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5 Key Tips to Improve Your Company’s Customer Service

Research shows that when customers receive good service, they tell more people about that good service, same goes when they receive bad services from a company and that can spell disaster for your company. The impact of good customer service on business is well-documented.

Word of mouth and online recommendations and referrals are often key drivers of new business, so all companies should strive to achieve consistently high service levels. It is well understood that positive word-of-mouth and online recommendations are key drivers of new business. In this article we will focus on some practical tips which a company can improve their customer services.

1. Customer Needs:

Knowing customer needs is one of the important things in business. When you understand customer needs and expectations, you are better able to meet those needs through product and service offerings. Therefore, keep the following in mind:

  • Right now, what you actually know about your customer.
  • What else would be helpful for us to know so we can better match their needs to our products and services?
  • What other team members have insights into our customer base? For example, long-time team members might have highly developed relationships with customers that can provide valuable information.
  • Where we are storing this information? Also make sure how safe this storage of information is.

2. Share great Experience:

Identify the best way to capture customer feedback across the organization. This can include feedback from peers and managers where they notice a team member giving exceptional customer service. You can build a toolkit of best practice within your organization based on this information, as well as use it to create an Employee Recognition Scheme that ties in with giving recognition to the individual or team who delivered the exceptional service.

3. Analyze Customer complaints:

Understanding what is going wrong with a service or product, and why it is happening, can help you develop effective solutions to the problem. Ask your customers for feedback on what they like and dislike about your products or services. If you have a system for storing all customer feedback, concerns, and complaints, it will make it easier to review when you need to. Always gather the information Review the data and share with the concern person of your organization.

4. Internal Customer Review Session:

Internal customer service reviews or forums can be a great way to learn about what customers really want. If your staff feel comfortable sharing their insights and problems, they can tell you how they solve them. The first step is to get your staff to consistently provide good customer service. Next, ask them how they can ‘add value’ or create special ‘wow’ moments for customers. Balance this with reviewing complaints that come through this forum.

5. Customer feedback:

It is important to get feedback from customers after they have used your product or service. There are several ways to find out what customers think about your organization. The more effective your feedback form is, the more responses you will receive.

 First, identify which methods will be most useful and rewarding. These could include:

  • One method of gathering customer feedback is to ask customers their views directly. For example, you might ask them by phone, in person or by letter.
  • Survey participants are more likely to complete an online survey if it is short and simple.