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Effective Ways to Boost Your E-Commerce Holiday Sales During Thanksgiving

The holiday season is always a massive event for businesses and shoppers. To add to the context, online shopping carts for US consumers got larger from Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday and hit the mark to record high value of $109.8 billion back in 2021 (Adobe Digital Insight). To cash into these trends, e-commerce stores need solid Thanksgiving strategies as mentioned below to boost their holiday sales while kicking off Cyber Week with a good start.

Reach out to Existing Customers:

To boost your e-commerce Holiday sales, reaching out to your existing customers on Thanksgiving is best. They are already familiar with your online store and products so it’s important to begin pitching them way before the event by offering special offers and discounts. Let your third-party call center service provider take charge when it comes to email and social media marketing. They will approach your customers by the following steps:

  • Segment your customers according to their interests and send them personalized emails.
  • Create subject lines that include discount offers and exclusive deals. 
  • To get higher conversion and open rates, schedule those emails according to specific days and time zones. 

Set up a Referral Program: 

You can get the best response from your existing customers by offering them rewards for referrals when they bring friends, family, and co-workers on Thanksgiving. It will motivate your existing customers to refer someone to your e-commerce holiday sales in exchange for more savings and benefits. Plan your referring rewards in a way like

  • Pre-Season: Build the hype for your selling campaign before the holiday. 
  • Launch Day: Prepare the minds of your customers by sending emails so they appear on launch day. 
  • Post Season: After the sales get ready to clear stocks and inventory.                                                                    

Revamp Your Landing Pages:

Optimize your e-commerce store landing pages to encourage more engagement. Prepare banners for Thanksgiving that show your special offers clearly. It’s important to include a holiday theme and also upload event-related content to create more impact such as a list of your star products included in the Thanksgiving sales. 

  • Optimize your website for tablets, mobile, and desktops while focusing on improving your website speed so that it performs well during the holiday rush. 

Utilize Buyer’s Psychology:

Use buyer’s psychology to attract more customers to your e-commerce holiday sale. You can achieve the goal by using FOMO or providing social proof to your customers. 

  • Use ‘Fear of Missing Out’ (FOMO): During the holiday rush, fear of missing out (FOMO) is a great motivator to hook your customers. Add countdown deals and provide last-minute offers to your website. 
  • Put Social Proofing in Place: Social proofing is an effective way to win your customer’s trust as they will know what other customers think about your product or brand. 
  • Help People to Save Time: Give your customers suggestions about the best holiday gifts and top tech deals that will reduce the cognitive resources of people to make decisions. 

Use Social Media Marketing:

Best contact center service providers offer omnichannel services to their clients. You can collaborate with your customer service vendor to enrich your social marketing campaign for e-commerce holiday sales during Thanksgiving. Launch different marketing campaigns focusing on various audience types based on age, demography, and interests. 

  • Segregate your product types on the basis of targeting a certain type of audience. 
  • Promote your posts on the social media platforms and if necessary run some paid posts to get more reach. 

Deploy Chatbots: 

For handling more online orders and scheduling your appointments, you can request your customer services provider to deploy chatbots. They are bringing paradigm shifts in all industries including eCommerce. These bots improve your conversion rate and facilitate the order-taking process. 

Reduce Friction on Checkout Pages 

It’s important to make checkout procedures simpler which will help reduce the bounce rate and cart abandonment rate for your E-commerce Holiday sales during Thanksgiving. Use live chat options for real-time customer support and be transparent about your delivery expenses and taxes which will lead to improved customer loyalty towards your brand.   


Most customers now prefer to shop online and get benefits from e-commerce holiday sales during Thanksgiving and other special occasions. To target such audience, you need to develop better marketing strategies that will boost your sales. Some of the effective ways to achieve this are by using the best contact center services which have the required expertise to streamline your marketing efforts way before the major event.