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Why Writing Skills Are Essential For Call Center Agents?

Advanced writing skills are the most important factor in call centers for effective communication. You can easily assess writing skills during the hiring process and conduct different training sessions to improve your agent’s writing skills. By placing an emphasis on strong writing skills, call centers can easily enhance client satisfaction levels and customer satisfaction in the long run.

Let’s discuss some of the effective ways through which you can assess the writing skills call center agent at the time of the interview. Don’t skip out on reading!

Why Are Writing Skills Important in the Call Center Field?

In the call center, effective communication plays an important role in providing excellent customer service. Good writing skills can be helped in:

SMS and chat texts

Composing emails

Social media posts

It’s not easy to write to different clients to convey the message. It might be possible that the agent is not able to write or communicate clearly so it could hurt to deliver the consistent message of your brand.

That’s why, your call center hiring department is responsible for evaluating the agent’s writing skills earlier. Poor writing skills lead to a negative customer experience.  

3 Useful Ways to Examine Writing Skills During the Hiring Process

Examining the writing skills at the time of the interview or hiring process is essential and will be helpful for you to hire experienced personnel with good writing capabilities. Here are some of the ways to assess the writing skills:

1. Writing Sample in the Job Post:

Before the interview, you can easily assess writing capabilities of an agent by adding writing samples in the job advertisement. When the agent has to submit the writing sample, you can get an idea about their writing style, vocabulary, and grammar. A writing sample can be in the form of a short paragraph or any other writing sample.

2. Test During the Interview:

The second way is that you can give a writing test during the hiring procedure. It will help you while shortlisting the different candidates after examining the writing capabilities.

You can give the writing test in the form of a chat message, short essay, and response to the customer’s mail. It is good to tailor test details related to the specific job requirements to better assess the writing capability.

3. Applicants Need to Complete Writing Test:

The last way is that the call center agents have to complete the test as a part of the hiring process. This test can be in the form of a longer test or response to the client’s complaint.

A writing tool is an insight tool to evaluate the candidate’s writing skills. Also, you can get an idea about the agent’s work ethic and responsible for creative writing. You need to write the test instructions like time, format, and word length.

Effective Tips to Help Staff Improve the Writing Skills

Improved writing skills will benefit your call center staff and as a whole. Without improved writing skills, you will not get a better client response from your clients.

When your staff has good writing skills then it will help your agents convey information accurately, better communication with customers, and avoid misunderstandings. Following are some of the additional tips that help your staff improve their writing skills:

  • Encourage staff to read different books, magazines, and other related things as it improves their vocabulary and writing skills.
  • Give your agents written samples of chat transcripts or sample mail.
  • Train your agents by practicing writing in different formats like social media posts, chat messages, and emails.
  • Give your agents coaching and training sessions on different areas of improvement like tone, grammar, and sentence structure.


Before hiring in a call center, it is essential to measure the writing skills of the agent. Strong writing skills with good vocabulary and no grammatical mistakes are highly recommended in this field. So, it’s not easy to assess the writing capabilities a call agent.

If you want to streamline your call center’s services with advanced writing and communication skills, request a demo that will provide you a better tool to finalize the right agent for your contact center.