call summary including client details, purpose of calling and response given, via email, message or both.

Sign Up for Kolaxo CCS Answering Service & Solutions Compliant Service, Unlimited Benefits, Intensive Business Growth, Altogether!

Our efficient Answering Service & flexible solutions are backed by unmatchable features that level up your service quality, benefit your customers, and business directly.

Range of solutions accessible for every industry

One click accesses to call volume, usage, call logs, and more

Answer every call within record 10 seconds

7-days free trial to experience service quality

All freedom to customize your plans and solutions as per business needs

Secured servers and data management systems with limited access

Industry specific agents to answer calls and respond your callers

Responses that connect with callers and make them feel heard

In-house call monitoring to ensure service quality and decorum

Immediate calendar updates to keep you and your in-house team up-to-date

No in-house setup keeps your operational cost at the lowest

Simple installation and integration ensure quick operation

Agents available 24/7 to answer all calls and resolve concerns

Compassion and conciseness improve customer’s experience with business

IT team takes care of any glitches or errors on the spot to avoid any disruptions in lines

Trained agents handle critical situation efficiently

Well-equipped facility with high-end systems and software for seamless answering

Progress We’ve Made So Far What We Were Doing All These Years?

Kolaxo CCS 24/7 Answering Service and Solutions helped numerous businesses to experience immense growth in past 20+ years. Our proficient answering agents, answered over a billion calls 24/7, leading to sales, customer experience, and customer retention for clients from several industries.

Badges We Are Holding

100% Customer Satisfaction

Call Answering

Increase in Sales

Our Success Stories Clients Are Loving Our Services from Past 20 Years

You’ve Got Questions?

We Are Answering Each of Them.

Answering service is a supportive unit for your business that helps you improve your customer experience. The agents sitting in another office will take your customer calls, response them, resolve their issues and redirect them to your relevant team. It will eventually help you to satisfy customers, resolving their issues and creating a better relationship.

An answering service never cost a fortune. You can get the service at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house 24/7 answering team or even a single professional.

Every business or industry needs answering service from healthcare to small business, service providers to care providers, entertainment, ecommerce, accountancy, construction, repair workers, education, and more.

At Kolaxo CCS, we use a cloud-based technology that map your calls to a specific number at our center. Here the agents take these calls and response them on your behalf. We are providing you an extension to your business.

No, your client will have no idea about the service. Our agents will respond them efficiently just like your in-house team. The seamless communication will keep things covered.

Call answering service and solutions helps you answer every call and grab every business opportunity. We reduce you burden of taking calls and managing other business affairs altogether.

Kolaxo CCS is working in the BPO industry from the past 20 years. Over the years, we’ve gained experience and reputation. The systems and procedures we follow makes us the best. We are sensitive about data security, customer satisfaction and retention which cause us to grow.

Kolaxo CCS is a BPO service provider that covers a wide range of services. We provide chat support, email support, social media support, and virtual assistance along with answering service USA.

We have made our services business friendly, that’s why our answering service pricing is affordable. Normally, we do monthly payment plans but you can customize them weekly on demand.

No, our setup is free and we do not charge any fee. The purpose is to get you growing. There will be a small security deposit for the setup that will revert back to your account after first billing.

No, it’s not compulsory always. We can map your existing number to our call setup and divert all the call to our team.

You have the option of receiving messages and notification on your number, email or on portal. We can redirect the messages to your preferred platform as per demand.

It is might be hard for you to believe but yes, we are offering an actual free trial for call answering service. There is no charge for the trial. You just have to make an initial minimal deposit and being the trial. It will be reverted back to your account after trial period ends and you select to continue with the service or terminate.

Since we are offering monthly packages, we have a monthly billing cycle irrespective of the number of days. However, you can customize your billing days to 28 or 30 days. We do accommodate our clients with a weekly payment plan.

In that case, if you are a small business, we recommend you choosing the basic answering service plan for the first month. Later, you are free to continue with the same plan or upgrade to other. We accommodate shifting from one plan to other anytime.

Of course, all the calls above your billing volume will be charged additionally and reflect in your bill.

For all the additional call minutes we use the 6-second increment billing method as per the industry standard. According to this method you will be charged for 6 second the additional one second in a call of one minute and one second. However, it will be shown as 1.1 minutes in the bill.

We are offering a free trial and do not charge any cancellation fee. If you cancel the service after trial, we will make you a refund for your security deposit.

Kolaxo CCS normally do not process the cancellation fee. However, if you terminate the contract in the middle of contract period, we will charge a minimal fee from your initial deposit. In case of terminating contract by the end of contract period, you will be charged for the consumed service volume.

Yes, you can forward a request to access call record and after approval you will have access to specific or complete call records.

Yes, along with the monthly reports you can request for some additional reports. Monthly report contains number of calls, their duration individually and collectively along with concerns in the calls.

Kolaxo CCS provides you dedicated answering service and if you need to train agents specific to your project, we are open to it. Select custom add-on for answering service and we can arrange the training sessions with the agents and begin with the project after their qualification. /p>

Yes, we give you a complete liberty to switch your volume according to change in your business needs.

Kolaxo CCS provides you an online portal access where you are able to access the details of your package, billing, and its usage volume.