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Incredible Ways to Increase the Agent Productivity

The effectiveness of a call center is directly related to the performance and productivity of agents. When call center agents are motivated and feel contented at their jobs, the overall graph of the company’s net promoter score (NPS) improves (Bain & Company). It also positively impacts the cost per contact which is a more defining parameter for call center success and high competitiveness. 

Here are a few major adjustments that help you to increase the agent’s productivity and ignite their intrinsic motivation. Let’s get started. 

Empower Your Agents

When your call center agents realize that their job is so monotonous due to following the same set of instructions repetitively, they slowly lose interest in their job. It also hinders the agent from delivering valuable services to the customers. However, the situation is completely avoidable as you empower the agents by giving them a degree of autonomy to decide crucial economical decisions like refunding, sending new products, etc. 

Allow Short Breaks to Nullify Stress

There are a lot of pressures on the agents that make them exhaustive like meeting deadlines, infuriated customers, and strict regulations that need to be aligned with. To enhance productivity and job satisfaction, you can offer your agents an opportunity to take short breaks so as to gain the confidence and freshness to deal with new customers with the right mindset. 

Analyze Agent Performance By Using KPIS

It is important to monitor the agent’s performance by using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). You can bring improvement by studying factors such as response times, speech analytics, etc. to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the agents. It will also equip you to figure out at which part your agents need coaching to level up their skills. 

Motivate Them Though Job Recognition

When you incentivize your agents for their achievements even if they are small, it highlights their importance for the company. Incentives can be in the form of bonuses or free lunches at work that are enough to spur the on job motivation. Meanwhile, you provide a positive work environment where everyone is treated with respect that also encourages agents to be loyal to their job. 

Provide Opportunities to Diversify Agent’s Skills

In a call center, agents’ jobs become repetitive but you can break the cycle by providing them a chance to develop new skills to deal with multichannel services. The variation in tasks will invoke the interests of the agents which will also assist in reducing their level of fatigue dramatically low and increase the retention rate of the agents. 


Hiring a competent agent is a challenging job for call centers, according to Gartner, it takes around $ 14,000 to both hire and train an agent. However, retaining your agents required a few changes in the work environment and dealing with your agents. You can incentivize them by offering bonuses and also provide them autonomy on work to tackle the economic tasks without consulting the manager that helps them to be more productive and stick around with your company.