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Pros and Cons of Using ChatGPT in Customer Support Service

In a world full of outstanding advanced technologies and AI tools, ChatGPT is also getting popularity since it is launched in 2022, November. This amazing AI tool is designed to reduce human efforts and for customer support service, we need to train it accordingly. All relevant information, data, customer interactions, and common customer queries need a human-like response and for this purpose, ChatGPT is an excellent tool.  

ChatGPT is best for basic and repetitive inquiries from customers like shipping status, account information, etc. Using ChatGPT for customer support services makes your customer services effective by quickly responding to the customers’ queries. AI tools like ChatGPT don’t have any off time so, you can use them for providing 24/7 customer service.

It is beyond doubt that ChatGPT is an incredible AI tool but still, we need to understand the pros and cons of using ChatGPT in customer support service.

Pros Of ChatGPT in Customer Service

In customer support service ChatGPT demonstrably saves plenty of your time, gets better knowledge on a subject, and research deeply the tasks during outsourcing. Some famous pros are:

Enhance Productivity

ChatGPT enhances the productivity of the workers by effectively answering and handling large volumes and queries of repetitive customers. This allows the customers to deal with more complex customers questions or problems. AI tools respond instantly to solve the issues of the customers. ChatGPT also helps customer support services by promptly answering after-hour business calls.

Automatically Generate Responses

ChatGPT is an astounding AI tool that will help in compiling complex matters of your customer support services and incoming calls effectively. Built-in AI works automatically and generates responses by collecting words from the internet and satisfying the exact need of the customers. This model has impressive data of 570 GB which is obtained from web texts, books, and articles from the internet. The customer service team manually categorizes the incoming calls and issues into different groups that ChatGPT can do robotically.

Personal Touch

ChatGPT is designed in such a way that it can detect the sentiments of the customers who were calling and provide personalized responses. It can also collect the past information of the repetitive customers and interact with them efficiently by collecting specific information. ChatGPT also warns and guides the customer support services about the incoming issues of customers that need instant attention.

Cons Of ChatGPT in Customer Service

ChatGPT is a handy tool and it is considered as the future of humans but it still has its limitations. It is not a complete replacement for customer service agents. Let’s discuss its cons.

ChatGPT Is Not Always Factual

Using ChatGPT in customer service is not always correct or provides information accurately to the customers. The answer that ChatGPT is responding to the customers is sometimes not 100% to the point or may leave your customers thinking of irrelevancy and gets negative experience.

With being so advanced ChatGPT is still an AI tool that might not filter inappropriate content and respond to the customers. Offending the customers is the last thing that customer support agents ever think of.

Security Risk

The main con of ChatGPT is the security risk for customer support services. ChatGPT is a wonderful tool but still, it is a machine that can easily be scammed or manipulated by hackers. There is also a danger of leaking the private information of the clients which can put a negative impact on your clients. You may lose some clients and it might be possible that you may not get their trust back.


Despite ChatGPT’s cons in customer support services, it must not be ignored. Customer services should use this incredible tool responsibly and gets maximum benefits from it for your organization and for your worthy clients. Follow our blog for more outstanding content.