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An Ultimate Guide for Evaluating Your Third-Party Customer Service Performance

To run your business efficiently, it’s important to measure everything vividly from your marketing campaign ROI to your third-party customer service performance. If you leave this stone unturned, it will lead you to hit in the worst way possible as according to Treasure Data, 83% of businesses face severe drop in revenue due to unimproved CX and 73% continue to buy from the same brand based on excellent customer experience alone. 

In this case, evaluate your third-party customer service performance stays on top to attract new customers and retain the existing ones. Let’s get started with our ultimate guide to do so. 

Essential KPI’s

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) play an integral role in carrying out contact center services evaluation. You can use metrics like average handling time, the number of conversations per channel, customer priority, or contact reason as measuring criteria that mainly focus on the customers as well as the contact centers’ performance. 

For instance, if the average handling time of the contact center is lower, it means its agents are well-versed regarding your business niche. It’s a great indicator that encourages brand to keep in business terms with the customer service provider. 

Scalability Factor

When you outsource your customer services to a third-party contact services provider, your brand actually makes a strategic alliance with the vendor. It’s crucial to evaluate the growth of the call center with your business progress, they must be similar. Otherwise call center will not be able to handle the higher call volume when your business is expanding. 

Diversity in Reporting 

Best contact center services providers have the latest technology and reporting software that is accessible easily at any time of the month. They also have your customer’s data and reasons for calling so you don’t need to wait till the end of the month to evaluate the existing situation. Some contact centers also share their technology with businesses that simply empower your internal organizational functions. 

Avoid Interpretation Biases

Your contact center report includes the parameter of customer satisfaction (CSAT). When you analyze the metrics, it’s important to keep in mind that CSAT has a very low return rate, as only 13-15% of customers come up with feedback (Statistics). Don’t just rely on customer satisfaction data and try to collect insights in isolation from all the other factors in the contact center report. 

Understand the Context of Key Metrics 

There are two metrics, first contact resolution and reopening rate that need to be understood not just from the value but from the context of the situation. It could be possible as the value of the reopening rate is high but your customer feedback is still positive. The causation factors behind the higher value are diverse in nature such as customers just saying thank you after reopening the conversation. 


It’s crucial for your business to evaluate your third-party customer service performance to have a clear idea of how the contact center vendors are suitable for your business. Look at the essential KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) such as average handling time, and number of conversations per channel. However, there are some metrics including reopening rate & first resolution that need to be analyzed in a certain context only.