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5 Ways Power Words Can Transform Customer Service.

Power words are an essential component in customer service interaction, as great customer service is all about knowing exactly what to say. However, the main question arises what do power words mean in customer service? Power words in customer service are words that we use when having a conversation with customers to influence customer emotions positively. Using the right phrases and words can transform the customer’s experience into a great one. In this blog, we’ll discuss 5 ways power words can transform customer service along with some best power words that call center agents can use.

1. Great First Impressions:

When a customer connects with a customer service department, in most cases, a business may get only one chance to build a good first impression. Therefore, using power words when interacting with customers can create customer loyalty and trust. The essential step is to use a professional tone of voice that is welcoming and genuine so that the customers can know that you appreciate them. 

2. Brand Loyalty:

When running a business, building brand loyalty takes time, commitment, and energy. To engage customers and make a good first impression, power words can serve as a part of loyalty language. Businesses need to ensure that their positive words and values equal their actions. As brand loyalty is built through acknowledgment, appreciation, and thanking each customer every time they interact with your company. 

3. Resolves Issues with Delicacy:

In certain situations, when an interaction with a customer requires delicacy, the use of power words for customer service can become significant. When you receive angry, frustrated, and irritated customers, customer service agents must resolve such issues using tactful words. With this, challenging discussions with customers can become more productive such as the use of words like “I Understand” or “I Value” can create clarity among the customers. 

4. Understanding and Empathy:

A customer wants to be heard and understood when they come to the customer service department for support. Therefore, when communicating with customers the customer service agent needs to show understanding and empathy. Actively listening and using power words shows a genuine and natural response. 

5. Personalization:

When power words are personalized, they have a huge impact. Providing options, cross-selling opportunities, and solutions to customers can build a long-lasting relationship. When communicating with customers, using the customer’s names, thanking them for their interest and time, and recalling past purchases can make customers feel valued. Therefore, the best customer service agent uses personalized conversations. 

Some Essential Power Words Every Customer Service Agent Should Use.

Using power words in any customer interaction greatly impacts customer loyalty. Therefore, by employing positive words and assurance, a business leads to success and positive customer recommendations. Here are some essential power words that every customer service agent should use;

  • Best: Using the “best” word can give the customer an impression of comfort that they are choosing the perfect recommendation, scheme, or plan. For example; “According to your requirement, this plan will be best for you”. 
  • Absolutely: This word represents positivity and communicates full agreement with customers. It comes with a sense of confidence and reliability as well as increasing trust with customers.
  • Definitely: This word encourages customers that their issues will be addressed efficiently. 
  • Now: This word is used to reassure customers that their query is important and give them a sense of rapidity. 

Final Say,

Power words are a foundation of great customer service and can make a difference between a happy customer and an unhappy customer. By being honest with your customers and utilizing positive phrases can turn your customers into loyal ones. Therefore, wise choice of words and phrases can result in making a long-lasting relationship. Kolaxo Contact Center Services provides an accurate, seamless, and swift customer experience, with a professional team who are experts in using power of words for customer service to create a reliable and engaging customer experience.