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5 Tremendous Ways To Celebrate Halloween At Your Call Center 

It’s nerve-racking to work hard all year around to meet your contact center metrics and ensure your customer remains happy. However, the call center must have a fun culture for agents’ inspiration. One such opportunity is just on the edge, Halloween, which is enough to spark intrinsic motivation in agents when celebrated perfectly in the workplace. 

We have compiled the tremendous ways to celebrate Halloween at the contact center, let’s get into the details. 

1. Halloween Jinx

Create a list of words such as October, Halloween, boo, pumpkin, scary, etc. and make a rule nobody uses those word during handling calls in the entire shift. The person who uses the forbidden words, other will notice it and yell “Jinx”, which means the agent is out of the game. The winner will be the person who hasn’t used one of the Jinx words. 

2. The Corney Game

Candies are the common ingredient of Halloween, you can utilize them to design a game that will be exciting and challenging at the same time for the agents at the contact center. You just need a glass, fill it with the candies, and place it on the ground.

The task is, that the agent or player will kneel on the chair and try to get as many candies as possible. The person who gets the highest number of candies will be the winner. 

3. Deadly Wink

You can play a deadly wink game during the interval or break at the contact center. The scenario is, that the whole team will sit in a circle and the murderer will wink at another agent who according to the game rule pretends to be dead. The other person who saw the incident will shout out as a witness. If the agent is right, the murderer is caught now and he or she will win the game. 

4. Wicked Trick or Treat

You can set the mood for Halloween by placing classic chocolate bars and candies on the desk of each agent who has the liberty to play with other passing-by agents the trick-or-treat game. It will help to refresh the childhood memories of the agents when they used to go door to door and play in the neighborhood. 

Creepy Pumpkin Carving Competition

If you don’t have enough to spend on the costume and makeup, you can still play this game to enjoy the event. You need to supply pumpkins with the same sort of items for decoration to each team.

Give time to decorate the pumpkins and rest them all in the designated area of the office for evaluation. Distribute the Halloween candies between winners at the end. 


Celebrating Halloween at the contact center is a great way to create an interactive environment for the agents. You don’t need a high budget and dedicated time to play those Halloween games, interval time and break will be enough to create a fun factor for the spooky event. The best game that you can even play during your work is Jinx, it will make the agents more attentive to what they will say.