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Maximizing Efficiency: How An Answering Service Helps Small Business Owners

Starting a small business is like juggling many balls up in the air and is difficult to handle alone. Did you know in the 1st year of starting a small business, 20% fails and in the second year, the ratio of failure increased to 30% (Forbes). These figures are hard to ignore and very significant for small business owners. What you should do as a small business owner to save your brand from getting failed?  

Successful business owners understand and wisely organized their tasks, by hiring a professional team with efficient answering services. The highly professional team of Kolaxo Contact Center Services handles all your business calls and also enhances your business to the next level. Read on to learn how an answering service helps your small business.

Productivity At Its Best

The great benefit of hiring a customer support service for answering your business calls is, it saves your quality time and enhances your productivity. Clients always contact your company for assistance and there must be an efficient way to deal with those calls call answering service screening is the best way.

Answering the calls by yourself is not a good option, as it interrupts your productive time and workflow. You can maintain your focus and momentum if answering services are taking care of all your calls.

Skyrocketing Sales

If you are still insisting or thinking of answering calls in-house, you must think again. What if there is nobody available to answer incoming calls? What if your staff is in a meeting, sick, or on a vacation? Then there must be some calls that are left unattended and unattended calls give a bad customer experience. According to recent research, 65% of customers will never contact the brand if they are having a bad customer experience.

Call answering services provide 24/7 an ultimate solution, to avoid all your hassle of answering and managing the work at the same time. Quick response by the call answering service to the customers gives a good impression and gets the loyalty of the customers. That will lead to massive sales and grow the positive image of the brand.

Retain Existing Customers

Customers are always in hurry and want their calls to be answered quickly and provide an effective solution to their issues. Answering services screening not only retains existing customers by providing the best possible solution but also attracts new customers. The 24/7 call answering services provided by the Kolaxo Contact Center Service satisfied your customers and allow your brand to grow rapidly. Retaining loyal and existing customers is highly important in this competitive world.

Improve Professional Image

Don’t underestimate your small business and answer all calls by yourself. This will not give a good impression to the customers because they think that this brand is not reliable as the owner is answering the calls. This might also raise a question about your professionalism.

When you hire Kolaxo Contact Center Service, this enhances your brand’s professional image and they have a team of professional experts. The main goal and responsibility are to answer the customers’ calls promptly to give an amazing impression of your brand to the customers.


Call answering service is a great choice for small business owners as they work efficiently, even if you are not around. They showcase to your customers that your brand is authentic and reliable by answering their calls quickly and effectively. If you running a small business Kolaxo Contact Center Services is just one call away, which not only responds to the calls fast but also drives more sales and profits.