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6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Bilingual Answering Services

As a business owner, you’re likely to be excel in engaging with English-speaking clients. However, the question arises when it comes to clients who are Spanish-speaking. With approximately 41 million Spanish-speaking residents, the United States ranks as the second-largest Spanish-speaking nation worldwide.

Therefore, to maintain competitiveness in today’s economy, investing in a bilingual answering service is crucial. In this blog, we’re going to discuss 6 common mistakes that needs to be avoided when using bilingual answering services. So, let’s get started!

What are Bilingual Answering Services?

A bilingual answering service is the one which can answer the customers inquiries with two or more languages. This makes your business more accessible for your clients and is cost-effective. Not only this, but bilingual answering service reduces the demand to hire more staff which speaks the language as required by the customer.

Almost 13% of the United States population speaks Spanish. According to a review of the World Population, California has almost 26.89% of Spanish speakers, Texas 25.13%, New Mexico 24.36%, Florida 19.31%, and Nevada 18.5%. Therefore, it is essential for your business to have a bilingual answering service.

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Bilingual Answering Services for Your Business

1. Culture Assumptions

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses need to avoid is making cultural assumptions which can offend the particular audience. These may include judgements, stereotypes or any expectations about others such as how they think, behave and feel based on their religion, nationality and other factors.

Failing to consider these points can cause misunderstanding, conflict or miscommunication. Therefore, for businesses who want to avoid these mistakes, should learn about their audience culture and norms.

2. Thinking Everyone Speaks English

This is one of the most common mistake businesses needs to avoid whenever they are using bilingual communication. Assuming that English is the default language can be perceive as disrespectful, or arrogant by the customer who might have different perspective of things and cultural background.

Therefore, to avoid this, always conduct research to find out about their language preferences and then use the translation service if needed.  This can help build credibility in the minds of the counterpart.

3. Lack of Transparency in Communication Channels

Not having clear guidelines about the communication channels that bilingual answering service cover is another common mistake to avoid. To properly manage client expectations, businesses must indicate which of their channels—phone calls, emails, live chat, and social media—are bilingual-enabled.

4. Using Idioms or Slangs

Another common mistake to avoid when using bilingual answering services is using slangs, and idioms which is difficult for your audience to understand. They can be misleading, offensive or confusing to them, since they may not be familiar with those or might have different meanings of them. Therefore, using clear and precise language with your audience can convey a clear message without any complexity.

5. Not Checking for Understanding

When using bilingual communication, the fifth common mistake to avoid is not checking whether your audience has comprehend your message or they have any doubts. This is highly important when using bilingual communication as there may be errors, gaps or interpretation with the message.

6. Ignoring Feedback

Lastly, companies frequently ignore the insightful feedback offered by their multilingual audience. Customer insights from dealings with multilingual answering services can provide priceless advice on how to improve customer loyalty, pinpoint main aspects, and improve service delivery.

Benefits of Using Bilingual Answering Services

Increased Communication

Selecting a bilingual answering service has the advantage of enhancing communication throughout the board and raising business standards.

In addition to maintaining the greatest quality of service across all calls and chats, your outsourced team will collaborate with you to design a solution specifically tailored to your particular business requirements.

Competitive Advantage

The number of Spanish-speaking people in the United States will only rise with time. Having bilingual answering service on hand lets your clients know that you accept them all, regardless of their language or cultural background. This can support the reputation of your business in a number of ways.

More significantly, you’ll be putting yourself in a position to outperform others who aren’t investigating alternatives like this. The businesses that can adapt to this and have the necessary resources on hand will succeed.

Save From Costly Trainings

Training your employees another language can be costly and can take a lot of time to perfectly learn. However, it is beneficial to have a bilingual employee but there may be situations when they are not available. Therefore, bilingual answering service can be beneficial to handle such situations.

Handles Calls Properly

A staff member will transfer calls if they are unable to understand the speaker. Being passed from person to person is not only frustrating for the consumer or potential customer, but it also takes time and resources in terms of productivity.

But by having committed Spanish-speaking people answer your calls, a multilingual answering service can maximize productivity and save you time. In the end, this frees up the one employee in your office who usually receives these calls, allowing them to concentrate on the work they were recruited to do, and passes the call on to someone else who could comprehend it better.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a small business owner or have an established business, you’ll always need quick responses towards your customers inquiries. Therefore, having a proper bilingual answering service is essential, so that you can easily talk to multilingual customers. However, for maximum efficiency, the above-mentioned mistakes need to be avoided when using bilingual answering service.

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