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The Role Of Gamification in Reducing Call Center Agents’ Turnover

According to the survey, 69% of employees would work harder if their work is recognized. This survey sums up it well!

There is no denying the fact that employees are not coin-operated machines. Like humans, they are naturally drawn towards competition and crave to be appreciated and valued for their work.

Therefore, employees that need to be appropriately facilitated, trained, and engaged lead to a high churn rate and eventually cost the business millions of dollars.

During these unprecedented times, working from home is the “New Normal.” And most companies overlook the repercussion of the communication gap on both employee performance and customer retention. No doubt, effective communication with the call center agents keeps the employees motivated and encouraged to accomplish their goals effectively.

Similarly, a call center that follows the same old boring routine without any incentive fails to channel the employee’s talent and energy productively. Therefore, gamification is an exciting strategy that incorporates gaming mechanics into the non-game environment to keep employees high on adrenaline with increased engagement and motivation at the call center.

It provides incentives, a leadership board, badges, prizes, and missions like a video game. Overall it’s a fun session to learn and improves the employee’s performance as an individual and a team player.

Take a look at the points below to learn more about how gamification reduces employee turnover at the call center services:

Creates Competitive Environment

Imagine what will happen if employees develop animosity and ill feelings toward each other at work.

They will undoubtedly refuse to collaborate with the team members, thus damaging the call center agent’s well-being and quality of the work.

Therefore, gamification is a creative way to push employees for improved performance at the workplace. Humans naturally enjoy competition, incentives, and prizes, so gamification encourages healthy and light-hearted competition to keep the employees on the go. 

Encourages Transparency

Using game mechanics at a workplace gives the call center agents full access to their scores and stats against their competitors. Moreover, transparency and meritocracy lead to greater employee confidence. 

It not only motivates them to work hard but also to improve their quality of work. 

Call center agents feel valued and appreciated when they are rewarded based on their hard work. Gamification also highlights the fairness and unbiasedness of the company when it comes to rewarding hard-working employees.

It encourages honesty and shuns favoritism; therefore, it’s a great way to hold on to the employees.

Fun Training Sessions

Adding a bit of fun and creativity to the learning process is always a good idea to motivate employees.

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has increased the demand for call center services exponentially, and lackadaisical employees are detrimental to positive customer experience.

The incorporation of gamification at the workplace empowers the employees and strengthens their mental capacity; thus, a light-hearted atmosphere breeds healthy competition.

Despite being overburdened by workload and increased customer expectations, a fun training session is the best way to improve the quality of work and keep the employees engaged and high-spirited.

Hence the company needs to offer something more than just a pay cheque!