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8 Incredible Reasons Why Email Support Is Vital For Business Success

We are living in an instant and fast world where customers want their questions to be answered within seconds.

“52% of the consumers say that they will suggest their friends and family about the experience after an optimistic customer service response.” (Source: Provide Support)

“56% of the consumer say that they will never choose customer service after a bad experience.” (Source: Provide Support)

For answering the queries of the customers, Email support service is the best and most effective way. In this online world, people preferred online chats and shopping for their ease.

62% of customers say that email support services are a great and preferred way to interact with brands.

Sounds amazing right? Let’s discuss the reasons why email support service is an integral part of the customer support strategy.

1. Trusted And Reliable Source

Customers trust more on the email support service more than other channels. When you respond to the issues of the customers in detail through email, they feel valued and feel that their issues are taken seriously.

2. Easily Accessible

With the suffusion of mobile phones and the internet, many customers can easily check their emails on their smartphones from any place. Customers get ready to email support whenever they want. Customers always go for platforms that are easily accessible. Email support services are used by many customers as it gives a positive experience of the brand.

3. Cost-Effective

Email support service is cost-effective as it can be easily combined with other support channels such as chat or voice support. It always boosts your ROI and the positive image of the brand.

4. Attach Files Feature

There is so much you can attach with the email support to engage the customers. You can attach bills or tickets to showcase your brand with interesting graphics to get customers’ attention. Customer support through email allows the consumer to attach the documents if any to get support from the brand. That is why email support service should be a part of your customer support strategy.  

5. Traceable

Email support service can be traceable through user IDs or ticket numbers by the support team as well as by the customers. This allows both parties to check on or to track the updates about the issue to be solved or not in time.

6. Great For Busy Customers

Email support service is great for busy customers. Email support service is a great deal as you can send professional mail without disturbing the customers and they can read it when they are free. This gives customers a feeling that you care so much about their busy routine and don’t want to disturb them by calling. Email support service is the best way to handle customers who are irritated by the support calls.

7. Detail Description of Issues and Solutions 

Email support service allows the customers and support team to explain in detail the issue and solution. There is no limitation of words so the customers can easily write whatever they want to about their concerns and issues. Similar to the customers, the support team also write the solution in every single step to clear the concern of the customers. Email support service is a brilliant source to get customer satisfaction.

8. Customer Feedback Surveys Can Be Conducted

Many customers hesitate to leave feedback after purchasing the product. Brands can conduct customer feedback surveys to get the scores of NPS and CSAT through email support services. Tracking the customers’ experience is very significant for the growth of the business. This allows the brand to improve its services to get more customers and for maximum revenue.

Over To You

If your business is looking for satisfied and loyal customers then email support is an excellent way to get them. Email support service is the prompt way to earn the trust of the customers and also help in retaining them. We hope you will understand the reasons and the benefits of using the email support service that will help in the growth of your business. Kolaxo CCS has great email support representatives to effectively resolve all the queries of the customers. Follow us.