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How to Provide the Best Customer Centric Experience in Fintech? 

The fintech industry provides a handy financial solution to customers in the digital era but it become impossible to grow your business by offering mediocre customer experience. You need to create customer-centric strategies to attract new customers while retaining the previous ones. The best way to level up your customer services is by hiring third-party customer center services that take the responsibility of satisfying your customers. 

Let’s get into the details of how you can provide the best customer-centric experience in fintech that helps you to grow efficiently in the competitive market. 

Well Trained Agents

It’s important when you make a contract with the third-party contact center services to ask them about the financial sector experience of providing customer service. It will help you to realize how skillful the contact center agents are who have the knowledge to assist your customer without the need for any script. 

Inclusion Of Latest Technology

Contact center service providers are continuously improving their technology and it is sufficient to persuade you to leave the customer responsibility to them and focus on your financial technology (fintech). Most of the contact centers have the ability to automate communication process by using AI chatbots for the basic questions which will reduce the wait time of customers more significantly. 

Evaluate Perfomance

Contact center services use KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and build a comprehensive report at the end of the month. It’s available to you so you can evaluate the performance in a better way. Typically, the KPIs include factors such as average call handling time, number of attended calls, waiting time, etc. You can also customize the KPIs according to your needs. 

Set Specific Goals

If your customers have the problem of waiting too long before talking to agents, you have a clear goal to reduce the waiting time. Hire a call center that has the best expertise to deal with such issues because of using automation processes. Keep on taking feedback from your customers so that you can negotiate better with the call centers to enrich customer experiences. 

Data Security

Contact center service providers have secure protocols for cybersecurity, it will help your customers’ data to be safe without any chance of hacking. On the other hand, the collected data is also filtered by experts who create insightful results. You can use the data to make well-informed decisions about your financial businesses. 


Kolaxo Contact center service providers have skillful agents who are well-versed in financial knowledge and equipped enough to offer better solutions to your customers’ issues. They empathetically listen to customers’ problems and suggesting a solution that will help to carve out a positive perception about your fintech business. Meanwhile, these contact centers also have the latest technology that enables them to diversify and deliver exceptional customer services.