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5 Effective Ways To Deal With The Challenge Of High Call Volume

If you are getting high call volume, then it is good news as it indicates that your business is booming. However, getting more calls makes it challenging for businesses to give proper time to each caller. Here is a solution to deal with high customer service volume, you can reduce call frequency, forward callers to other resources, and you can also analyze what options can help to make a perfect solution for your business.

Read on to know more amazing and effective ways to deal with the challenge of high Call volume to your business.

High Call Volume:

High call volume defines as the ratio of calls received by your businesses or calls centers. More inbound calls increase a call volume to 10% which is more than the expected level.

Causes of High Call Volume:

The causes of high call volume are:

  • Offer seasons or special events can cause high call volume.
  • Lack of essential resources or few employees in the call center can also be the reason.

Identify High Call Volume:

Here are some signs that help your businesses to identify high call volume.

  • Phone rings a lot.
  • Your expert team is unable to attend all inbound calls.
  • Your businesses will receive more voicemails.
  • Consumers have to wait for their calls to attend for a long time.

5 Effective Ways to Deal High Call Volume

Having a high call volume is good news for brands as it correlated to high sales and profits. But it can be stressful as well for the brands if they are not fully equipped with essential technology and employees. Here we have some effective solutions to manage high call volume efficiently.

1. Self-Service Resources
A very effective way to deal with high call volume is by offering self-service resources. It means that you can refer your customers to self-services for general questions instead of calling you directly. Your website must have answers to general questions such as:

  • Opening and closing hours.
  • Specifications about your services and products.
  • Detail structure of prices.
  • Location.
  • Other general topics.

When consumers can easily reach to the website for their questions, they will avoid calling you. That will help in reducing the high call volume.

2. Hire More Employees:

The most effective way to manage high call volume is by hiring some employees. When your business grows, it automatically becomes necessary to hire more staff. When you will expand your team it will help in reducing the workload of all the employees and they will respond to every call efficiently.

Many famous businesses hire temporary employees during the peak season to deal with inbound calls. Some brands hire permanent staff if they see high call volume in the future.

3. Online Chat Tool

Introduce the online chat tools to your call centers to reduce the pressure of inbound calls. The online chat tool will allow your customers to communicate with one of your call agents about their issues. This tool will help the business by reducing physicals and offering instant communications to save time.

4. Call Back Option

Customers hate to wait on calls and this gives a bad impression of the brand on your customers. However, during the peak season, customers have to wait in a queue for like 30 minutes and more than that for their issues. By the time their calls were answered by the call agents, they were already frustrated and upset. It might be possible that they never call your brand again.

The callback option is the best solution to deal with the high call volume for your businesses. This tactic is great for tackling customers without holding them for hours on the calls.  This will also help the call center agents to manage the incoming calls effectively.

5. Outsource Your Calls

If you are dealing with customers and high call volumes in-house, then one effective solution to deal with high call volumes is outsourcing to call centers. This will reduce the burden on your employees and they will work productively. Outsourcing calls to a well-off call center will save your business money which you can reinvest in your business. Your customers will get a quick response from front-line agents and increase sales and profits by satisfying your customers.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for effective solutions to deal with the challenge of high call volume efficiently, Kolaxo Contact Center Services offers great services which will help your brand to grow. Our highly expert front-line agents are trained to advance technologies and are prepared for handling high call volume effectively. Contact us and see how emerging technologies can enhance your customer service.