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20 Types of Call Center Representatives You Should Familiarize Yourself With

Call center business is booming with time and a lot of businesses acquire the services of call centers for enhanced customer experience. There are different types of call center representatives like friendly, and knowledgeable which works well for better customer experience. On the other hand, you could find those representatives who are rude, questionable, and talkative. In this blog post, we are going to mention the list of 20 types of call center representatives you should know about. Keep reading!

Good Customer Experience

1. Friendly Representatives:

These types of representatives engage the customers in friendly conversation and try to make them feel comfortable before listening to their main concerns. After that, they provide the best solution to the customer query that ultimately leads to a better customer experience.

2. Excited Representatives:

These are excited and enthusiastic enough about their job and provide good customer experience to their customers.

3. Knowledgeable Representatives:

They provide their customers with quick, effective, and accurate solutions as they have better knowledge about brands, products, and services.

Mild Customer Experience

4. Loud Representatives:

These types of representatives are eager to sort out their customer queries effectively but their speaking tone is loud which may distract the other agents in a call center.

5. Fast Representatives:

They speak too fast as it’s not easy to understand it by customers. Some customers ask them to repeat which will ultimately lead to a bad customer experience.

6. Life-Sharer Representatives:

These types of representatives are not always warmly welcomed as few customers are in a hurry to get answers to their queries without any delay.

Neutral Customer Experience

7. Joke-Telling Representatives:

If customers like the way representatives entice customers with jokes, it would be a great experience for those who enjoy jokes but might be bad for those who dislike jokes.

8. Representatives Who Ask Too Much:

Some representatives who ask too much are not always favorites of all the customers as some customers are in a hurry and want representatives to get to the point.

9. Indifferent Representatives:

Indifferent representatives are boring people who answer customer queries like robots and answer customer queries generally without adding exciting elements or any new thing.

Questionable Customer Experience

10. Boring Representatives:

These types of representatives are similar to indifferent representatives and answer all the issues like reading a written script from the page.

11. Speakerphone Representatives:

These type of representatives disturbs the other agents in a call center and their voices cannot be heard by the customers.

12. Distant Representatives:

These representatives give a bad customer experience as customers cannot hear them properly.

13. Close Mic Representatives:

From these types of representatives, customers usually feel uncomfortable as they speak closer to the mic and customers cannot easily understand them.

14. Quiet Representatives:

Quiet representatives give a feeling that they are not interested in customer issues at all and it may raise various things in customer’s minds about the brand.

15. Winded Body Representatives:

Representatives must be calm and relaxed so customers don’t feel that the representative gets confused or loses confidence during the talk.

16. Forgetful Representatives:

A forgetful customer service representative might irritate the customers by asking the same issue again and again and it seems rude to the customers.

Unfortunate Experience

17. Slow Representatives:

It might be possible that these representatives might annoy the customers as few customers don’t have enough time.

18. Angry Representatives:

Angry representatives not only provide the worst customer experience but also deteriorate brand reputation and give negative feedback about the company.

19. Cutting Out Representatives:

Contact center representatives must convey fluent information without long pauses as it gives customers the impression that representatives have enough idea about the inquiry.

20. Long-to-Respond Representatives:

These type of representatives gives a bad experience when customers’ inquiries are not answered quickly and on time.

Final Words!

For enhanced customer satisfaction and improved client retention, call center representative professionalism matters a lot. We hope the above-mentioned types of call center representatives will help you identify whom you are talking to and how you can tackle each representative differently. If you want quality call center services to give your business a competitive advantage and streamline overall operational workflow, contact us at Kolaxo contact center services as we have friendly, cooperative, and knowledgeable call center agents.