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Peak Easter Season Planning: Verified Solutions to Painful Problems

Is your call center ready for the Easter Holiday of 2023? If Yes, Great!

Easter is always a peak season for call centers, and it is not the right time to ignore your customers. On this special Easter holiday, customers happily shop online, and from retail stores with a handsome amount of cash in hand to spend. Happy customers are the roots of successful business, so make sure your front line agents deal with them effectively.

Customers feel exhausted with inflation, soaring energy prices, empty retail shelves, out-of-stock labels on websites, and higher interest rates, and they will vent all their frustrations on the front line agents of call centers. Similarly, there are many problems that call centers have to deal with during the Easter peak season.  

Let’s find out the painful problems that customers service call centers faced during the peak season of Easter with their verified solutions.

Lack of Employees Flexibility

After setting your staff to a weekly or monthly schedule you can manage the daily workload easily but how do you handle the peak Easter season increased volume or average handling time? Lack of employee flexibility might be a big problem during peak seasons such as Easter, Christmas, Black Friday, etc. You need to plan the tactics to solve the peak Easter season beforehand. To deal with extra Easter season volume or average handle time (AHT), you need to allow your employees for flexible timing and overtime opportunities.

Real-Time Management

It is very important to deal with the Easter peak season by effectively upgrading your real-time management. You need to list down all the Easter challenges and how you can take an action to solve them, on the page. You can plan your activities as:

If your service levels fall 5 % below the threshold, all non-scholarly offline activities are postponed or canceled.

If it falls below 10% of your goal, all non-scholarly offline activities are canceled or postponed.

If your service level drops to an extreme like 20%, all your non-critical activities are canceled and all your team members, leaders, quality assurance analysts, coaches, etc. are all actively participating in answering the incoming calls and focusing on solving the peak Easter holiday challenge.

Overlooking The Employee Experience

At the time of Easter, the average handle time and volume are increased and your front line agents are under a lot of pressure and stress. So, you must pat their back with appreciation. You should follow some steps for your employees to make sure that this special occasion of Easter remains happy for them, which are:

The primary function of workforce management is to minimalism the burden and stress level of their agents to effectively answers the customers’ calls. They should manage the periods of under staffing and over staffing by dividing them into interval levels.

Also, manage to arrange the right agents that deal with the customers’ needs quickly.

Workforce management focuses on agents’ experience and skills and optimizes their duties according to that for effective results.

Long Hold Times Calls

Waiting for calls puts a bad impression on the customers of your brand, as they have to wait for a long, especially on a wonderful day like Easter. There are some incredible ways to mitigate the bad customer experience, which are:

Look for advanced technologies that keep records of long-hold calls and get back to the customers.

Another effective solution to deal with the Easter peak season challenges by having “triage”. This is how your agents can screen the incoming calls and direct them to someone that can handle the calls, to the website, or directed to self-service for quick solutions to the customers’ issues.

Bottom Lines

On this special event of the Easter holiday, you can celebrate it to the fullest by outsourcing your business activities like call handling or customer support to Kolaxo Call Center Services. Our team of experts deals actively and efficiently with the challenges of peak seasons like Easter. We are always ready and have planned strategies for the contingencies, that will save your customers from a bad experience. Keep following us and send us a message for comprehensive information.